Trailer Attack: 7th June 2023 – Pizza grime lake

Nova Lands

Nova Lands is a factory building, exploration, and island management game. Explore, engage in combat, and automate your industry. The planet you’re on is full of mysteries, creatures, people, and things to do. Welcome to your new home amongst the stars! Available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dwarf Delve

Welcome to Dwarf Delve, Delveling! In this randomly-generated extraction roguelite, become the dwarf you were meant to be. Venture deep into treacherous mines in search of precious ores and hidden treasures as you explore what lies in the very depths of the earth.


In the vast expanse of distant galaxies, the very fabric of reality trembles as an unstoppable warlord leads an armada to seek out the Hyperion Cores. Imbued with unimaginable power, they hold the key to either salvation or annihilation. Will you plunge the universe into eternal darkness, or bring it back from the brink? Coreupt is a fast-paced fighting game, blending lightning-fast combat with strategic depth. Assemble your team from a diverse roster of fighters from all corners of the galaxy, with dark secrets and complex stories galore. On the other side of the battle, meet an equally interesting group of enemies, then obliterate them with a torrent of devastating combos, chaining together blistering attacks – and either save the universe or damn it forever!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge unveils a brand new Dimension Shellshock DLC, coming later this year. In addition to a new game mode and character colors, Dimension Shellshock brings new playable fighters, including the razor-sharp Usagi Yojimbo. The steely rabbit samurai is ready to hop across dimensions to fight evil and witness a new style of otherworldly battles awaiting the Turtles!

Blood West

Our journey through Early Access will soon come to an end – Blood West launches in full on December 5, 2023! Grab it in Steam Early Access Today. Blood West is an immersive stealth FPS horror set in a wicked Wild West. Brought back to life by strange native spirits, you will explore and scavenge, build up your arsenal and gain powerful perks, hunt your enemies quietly or meet them guns blazing. Take back the frontier, gunslinger!

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga

Return to Tahnra once again, with a DLC seamlessly integrating into the story campaign, bringing new strategic options, and a completely new army meta. Enjoy eight new story chapters and new game modes such as New Game+ and Super Final Boss mode!

Dark Deity 2

Dark Deity is back! A quarter of a century has passed, as Irving and the Eternal Order carefully rebuilt Verroa to protect it against a future war. Their efforts will be put to the test far too soon as a new threat looms on the horizon. The neighboring Holy Asverellian Empire needs new lands to grow, and the fractious, fragile Verroa seems ripe for the taking. All that stands in its way is the Order and twenty scrappy heroes-to-be. Take command of the Eternal Delegation, led by Irving’s descendants. Gwyn and Riordian will have to navigate the treacherous politics of Verroa, and weave a web of alliances to turn the tide of the coming war. Your decisions will determine the shape of these alliances and define your army. Coupled with the help of a giant pool of customizations, no two playthroughs will ever feel the same. Put simply, Dark Deity 2 is about playing your way, all the way.

The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales

Check out the updated demo on Steam now! Dive into the first two chapters of Etienne Quist’s unbelievable adventure and wishlist the game!

Terra Memoria

After the rhythm game Old School Musical, La Moutarde is back with the RPG Terra Memoria! A small team of 6 quirky adventurers moved into our dear villagers’ inn! They’re packing up for a very special journey through the world of Terra.

Quest Master

Quest Master, the dungeon-designing sandbox adventure from publisher Apogee Entertainment & developer Skydevilpalm. Craft legendary journeys from scratch with an intuitive level creator to make simple dungeons, entire overworlds, and everything in between in this faithful pixel art love letter to top-down action JRPG classics of yesteryear. Drag-and-drop dozens of themed design tiles onto a blank canvas to create lava-filled caverns, mountainous overworlds, grassy forests, desert dunes, and more. Provide instructions for the quest ahead or design an epic narrative full of placeable NPCs and customizable signs with a plethora of dialogue options.

F1 Manager 23

F1 Manager 23 launches from July 31 on PC, PlayStation & Xbox! Pre-order to receive three exclusive Race Moments including one for the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. Purchase the Deluxe Edition to get a head start with access to the game four days early and twelve unique Starting Grids and Race Moments in the Exclusive Scenarios Pack.


WORLD OF HORROR is leaving Early Access and v1.0 is arriving on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5 on October 19th, 2023! WORLD OF HORROR follows the rural residents of a seaside Japanese town facing inhuman terrors, as reality frays and tears at the edges. Investigate the eldritch mysteries striking your town, and seek the truth behind the depredations of man and monster. Solve puzzles to collect precious items and arcane spells. Struggle against malevolent legends of Japanese folklore while trying to hold onto your sanity and survive in this horrific 1-bit roguelite RPG.

Gangs of Sherwood

Take a deeper dive into the world of Gangs of Sherwood with this exciting 17 minutes gameplay video. Join us as we explore two chapters: ‘The Fall of Locksley’ and ‘Edwinstowe.’ In this video, we showcase two of the four playable characters, Robin and Tuck, each with their unique playstyles.


Do you like silly hats? Were you that one kid in class who broke reality? Are you eating nutritional slime right now? Embark on a brilliant adventure, using words and incompetence to solve bizarre problems. There are also hat goblins.

Bye Sweet Carole

Bye Sweet Carole is a horrific thriller game inspired by the greatest animation movies and created by Chris Darril.(Remothered series) Be ready to jump into the world of Corolla and meet the rabbits that has infested it.

Battle Shapers

Metric Empire premiered their newest gameplay video for their upcoming title, Battle Shapers, during The MIX’s Guerilla Collective showcase. Narration is done by community manager Syd Lazarus over never-before-seen footage. The trailer further expands on the game’s progression.


Forgotlings is a breathtaking cinematic action-adventure game set in an enchanted realm inhabited by lost things searching for a purpose. Journey to distant corners of our collective memories and unite warring tribes against a mysterious looming threat to their existence. A wholly original storyworld filled with wonder and imagination awaits your discovery.

Crypt Custodian

Crypt Custodian is a charming Metroidvania / Zelda-like about cleaning up the afterlife. You play as Pluto—a mischievous cat who has just died, and landed in the afterlife’s palace. After a brief and disastrous meeting with the Afterlife Guardian- Kendra, you are banished from the palace and sentenced to clean… forever! Explore the vast grounds that surround the palace, battle beasts with your trusty broom, and gain new abilities to expand your map. Solve puzzles, discover secrets, and… organize an ambush to break back into the palace!

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

NGS will undergo an ultra evolution as PSO2 NEW GENESIS ver.2 on June 7! Unleash Your Creativity, Live Your Phantasy

Remnant 2

New to Remnant 2? Don’t worry, Founder Ford will get you up to speed so you can get out there and save what’s left of humanity before it’s too late. Take on deadly creatures and god-like bosses with two other friends to stop an evil from destroying reality itself and stave off humanity’s extinction.

GRIME: Tinge of Terror

GRIME: Tinge of Terror releases for PC, Xbox and Playstation today! New Game Plus – Old foes challenge you in new ways. Surpass your limits and upgrade weapons and traits with infinite progression. Find and fight a formidable secret boss. Crush your foes with living weapons and consume their essence with your sentient black hole! GRIME is a fast and unforgiving soulslike metroidvania coming to consoles. Brandish the living weapons to dominate your enemies today!

Yomi 2

A fighting game in card form. Learn your character, practice combos, and read the opponent’s tendencies. Strategic, turn-based card battling that lets you experience the nuances of fighting games like Street Fighter and Fantasy Strike by a lead designer who worked on both. Yomi 2 Early Access launches June 27th!

Lil’ Guardsman

Imagine you’re a 12 year old, suddenly in charge of the guard shed at the castle gate, where you decide if elves, goblins and 100+ other characters should be admitted. It’s a wonderful combination of deduction, narrative and puzzle games


High speed mech action game Nimbus INFINITY is leaving Early Access on June 21! Featuring new missions and boss battles, new story and gameplay, and many more changes based on player feedback.

One Lonely Outpost

An alien world sometimes needs a farmer’s touch to bring it to life. In this sci-fi, colonization-life sim, terraform a barren world: turn wastelands into verdant landscapes while exploring, farming, building, and unlocking all the mysteries of this strange new planet.

Enclave HD

One Game. Two sides. This is Enclave HD. This classic returns to consoles for the first time in nearly a decade, and comes to PlayStation for the first time ever. Fight in a dual campaign during the great war of Celenheim in this enhanced and upgraded version of the beloved medieval action combat game.

My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is releasing September 26th! Preorders available soon at your favorite retailer. Fans of My Time at Portia and casual farming sims, get excited – Pathea Games and PM Studios are excited to present My Time at Sandrock for console! Set in an optimistic and uplifting post-apocalyptic setting, players build up their farm and workshop, explore dangerous ruins beneath the Eufaula Desert, and develop ties with the radiant cast of NPCs; all with the goal of restoring Sandrock to its former glory. With a deep and compelling storyline that boasts over 60 hours of gameplay, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Yee-haw!

Hearts of Iron IV: Arms Against Tyranny

Four Northern democracies are seemingly helpless against nearby predatory dictatorships. Despite their size, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have a chance to avoid conquest through clever diplomacy or fierce resistance. Write a new history of the Nordic countries in Arms Against Tyranny, a new expansion for Hearts of Iron IV.

A Void Hope

A Void Hope takes you on an atmospheric puzzle platforming adventure to find a cure for a collapsed city. Follow the story of a tormented couple as they try to decipher reality from nightmares and overcome the shadowy threats lurking in the dark.

Kingdom Eighties

Are you ready for a Summer of Greed? The next standalone expansion to the acclaimed Kingdom series, the long-awaited Kingdom Eighties, will hit Steam on June 26th! A single-player, epic adventure of micro-strategy and base building, inspired by the neon lights of the eighties. You play as The Leader, a young camp counselor who will have to defend their town and family from the relentless attack of the mysterious Greed. What are these monsters, and why are they trying to steal their family legacy, the Crown of Creation? Recruit your army, expand your kingdom, and fortify it by raising walls and defensive turrets. Survive the nightly attacks of the Greed and protect your crown – if you lose it, the whole town is doomed!

Gori: Cuddly Carnage

Skate, do acrobatics, kill, and look cute while doing it! Have a look at the brand-new Gori: Cuddly Carnage trailer, a foul-mouthed third-person hack N slash action adventure. John from Angry Demon Studios is your guide to all things Gori: Cuddly Carnage. Meet a cute but deadly hero, who knows the best hoverboard tricks. Learn how to slay mutated unicorn army and disgusting bosses in style. Mix slashing, bashing, upgrading, and shooting to bring mayhem to your screen! Expect fast-paced action, cuteness, gore, purring, chaos, dark humour, speed, violence, and creepiness!


Astebros is a roguelite game about the beginnings of the kingdom of Asteborg! Choose your hero among three different characters and go through procedural dungeons to eliminate your formidable opponents! Defeat bosses to obtain valuable power orbs! Collect coins and materials to buy and upgrade your equipment! Discover mysterious secrets within the dungeons…


Coming this holiday season… Lake DLC ‘Season’s Greetings’!

Checkmate! My Shogi Club President can’t be this Cute!

Teaser trailer from upcoming videogame “Checkmate! My Shogi Club President can’t be this Cute!” Release date on Steam: September 22, 2023

Pizza Possum

Pizza Possum is a short and sweet arcade experience where your goal is to eat as much food as you can without getting caught. This can be done alone as a possum, or you can join forces with a raccoon friend in local co-op and cause chaos together. Try out the co-op demo during Steam Next Fest, starting June 19th!


Spiderheck is a frantic and fast-paced game where spiders with hats and laser swords battle to the death. Also, there is parkour! In this video, we’ll be taking you through the development plans we have for SpiderHeck at the moment, including our plans for multiplayer!

Death Trick: Double Blind

Welcome to the twisted world of Death Trick: Double Blind! Join us as we unveil the exhilarating new content and take a deeper dive into this mind-bending visual novel thriller.

Toodee And Topdee

A cosmic turbulence caused the 2D Platformer and the Top-Down Puzzler dimensions to merge: someone forgot to put a semi-colon into the code that controls the universe, and it’s caused all kinds of wacky mayhem to break out! Toodee And Topdee is a unique, cross-genre hybrid combining the best of 2d Platforming and top-down adventure puzzle game mechanics. Originally envisaged as a challenge to combine two completely disparate genres, Toodee And Topdee has gone on to be critically acclaimed for its uniqueness, challenge, and sense of imagination and humor.


Tear through ruthless slavers in this bloody hurricane of good old ultraviolence action inspired by feudal Japan… with a slice of Metroidvania.


Introducing… Promenade, coming to consoles this year! In French, to go on a “promenade” means to take a leisurely stroll. But in this brand new game from Holy Cap and Red Art Studios, the promenade is akin to an epic adventure across a huge world full of beautiful lands and filled with funny creatures! Promenade is a 2D Collectathon type game that rewards exploration and creativity. Play as the Kid who, alongside his trusty sidekick, will have to face challenges, solve puzzles and have his skills tested. Things won’t be easy, but then again, who said that growing up is easy? Today, we can only share that Promenade is coming to consoles in 2023. Of course, we will have a lot more to share regarding the game and its release in the coming months. So stay tuned and get ready to go on a walk like no other!

Evolutis: Duality

Evolutis: Duality is a 2D story-driven-action-adventure game inspired by ’80s Anime. You take control of Chelsea Williams, a professional fighter in Fenghai, who is desperate to support her ailing father. Corruption and criminal groups seek to leverage her talents, and the player is faced with tough choices across a tale of deception and mystery.