Trailer Attack: 6th May 2022 – Firstborn evil mario

Outward: Definitive Edition

Dive back into vast world of Outward with the new Definitive Edition! Featuring both DLCs The Soroboreans and The Three Brothers as well as completely new additions. Outward: Definitive Edition is the best way to experience Outward for newcomers or veterans alike. Strive through the story alone or in Coop-Mode with a friend. Discover the world of Aura in Outward: Definitive Edition, available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on 17 May 2022.


METHOD MAN’s original new song “COME GET SOME” created exclusively for EVIL DEAD: THE GAME

Eve Online

The Caldari State is a corporate nation under eight all-encompassing megacorps, arising from a desolate, unforgiving homeworld that shaped the Caldari into an austere and resilient people willing to embrace pragmatic hierarchies in service of the greater good. From employee to CEO, all Caldari are committed to the preservation of family, corporation, the State, and their way of life – no matter the cost.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is out now on Steam, Epic and GOG! Follow Milda and discover the secrets of your family in this charming point-and-click mystery adventure. Armed with your wit, smartphone and puzzle solving skills you’ll journey through modern day Europe to uncover the secrets of the king who was never crowned.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Emem has a reputation, her clubs are a safe ground for any and all vampires. But exposure to different beliefs makes you wonder if you’ve made the right choices, especially as the Camarilla’s rules clamp down on you.


Bibots is a top-down shooter rogue lite with an emphasis on bullet hell action. Switch between two characters, explore and clear areas full of monsters, unlock abilities, customize your characters, die, learn and retry to save the world.


Crossroads is an action cooperative multiplayer game. Become a supernatural hunter, join the Brotherhood and fight deadly monsters with your friends across the United States countryside in this pre-apocalyptic cooperative action game.


Order the standard physical editions for PlayStation 4 and the Original Game Soundtrack Edition on Please note that Helvetii is currently in development. The release date of the physical edition is subject to change at any time without notice.

Dog’s Donuts

DOG’S DONUTS is a physical-based puzzle game where you control a machine that shoots donuts. Make the right adjustments and find the better way to feed this adorable husky.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Nintendo has released an overview trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League.


Learn more about the hauntingly newest champion of the Realm – Lillith, The Heartless!

Remote Life

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is delighted to be working with developer Next Game Level on the distinguished Shoot-em-up Remote Life that is due to be released on May 27th 2022. Releasing on all console platforms, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch priced at a remarkable $18.99 / €17.99 / £14.99.

Let’s Get Fit

Workout how you want, where you want! A mid-priced, easy to pick-up-and-play fitness title releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch, here’s a little look at what Let’s Get Fit is all about!

Running on Magic

Woosh! Get ready to flee! Welcome to Running on Magic, a forced-scroll platformer where a quirky wizard is being chased by a tireless Grim Reaper. Hurry through procedurally-generated mindfully drawn environments as you defeat unalike enemies. Don’t let the Grim Reaper get to you!

Deliver Us Mars

To mark National Space Day in the US, KeokeN Interactive and Frontier Foundry take fans behind the scenes of the emotional, thrilling and mysterious new narrative-driven adventure game.

Rise of Firstborn

Join millions of players in celebrating Rise of Firstborn‘s 4th Anniversary. All throughout May, players will receive new rewards to mark this momentous occasion. There may even be a new Cake Monster players can hunt this month.


Get wrecked in this immature grown-up RPG about a trio of troublemakers stumbling their way through a giant mecha tournament. Repair and upgrade the team’s hand-me-down rig, pick up odd jobs to pay the bills, and battle the best-of-the-best all while running from the regrettable choices of the past.