Trailer Attack: 7th December 2022 – Titans fish hubris

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

VR action roguelite title Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game will support Hand Tracking 2.0 at its launch in early 2023!


Ever dreamt of playing your non-VR games from Steam using your VR headset? With GameVRoom you can invite up to three friends for multiplayer gaming sessions on a big screen, set up personalized controller bindings, gestures or even build your own control room with virtual props!

Easy Come Easy Golf

Easy Come Easy Golf” Has a New Update! Version 1.9.0 adds STROKE STANDOFF, a new multiplayer mode, and higher player level caps come to Clap Hanz’ addictive golf game.

Killing Floor 2

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s frightening this Holiday season… Developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive is excited to announce that the esteemed first-person shooter and co-op action title, Killing Floor 2 is set to receive its free annual winter update with Polar Distress. Releasing on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), the content update boasts a new featured community map, weekly mode, and weapons, as well as quality-of-life improvements, letting players spread their holiday cheer as they take down ferocious Zeds in style.

Kunoichi “Sword of the Assassin”

EARLY ACCESS DATE: DECEMBER 9TH, 2022. (12/9/22). Kunoichi “Sword of the Assassin” is an action and stealth EARLY ACCESS game developed and published by Maiden Gaming built with the new UNREAL 5 ENGINE for the Windows PC platform available exclusively on Patreon. Players take the role of Takashida, a Kunoichi tasked with avenging her father’s death at the hands of the Yokai Clan. It features role-playing, strategy, action and stealth set in feudal Japan. Kunoichi pays homage in many ways to genres of entertainment in gaming and film most notably DOS platform game Sword of the Samurai from Microprose (my favorite game growing up), Ninja Scroll (my favorite anime growing up), Kill Bill (my favorite film), Lady Snow Blood (film that heavily inspired Kill Bill) and more.

Quilts & Cats of Calico

Step into a world full of cozy quilts and cuddly kitties! Monster Couch, creators of Wingspan, are happy to present you Quilts & Cats of Calico. It is a wholesome digital adaptation of the award-winning puzzle Calico, a board game for 1-4 players. Meet the adorable cats, pet them and create your own kitties. Sew the coziest quilts. Compete against other players in multiplayer gameplay, play solo or delve into the story of a tailor battling a large corporation.

The Rumble Fish 2

The Rumble Fish is a 2D fighting game. The arcade version was developed in 2004. The arcade version of The Rumble Fish 2 came out in 2005, introducing new game mechanics and characters. It gained popularity with its sleek 2D visuals powered by S.M.A. (Smooth Model Animation), fascinating characters and strategic gameplay using 2 types of gauges. The game series has a cult following and is still played in tournaments. Worth noting the series has never been released outside of Japan. This will also be the first time The Rumble Fish 2 makes the move to consoles.

Across the Valley

Across the Valley is your friendly VR farm where you really lend a hand. Instead of clicking around in menus, you care for the animals and plants with your own hands. Instead of looking at the farm from up above, you yourself can relax in this hand-drawn paradise.

Zombie Cure Lab

Scientists survived the zombie apocalypse. Lead them and find a cure for the virus. Gather resources, build facilities, unlock technologies and design the perfect laboratory. Defend your base from hordes of zombies – CURE don’t killl in this challenging sandbox Lab Builder!

Jeff Minter’s Akka Arrh

In 1982 Atari produced a prototype arcade cabinet named Akka Arrh … only three still exist. 40 years later, Akka Arrh has been reimagined by the legendary game designer Jeff Minter. Jeff’s Akka Arrh drips with his sense of humor, his love of psychedelic color and light, and his ability to flat-out create games that are a joy. Experience a cascade of words, color, shapes and sound flows around your turret as you desperately fight off swarms of inbound attackers.

Call of the Sea VR

Redesigned for virtual reality, Call of the Sea VR immerses players in its beautifully crafted environments. Solve clever first-person puzzles while discovering a story-driven adventure full of love, suspense, and surreal surprises.


A new kind of puzzle platformer is coming to our galaxy in the square shape of Togges! Out today (Dec 7th, 2022) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam / GOG / Epic Games Store).


Sci-Fi VR Adventure ‘Hubris’ Launches on PC VR Platforms today!


IXION combines city building, survival elements and exploration, into a thrilling space opera as you explore the stars. Propelled onwards through a perilous journey, you are the Administrator of the Tiqqun space station, charged with finding a new home for humanity.

PC Building Simulator 2

Dream it. Build it. Benchmark it. Our first free content update is live!

Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game

Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game is OUT NOW!!! Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game is an online DBG with a background of cultivation. Every game is a deck building from scratch. Players can have stronger decks by changing cards, and then build more powerful routines to defeat all opponents to win.

The Last Worker

The Last Worker | Jüngle Bells | Holidays 2022 Trailer

Per Aspera VR

Tlön Industries’ Per Aspera takes players to the hostile surface of Mars and tasks them to colonize the planet on a scale never before seen in VR! Terraform The Red Planet’s harsh surface, with terrain created using real maps from leading space agencies and protect the future of humanity. Ad Astra!

Path of Titans

Explore the new land of Gondwa in this open world MMO where you get to be the dinosaur. Narrated by Robert Irwin


Check out “The Warrior and the Tailor” DLC for RUINSMAGUS!

The Signifier

The Signifier is coming to VR! Traverse the recesses of the subconscious and unravel the dark truth in this psychological thriller from playmestudio – Now in VR! This surreal and sometimes unreal title is heading to Meta VR in Q1 of 2023!


STRAYLIGHT is a new VR game that uses the revolutionary Fling Engine, allowing you to swing, soar, and fling yourself around the cosmos in a completely comfortable way. Designed from the ground up for comfortable movement even for those new to VR, grappling and flinging yourself around should cause no more discomfort than standing-in-place VR experiences. Fly through beautiful and deadly cosmic playgrounds, all to a completely original score composed by Rob ’88bit’ Kovacs. It isn’t all freedom, however; you will need to navigate increasingly diabolical obstacles to reach the end of each stage. Though the gameplay is simple at its core, it is endlessly replayable as you try to nail that perfect, beautiful run. STRAYLIGHT encourages you to swing too fast, soar too high, and die WAY too much. Can you master the STRAYLIGHT?