Trailer Attack: 5th September 2022 – Infinite zoo diver

Zoo Simulator

Games Incubator announces its new animal game. After the very successful premiere of Animal Shelter at the beginning of 2022, Games Incubator is working on another simulation game with animals, this time we will be able to run our own zoo.

Atelier 25th Anniversary

Take a trip down memory lane with this Atelier 25th Anniversary Trailer! Whether you started your journey with the first title in the series, Atelier Marie, or became an alchemist with Atelier Sophie 2, we hope you’re excited for the future of the series.

Torchlight: Infinite

Gemma is a powerful mage, you can use her iconic Whirlwind through class talent customization and support skills. What’s more, with “Cast on Critical Strike” skills you can make Whirlwind unleash spell shockwaves, fantastic right? Check out Gemma’s story in the video


Today, Superstring launches a new update for its ambitious narrative ARG. The Acolyte: Voice Within Update is a substantial 1.1 update to the game which includes dynamic, fully-voiced dialogue thanks to a partnership with TTS-developers, ReadSpeaker.

Dusk Diver 2

Lights, camera, battle! Celebrity sharpshooter, Le Viada, poses for the camera. High-octane action RPG, Dusk Diver 2, is out now physically and digitally for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

To Leave

To Leave is a unique adventure game, set in a fascinating world. There is only one goal. Help a suffering boy known as Harm, in overcoming his past.

Arena of Valor

Bright will “hack” into your senses! Bright Hack Thrasher will be available along with Ishar Hack Puppeteer through Codex Season 38. With the dazzling effects, you will see the extraordinary Skill Effect of Bright’s and Ishar’s skin!