Trailer Attack: 8th November 2023 – Teardown rain shinobi

Last Train Home

In a world of post-World War I turmoil, the Czechoslovak Legionaries, determined to return to their newly formed republic, confront a formidable struggle for survival. Aid them to manage their armored train and keep them moving forward to their beloved homeland. Prepare for an epic odyssey! Last Train Home, a survival strategy game inspired by real historical events, is coming to PC on November 28.

Death Roads: Tournament

Death Roads launches in full release on November 15! Combine deadly racing, deckbuilding, and roguelite style to get car battles unlike anything before! Choose a driver, car, weapons, and sponsors to overcome tactical encounters. Adapt to an ever-changing race to come out on top and earn entry into the last safe haven in the Divided States of America.

Dead by Daylight

His name is Charles Lee Ray. Chucky to his friends… You’ll be his friend ‘til the end, right? Dead by Daylight: Chucky. November 28th .


Strategize and attack in GUNHEAD – a procedurally generated FPS jetpack roguelike sequel to CRYPTARK – out now.

Champion Shift

Experience the daring escape of Champions from the clutches of the Dominion in this fast paced, thrilling online co-op Action Roguelike. Shift form into powerful vehicles, unleash Celestial powers and battle endless hordes of challenging enemies. The path to become a legend awaits you!

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

Season Pass 7 descends on SHINOBI STRIKER! DLC37 “Boruto Uzumaki (Karma Progression)” will be available November 10th! Boruto, displaying incredible power with his consciousness taken over by Momoshiki Otsusuki, will become your master!


DRIVE Rally lets you relive the 90s in the most exciting era in motorsport history, where dust, mud, and snow are badges of honor. Unleash the raw power of legendary rally beasts, admire every second of the stunning landscapes, and remember: the faster you go, the better!


Let your destructive imagination run rampant as you execute daring escapades across a fully destructible Wild West in Time Campers. Get it on November 15th, 2023, with the Teardown Season Pass!


Wantless is a fast-paced tactical RPG where you face the woes inside your patients’ tortured minds.

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

A demon-snake-monster girl? A bridge of cheese? Meat people?! There’s so much to explore in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle it can make your head spin. Worry not, this explainer video is the perfect guide to King Ferdinand’s crazy castle adventure!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Arm yourself with important Zombies intel to counter the undead in Urzikstan

Farming Simulator Kids

The Farming Simulator family of games is growing! Let us introduce the freshest & soon-to-be-born member: Farming Simulator Kids! Coming soon to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Pre-orders will be available in the near future – stay tuned!


Heroes, unite! Villains, rise! The Ultraman 4 Characters Pack DLC has arrived in GigaBash!

Urbek City Builder

Try Urbek City Builder on Playstation now! Build your city, design neighborhoods using a variety of buildings, manage more than 30 resources!

Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

Alone in the Dark

After receiving a mysterious letter, Emily and Private Investigator Edward are arriving at the Derceto Manor to uncover unexplainable happenings and to find Jeremy! Who can you trust, what will you believe, and what will you do next?

Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

Jumpstart your journey to becoming a motorcycle mogul today! Get “Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator” on the Xbox Store

Astral Planes

Chart your own path in Astral Planes as you travel through Rifts in space and time. Your choices will determine the outcome of events on the other side, and what might come back with you…


A cursed crown A god turn mortal, The Monkey King joins the Ravenswatch! Gather ’round, for we shall weave a tale of Sun Wukong, the fabled Monkey King, and the mystical presence he brings to our Early Access on November 16th, 2023! Ravenswatch will be available in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Beyond Sunset

Welcome to a high-octane cyberpunk first-person shooter with RPG elements. You are Lucy, an enhanced street samurai searching for lost memories. Fight yakuza, zombies & robots in large, open, interactive levels. Inspired by Doom Eternal & Deus Ex, made using a modernized Doom II engine!


Coromon 1.2 is coming to mobile today! You can experience this beloved modern monster-taming RPG from developer TRAGsoft today