Trailer Attack: 8th February 2024 – Human master blessing

The Inquisitor

The Unworld awaits… Publisher Kalypso Media and development studio The Dust S.A. have lifted the veil between the light and darkness, to bring the dark fantasy game The Inquisitor to Windows PC (Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam) PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S for £34.99, with the Deluxe Edition containing the Original Soundtrack, Digital Compendium, and The Grandmaster’s Attire for £44.99. PlayStation Plus members will receive a 10% discount when they purchase the game before February 15.

The House of Da Vinci

Global indie developer and publisher Blue Brain Games is excited to announce that the first instalment of the best-selling 3D puzzle adventure trilogy, The House of Da Vinci is now available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles via the digital stores. The second and third instalments will be released later in 2024.


Squad is happy to introduce its new map, Sanxian Islands in update 7.1! Sanxian Islands introduces new biomes to the game, with lush forests, and sandy beaches but also industrial zones, and claustrophobic villages. The use of amphibious vehicles and helicopters allows for high flexibility in the transportation of infantry between locations, but infantry can stand on their own by sneaking through the jungle and shallow waterways that connect the chain of islands.


A video game that’s 700 years in the making is coming out on February 22 – watch the new trailer voiced by one and only bardcore musician Hildegard von Blingin’.


The new live-action series will follow Knuckles (Idris Elba) on a hilarious and action-packed journey of self-discovery as he agrees to train Wade (Adam Pally) as his protégé and teach him the ways of the Echidna warrior. The series takes place between the films SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3.

Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck

HypeTrain Digital is thrilled to announce the upcoming Oculus 2/3 release of their space adventure game Breathedge: Cosmic Cluck on February 22, already available for pre-order with a 20% discount. The game is a spin-off of Breathedge, a top-rated space survival game with over 12K Very Positive reviews on Steam.

West Hunt

Howdy, Cowboys! Get ready to put on your social deduction boots for the release of West Hunt on the Nintendo Switch!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Let’s kick off our Year of the Dragon celebrations! Be blessed by different dragons each day, receive Red Envelopes for saving Survivors and PKs, and get your hands on unique items.

Disney Speedstorm

Are you ready to dive into the latest season of Disney Speedstorm? The Little Mermaid-inspired Season 6 is live now!

SteamWorld Build

With a new map, colourful scenery, and enough gold to make your city sparkle like never before…it truly is an adventurer’s dream! So, grab your best hat and explore this golden paradise – Dorado Crest is waiting for you!

Death From Above

Death From Above 1.0 is releasing on the 22.02.2024! To get everyone in the mood for the upcoming 1.0 update we have all been waiting for and the team has been eagerly preparing for we want to share with you our new release trailer.

Ascendant Infinity

Ascendant Infinity is a squad-based tactical FPS with serious balls. Each match is different, with game-changing events and adrenaline-fueled battles. Set in a dynamic BioPunk world where everything wants to kill you; fight to extract resources, and get out with more than just your dignity.

Republic of Jungle

Gather your friends (5 to 10 players) and play as advisors to President Puma. His re-election depends on your loyalty. In a social deduction party game, Leakers try to sneak into missions to leak Puma’s secrets- Loyalists try to suss them out. Read the room and bluff your way to a political victory.

Under Cover

Coming 15 February 2024 to Meta Quest 2, 3 & Pro In a new gameplay developer commentary, Sigtrap has shown off 15 minutes of gameplay while delving into the process of translating the appeal of golden age lightgun shooters to VR, ahead of the release of Under Cover.

Spear Master

Indie game developer and publisher Osarion Games is proud to announce February 27th as the worldwide release date of Spear Master on the Nintendo Switch.

THE 400 Mini

Premium retro gaming, preloaded and preshrunk! Pre-installed games list announced for THE 400 Mini.


NEW HUGE COMBAT UPDATE! GENOTYPE VR In this Metroidvania FPS adventure, you explore an abandoned lab in Antarctica overrun by monstrous beasts. Print living creatures to use as weapons and survival tools, and take part in a fully voice-acted story as the facility’s sole survivor guides you through an alien ecosystem… but what role did he play in the research station’s downfall?

MazM: Pechka

MazM: Pechka is a historical storytelling game developed by Korean game company Growing Seeds, telling the story of the diaspora of immigrants settling in the Russian Far East during the early 20th century through the lens of protagonists Pyotr and Asya. The story is based around the events surrounding Jae-hyung Choi, a social worker and independence activist, in Russia’s Primorsky Krai area in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (Enlightenment era to early Japanese colonial era).

Master of Magic: Scourge of the Seas

Brace for turmoil, as pirate scum now infests these once-tranquil waters! Master of Magic: Scourge of the Seas is an expansion that brings new wizards, races, heroes, and challenges to the world of Arcanus. Dive into an exciting adventure filled with magic, mayhem, and conquest as you explore the depths of the mystical seas.

KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire!

A new exciting Konosuba adventure begins! Featuring the voices from the anime, follow Kazuma and his party on an exciting visual novel adventure. They find a mysterious black slab but its cursed? And now all the girls have reversed personalities and the only way to break it is by dressing them in cute outfits? Make the right decisions to raise affection with the girls, choose work for the week and gather the right ingredients, and most importantly unlock special CGs as you play extreme dress-up.

Border Bots VR

Border Bots VR is OUT NOW for SteamVR, PSVR & Meta Quest, a light-hearted single-player VR simulation-puzzle game! Immerse yourself in a futuristic megacity, operate a border checkpoint and meet a variety of quirky robots. Border Bots VR tasks players with managing the flow of robots into the city after an incident sees them mysteriously malfunctioning… Get to the bottom of it, Number One!

Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game in which you play as the proprietor of a local plant store. Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult. Use your collection of powerful plants to influence the story and unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries.