Trailer Attack: 6th December 2023 – Eastward red gambit


Crumbling is coming to Quest and SteamVR Q1 2024 and a bit later to Pico! Who says you’re too old to play with toys? Crumbling is a VR roguelike where you control your character with one hand, just like playing with an action figure! Battle against an onslaught of plastic monsters in thrilling hack’n’slash combat, in a romping adventure that’ll take you right back to your childhood.

Under Cover

Under Cover is a return to the golden age of lightgun games that takes the same thrilling arcade action those games delivered and uses the power of VR to surround you with enemies in a way that the arcade cabinets that paved the way for Under Cover never could.


UNITED 1944 is coming to Steam Early Access on December 12th! In the twilight battles of WWII, UNITED 1944 blends the intensity of shooter gameplay with crafting, building, strategy, and teamwork. Inspired by late-war guerrilla skirmishes, choose between team-based urban warfare or solo survival in a historically rich setting.

The Mermaid’s Tongue

In the pitch-black waters beyond a long-abandoned fishing town, the enigmatic captain of the world’s strangest submarine has been murdered. Some say he was an immortal time-traveller. Others say he was a vampire, cursed to stay hidden beneath the waves forever… Found alone in a locked room, with only an ancient stone cauldron to suggest how he might have died, it’s up to Detective Grimoire and Sally to piece together what really happened. Was it a curse, released from the cauldron? One of the submarine’s eccentric crew? Or does the bizarre truth run even deeper…

PUBG: Battlegrounds

The moment has come! Time to face their destiny in Rondo, where honor, strategy, and sacrifice converge.

The Invincible

Get The Invincible with a 20% discount on Steam. Sale lasts until January 4th:

Prison Boss VR

Get Prison Boss VR NOW on PlayStation VR 2! And don’t forget: you’re not just doing time, you’re doing business!

Nirvana Noir

A noir adventure beyond time and space. The city of cosmic beings is under threat in two parallel realities – one where the Big Bang was never fired, the other exploding in color and sin. It’s up to you to solve the mysteries of the Bigger Bang in this follow up to the award-winning Genesis Noir. Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox X|S, Steam, Epic and other PC Stores.

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is tailor-made for experienced simulator veterans that are looking for the most realistic experience in the market. The game will have you jumping on the controls of a fully-equipped battleship with limited battlefield awareness, using authentic instruments and naval attack procedures to locate and eliminate enemy U-Boats. The intricacy and attention to detail present in each navigation tool, plotting table, radar, battle-station, etc. Will provide you with a level of immersion rarely seen in the genre.

Booze Masters: Freezing Moonshine

December is a perfect time for this special news. We are proud to announce that Booze Masters: Freezing Moonshine will be fully released on 13th December 2023! A huge dose of humor, absurdity, and high spirits is coming soon.

Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem

Relive the golden days of adolescence, racing Micro Machines around tracks and bringing impossible courses, stunts, and speed to life! Build tracks and blaze through circuits, perform stunts at max speed, crash elaborate sets for ultimate demolition and much more! Coming January 4th, 2024.


Enter a new era of combat in FINAL FURY, a groundbreaking VR fighting game inspired by the golden age of arcade fighters. Duke it out in epic head-to-head matches like never before with immersive visuals, innovative controls, and fast-paced gameplay tailored for newcomers and veterans alike.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Yuki & Kuma from Shadow Tactics are back! Play the new Shadow Gambit DLCs “Yuki’s Wish” and “Zagan’s Ritual” – OUT NOW on PC and consoles. Hoist the Red Marley’s sails, recruit Yuki & Kuma from Shadow Tactics as well as the mysterious scientist Zagan to your crew – and embark on two new swashbuckling adventures in the Lost Caribbean.

Paint the Town Red VR

The chaotic first person melee combat game finally comes to VR in Paint the Town Red VR. With a host of new features designed to take full advantage of VR, the voxel-based brawler is better than ever and aims to be the most fun you can have in a headset. Available March 14, 2024 on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation VR2 and SteamVR.

Go-Go Town!

Go-Go Town! Couch Co-op Coming February 2024 Grab a friend or three and join forces to breathe life back into this rundown town. Work together to construct shops, hire staff, automate deliveries with couriers, and attract tourists to town, all while managing infrastructure and avoiding catastrophes! Welcome to Go-Go Town! You’re going to do great.


Coming January 31st 2024 to PC & Nintendo Switch. Welcome to a parallel world of Eastward: population… growing!? In a remote mountainside village, Sam and John start life anew as farmers! Work the land, tend livestock, and cook heartwarming meals for familiar yet strangely different friends. Enjoy the good life in peaceful pixel surroundings! Developed by Pixpil. Published by Chucklefish.

God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse

God of Riffs: Battle for The Metalverse, the VR heavy metal rhythm game from developer and publisher VYERSOFT, will come to PSVR2 alongside a new story mode campaign. Meta Quest and SteamVR riff lords can play the story mode Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024, which will be available when the PSVR2 version launches in 2024.

Anthology of Fear

Get ready for a spine-chilling journey on PlayStation 4 &5 this December 7th with Anthology of Fear.