Trailer Attack: 6th May 2021 – Royale axe phoenix

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is playable in a few hours! Watch the blood-pumping We are Legends trailer now.

Resident Evil Village

Venture into the beautiful, yet terrifying village, and unravel all of its dark secrets when Resident Evil Village launches tomorrow on May 7th, for PS5, PS4, XSX|S, X1, Steam, and Stadia!

Bless Unleashed

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced that the all new Secrets and Scions Update is now live for Bless Unleashed. With this latest update, players unlock an additional story that takes players from the Ivory Dunes to Beoran in new Campaign Quests. Friendly allies and hostile forces such as the sinister Faceless await to encounter players throughout their journey where they’ll discover secrets and rewards along the way.

Scarlet Nexus

The opening animation for SCARLET NEXUS is here! Watch our latest video and get ready to connect with the OSF when the game arrives June 25th, 2021!

Winds of Change

Winds of Change – a powerful visual novel about shaping the world with your choices is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 3rd!

Rogue Lords

In Rogue Lords, you play as the devil, who was defeated by demon hunters several years ago. To regain your power, your disciples – nine evil geniuses who have signed a pact with you – must seek out some legendary artefacts. To defeat your enemies, you must use your diabolical powers to cheat, in exchange for some of your Diabolic Essence. But be careful! If you use up all your essence, your run will end.

Rise of the Slime

Rise of the Slime is a roguelite like no other, mixing deep and tactical deckbuilder gameplay with the chill vibes of a side-scrolling adventure. Demo OUT NOW on PC and Nintendo Switch, which a little bird tells me that it will also be in DarkZero’s Dem-OH! May Round-up.

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition

Today Deep Silver and 4A Games are pleased to announce the launch of the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition – a radical update that harnesses the power of Ray Tracing-capable GPUs to deliver an incredible visual upgrade. The PC Enhanced Edition is FREE to all owners of the original release on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Good Old Games and the Microsoft Store.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Never adventure alone again with The Elder Scrolls Online’s new Companion system, part of the upcoming Blackwood Chapter. Recruit, equip, and fight with your Companion at your side almost anywhere from Tamriel to Oblivion. Develop your relationships, level-up your allies, and unlock unique quests and rewards with these new allies.

Demon Skin

Having carved up a storm on PC, brutal 2D hack-and-slash adventure Demon Skin will be arriving on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 30 September. And we are also pleased to confirm that console players will experience a deeper, richer adventure thanks to the inclusion of a new playable chapter.

Observer: System Redux

Observer: System Redux, the definitive vision of an award-winning cyberpunk thriller and one of the first next-gen hit games now comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both the digital and physical versions launch July 16th, 2021

The Amazing American Circus

Unique deck-building card game with strategy elements will hit PC and consoles on August 12!

RiMS Racing

Experience the thrill of a +200hp motorbike as you navigate world famous circuits and spectacular road races. Customise your machine with over 500 fully licensed components. Apply your expertise on the fly with the Motorbike Status Check (MSC) – a real-time analysis of the motorbike’s status and performance. All of this comes together to provide a thrilling and rewarding motorbike simulation experience!

Super Animal Royale

Calling all trigger-happy tigers and murderous monkeys: Modus Games and Pixile Studios today announced that Super Animal Royale is launching in early access on Xbox Game Preview and Game Pass on June 1st. Game Pass subscribers will have free access to the Founder’s Edition on day one.

The Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire

Get ready to experience the brutal intensity of the Vietnam War on a monumental scale. The Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire is OUT NOW on Steam:

Green Phoenix

Green Phoenix is an on-rails 3D space shooter mixed with a deep narrative experience that focuses on the concept of ego and the meaning of freedom.

Rocket Rumble

Rocket Rumble is a 2-4 player party game where a charming cast of animals in rocket suits smash and bash their way across the finish line. Play online or on the couch, customize your character and get ready to Rumble!


Oddventure is a JRPG about the misadventures of Charlie – a nihilistic and rebellious teenage girl with anger issues and social awkwardness. Charlie searches for her troublesome brother Bonzo and ultimately for a way back home. The setting is the Kingdom of Luxia, a land straight from original Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales with a dark, Nietzschean twist. The game has begun a Kickstarter campaign with a target of £17,270 to help develop the game.

Bus Simulator 21

Two legends meet again: Today, we are happy to announce that Mercedes-Benz will return to Bus Simulator 21 as an official license partner!

EVE Online

Celebrate EVE Online‘s 18th birthday with daily gifts in-game as well as new sites and challenges. Be sure to log in each day through to 18 May to earn up to 450k of Skill Points for Omega!

Astalon: Tears of the Earth

Uphold your pact with the Titan of Death, Epimetheus! Fight, climb and solve your way through a twisted tower as three unique adventurers, on a mission to save their village from impending doom! Coming June 3rd, 2021!

Going Medieval

Stake your claim in this colony building sim and survive a turbulent Medieval age. In the world of Going Medieval, dark age society is on its knees. Construct a multi-story fortress in a land reclaimed by wilderness, defend against raids, and keep your villagers happy as their personalities are shaped by the world.

Tattoo Punk

Tattoo Punk is a story driven, management game where you own the Cyber – Tattoo Studio. You play as Henry, newly single father trying to create the best Tattoo place in the overwhelmed mafia scores city. Customize your studio, make dope futuristic tats, grow your business and brand. Create your own story in the spoiled city of body modifications, cash and fame. Soak into the Tattoo Punk world.

Vikings: Age Of The Axe

The game is a first person slasher with both single player mode and online cooperation. Prepare to go on expeditions for blood and gold around the 10th century. Become a respected chief, plunder far lands and slay your enemies for the glory of the Norse gods.