Trailer Attack: 8th July 2016 – Memento fantasy watch damage fiction

Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy XV Universe encompasses everything from games and anime to a full length CG movie. Watch this trailer to see all the components that make up the Final Fantasy XV Universe below.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Get a first look at the Japanese civilization and its leader, Hojo Tokimune. Tokimune was known to rule with an iron fist. After the Mongol Empire first attempted invasion in 1274 and was summarily defeated, it sent five emissaries to meet with Tokimune. These emissaries refused to leave without an audience with the Shikken, to which Tokimune responded by having them beheaded. To this day, the emissaries’ graves can be seen in the city of Kamakura. Again, five more emissaries were sent, and again Tokimune had them all beheaded. This resulted in another invasion in 1281, and again it failed – this time in part due to an unforeseen typhoon.

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Cult racing sensation Carmageddon: Max Damage revs its engine to the redline and blasts off the start line to cause maximum vehicular carnage as it launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, today.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

For a game that is out, it feels like Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is continuing to pump its trailer campaign. Here is a new trailer showcasing multiple lego building in the game.


BOID is a fast, minimalist RTS launching today with completely free multiplayer, which includes bot matches and the level editor. That’s everything free except the single-player campaign, which is offered as purely optional DLC. Claim vital positions to replicate and mutate into seven specialized units, such as the fast and vulnerable Scout, the explosive Kamikaze, and the life-draining Leach. Press your enemies for weaknesses, outflank their ambushes, usurp their bases, and amass an unstoppable swarm to overpower your adversaries.


Playism and Labo Game Studio announces that Memento has now been released. Memento is an Action Horror Adventure game with multiple endings and a true JRPG style. Things go wrong for the heroine during her school trip to a war museum on a nearby island as she wakes up in an alternative setting where the island has never shaken itself free from its scars.  Now the haunted war machines are back, with a thirst for blood and revenge.

Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den

Capcom Japan has released a video for Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Level-5 Japan has released a new gameplay video of Yo-kai Watch 3 showing off some various vehicles.

The Tale of Doris and The Dragon

The Tale of Doris and The Dragon, a point and click adventure game, is an episodic series featuring an elderly lady named Doris, who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth. It can be described as a thoughtful and fantastical vision of life after death. On her journey, Doris meets many weird and wonderful characters that help or try to hinder her progress. Out of this, an unlikely friendship emerges. With this unique gameplay perfectly adapted to mobile, The Tale of Doris and The Dragon will revolutionise the gaming experience. The game is  available on iOS and Android devices worldwide this autumn

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Arc System Works has dropped a fresh trailer for BlazBlue: Central Fiction introducing that new playable character, Es, from  XBlaze Code: Embryo.