Trailer Attack: 5th June 2024 – Hunters monkey ghost

Above Snakes

Above Snakes is a unique blend of open-world creation, gentle survival and building, combined with the native, unspoiled power of the Wild West.


Here’s the trailer for our second update, Melodies of the Mire! Just a day in the life of a hero… You are Flameborn, last ember of hope of a dying race. Awaken, survive the terror of a corrupting fog, and reclaim the lost beauty of your kingdom. Venture into a vast world, vanquish punishing bosses, build grand halls and forge your path in this co-op survival Action RPG for up to 16 players.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

When we were working on the final DLC in Season Pass 2, we focused on the fact that A Dance of Masks is a DLC about the commander’s well-deserved break from endless battles and a long-awaited holiday with his favorite companions. In this supplement, players should be able to enjoy all the favorite aspects of communication with the team: Daeran’s humorous remarks, Nenio’s boundless inquisitiveness, and, of course, Regill’s strictness, which hides an endless respect for the commander. And how can you convey all the joy of communicating with companions without their beautiful voices and unique intonations? That’s why in A Dance of Masks DLC we’ve made a full dialog voiceover for the first time. We hope that it will add depth to the story and you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the festival in the rebuilt Kenabres. A Dance of Masks DLC will be released on June 13! Wishlist the DLC to be the first to go on this new adventure. And if you have Season Pass 2, the DLC will automatically become available on release day.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble

Get ready to race, roll, and spin dash with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy as they join AiAi and the gang in their epic adventure! As part of the SEGA Pass, all four characters will be playable across both Adventure Mode and Battle Mode, each with unique stats to help them on the courses. Plus, for these characters only, all in-game pick-ups will switch from bananas to Gold Rings in further homage to the classic franchise. The SEGA Pass is included with the Digital Deluxe Edition of Banana Rumble and will also be available as a separate bundle to purchase. Individual characters will also be available a la carte. All content is scheduled to be released over the coming months. Launching exclusively onto Nintendo Switch June 25, 2024

Baltic Folk

Baltic Folk is a magical tavern management game inspired by Baltic mythology. Build your dream inn, manage staff, craft menus, and welcome forest souls and ancient gods.


Winner of “Chat’s Choice” and as announced at the OTKchannel Game’s Expo — Wizordum Episode 2 is available now! In Episode Two, journey through the shadowy depths of Terrabruma, and purge the evil forces of Chaos across a slew of new locales. Wield fresh firepower added to the last remaining mage’s repertoire, including a new godlike weapon, the addition of alternate fires, a cauldron of consumables, and a new magic system where slaying enemies replenishes spellcasting abilities.

Legacy: Steel & Sorcery

An immersive fantasy 3rd person Action. World PvPvE game from Notorious Studios. Wishlist today on Steam.

ARK: Survival Ascended

The Center and Pyromane is now live on PC, Xbox, and Playstation! Embers ignite, shadows dance, and a fiery legend awakens!

Star Wars: Hunters

Go for Glory this Season!

The Port of Jumanah

We are beyond excited to officially announce our first game, ‘The Port of Jumanah‘ Development is ongoing, and will be ready for release in Q4 2024. Please watch our socials and Wishlist on Steam to stay updated.

Rocket League

Put your hands, horns, and cars in the air and make some noise for the launch of Rocket League Season 15! ⁠In Season 15, hit the ground spinning on a grassier new variant of Salty Shores. Just take it easy on the donuts as you tear up the field with Rocket League’s newest sports cars! ⁠ ⁠Purchase Season 15’s Rocket Pass Premium to auto-unlock the Nissan Fairlady Z Car Body. Go up the Tiers to unlock the Nissan Fairlady Z RLE Car Body and the punk rock-reminiscent Mosher Boost and Power Chord Goal Explosion. Punk rock, sports cars, summertime Soccar… get ready for a SoCal escape.

JDM: Rise of the Scorpion

JDM: Rise of the Scorpion expands the racing world of JDM with a narrative element. Players will discover the story of Hatori ‘Scorpion’ Hasashi, an exemplary student and a son of a traditional Japanese family. He brings his pride and arrogance to the racetrack, where various rivals await.

Ghost Keeper

The ultimate scaring experience is about to begin! Become the leader of a terrifying band of monsters and challenge the living. It’s time to witness the excitement of scaring like never before…


Calling all freerunners! The Supermoves Demo is now available on Steam! Get a high dose of adrenaline in this action-packed party game, make your way to the top, defy gravity, show off your Supermoves in exciting and diverse gamemodes, unlock rewards and become the ultimate Parkour champion. What are you waiting for? Glory awaits!


Making games is more fun with everyone in RPG MAKER WITH! With user-friendly tools, intuitive controls, and online sharing, RPG MAKER WITH is the ultimate tool for creating your perfect game. Coming October 11, 2024 to Nintendo Switch and 2025 to PS4 and PS5!


Today, Maximum Entertainment and developer RainyGames have announced console versions of upcoming anime inspired farming sim ‘SunnySide’ will be moving to a 16th August launch date. Alongside this, ‘SunnySide’ is thrilled to be featured in the esteemed Women Led Games Summer Showcase! Diving into the games’ unique facets and features, players can tune in on 8th June at 11:30 PT on Women Led Games channels, as well as IGN’s YouTube and Steam!