Trailer Attack: 8th July 2024 – Shadow strange paper

Busway Island – Puzzle

Busway Island – Puzzle will be available on July 11 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X. Organize roads and rails across a large archipelago. Build efficient bus routes across beautiful islands! Solve puzzles, connect stations & pick up all passengers


Dimensionals: ASSEMBLE! Mino Games has unveiled their boundary-pushing RPG that melds turn-based strategy with roguelike elements against a backdrop of old-school Saturday morning cartoons. Master dozens of unique heroes with hundreds of skills to unleash! Players can equip their heroes with new skills-cards before every battle to create devastating team combos and counter each unique challenge. Aspiring Dimensionals can jump into battle early through an exclusive Steam playtest starting July 10th.


Okami, Bayonetta & Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya: unblocking memories with Ikumi Nakamura.


Take a sneak peek at the upcoming prologue animation SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS: Dark Beginnings! Past and present collide in a frantic chase for truth and understanding! Shadow is haunted by the memories of battles fought and lives lost. But these nightmares aren’t just lingering pain! They’re prompted by a force Shadow thought was destroyed. Join Shadow as he embarks on a mission of discovery in the upcoming 3-episode prologue animation, SONIC X SHADOW GENERATIONS: Dark Beginnings, coming this fall!

Life is Strange: Double Exposure

Safi Llewellyn-Fayyad is an aspirational poet, a huge people-person, and Max’s closest new friend. Striving to bring Max out of her shell and find her roots in a new town, Safi always has Max’s back.


Dros will be available on the Nintendo Switch with exclusive localization of subtitles and UI for English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open is a chilling adventure depicted in a unique papercraft style. Take on the role of a young girl called Ting, able to see spirits of the dead. Some are there to help her, but others’ motives are more sinister… Third Eye Open comes to PlayStation 5 on September 5th.

EVE Vanguard

EVE Vanguard is an online sci-fi sandbox FPS set in the EVE Universe, where decisions have consequences and loss has meaning. In this episode of In Focus, we discuss the future vision for EVE Vanguard and how you can be part of it.