Trailer Attack: 8th March 2022 – Daylight hellslave world

Dead by Daylight

Cast adrift in her ocean of rage, hope will swiftly sink into the abyss. Sadako Rising is the next Chapter in Dead by Daylight. The Killer is Sadako, The Onryō. With immense powers and a fearsome temper, Sadako was left to perish in a watery grave. Her violent wrath manifested into a cursed videotape, condemning its viewers to a chilling fate. After losing his father to Sadako’s fury, new Survivor Yoichi Asakawa grew up to become a respected marine biologist. Yet he remained haunted by his past, ready to risk everything for answers – no matter how dark the waters. The Sadako Rising Chapter is available now in Dead by Daylight.


The world is coming to an end and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Save it from a demon invasion by making a pact with the Devil and praise one of 6 demons to avoid humanity’s demise into darkness. Use your newly acquired demonic power against the invaders but it may have a bigger impact on you than you thought…

Rogue Company

Grab your machete, fill your quiver, and learn why when you’re pushed, fighting’s as easy as breathing! Rambo King Cobra joins Rogue Company in the latest update live now!

Disgaea 6 Complete

A zany cast of characters awaits you in Disgaea 6 Complete, dood! Tear up the Netherworlds as the undying zombie Zed, and dive into the fray with familiar faces from throughout the Disgaea series!

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack is Out Now on Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Nvidia GeForce Now.

Curious Expedition 2

The Highlands of Avalon DLC features a brand new island type (the Highlands) with new tile types, items, locations, enemies, recruitable characters and more. Once the DLC is activated it will expand possibilities across the entire game, both in Campaign Mode and Director Mode.

WitchSpring R

Kiwi Walks has released the third official trailer for WitchSpring R.

MY LITTLE PONY: A Maretime Bay Adventure

To all My Little Pony fans, we have great news! Soon you can embark on an epic adventure set in Maretime Bay and help the ponies in their dream to make the world a better place and bring magic and harmony back to their community.

Shadow Warrior 3

Visit with developers Flying Wild Hog in Warsaw, Poland, for creative insights on Shadow Warrior 3 and a bit of gentle Hog V Human swordplay.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT introduces all new, action-packed delivery missions!

Wunderling DX

Wunderling DX is a non-stop puzzle platformer and the world’s first “goomba simulator”! Race against the clock, beat tricky puzzles, collect shiny items, and please your evil overlord!


The iRacing Formula iR-04 has been developed in conjunction with the global effort to massively increase the participation of motorsport worldwide. Following the introduction of a second generation entry level open wheel formula in 2022, the iRacing Formula iR-04 benefits from the same level of analysis, detail, data, and testing as our members have come to expect while the genericized model allows for use by national clubs world-over without manufacturer conflicts. Aston Martin has long used the Vantage as its entry into GT4-spec racing, putting the car through multiple revisions and decades worth of racing history. The current-spec GT4 made its debut in the 2019 24 Hours of Nurburgring, where a factory-prepared entry took the SP8T class win by four laps. The next year, KohR Motorsports gave the Vantage GT4 its first IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport championship, as drivers Kyle Marcelli and Nate Stacy scored a weekend-sweep at Mid-Ohio. Vantage GT4s remain in use with many of the top GT4 programs and events around the world.

Core Keeper

Core Keeper is a 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure set in an ancient cavern of creatures, treasures and trinkets. Mine relics and resources to build your base, craft new equipment and survive. Defeat giant monsters, discover hidden secrets, farm crops, go fishing, cook new recipes and explore a procedurally generated underground world to unravel the mystery of the ancient core. Core Keeper is available now on Steam!

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure

Explore, build and craft important resources, and befriend creatures in the debut reveal trailer for Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure coming to PC and consoles!

Rainbow Six Siege

Discover the story behind Azami, the latest addition to Rainbow Six Siege. Watch how she made contact again with a special friend at Rainbow and how she decided to join her fellow countrywoman in the international fight against crime.


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Today, 2K and Gearbox Software unveiled Chaos Chamber, the endlessly replayable core endgame experience for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Within the mythical Chaos Chamber is an ever-shifting portal into a randomized dungeon, full of unique variables, killer enemies, and methods to make your run more or less challenging, depending on how brave you’re feeling.


From the industry veterans who brought you Company of Heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siege, comes Phobies, Smoking Gun Interactive’s new terrifying collectible card game! Summon your worst fears and use their abilities to seize control of perilous environments. Wield a masterful strategy and outsmart all players who dare challenge you in an asynchronous battle and arena.


This big silly adventure is back in 4K, available now on PS5!

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War Bashing greedy gaming conglomerates and scummy micro-transactions has never been this fun!