Trailer Attack: 5th February 2024 – Whisper rescue overlord

Homeworld 3: War Games

The free Homeworld 3: War Games demo lifts off February 5th -12th on Steam and Epic Games Store. Try the game mode solo or online with friends (3 players max).

DaemonClaw: Origins of Nnar

Take a look at the NEW TEASER for DaemonClaw: Origins of Nnar!


A monastery may not be the first place that pops into your head when you think of the word adventure, but INDIKA’s mind-bending, faith-testing gameplay is seeking to change that. Available now as part of Steam Next Fest, you can get your first taste of the bizarre journey of self-discovery that every young nun living in an alternate version of the late 19th century goes through. While such a journey can be isolating, you’ll thankfully be joined by a very special companion who knows their way around the religious block: the devil himself!

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Embark on a strong, intensive, and exciting build construction and gaming experience! Unique artifacts’ skills and techniques evolution accompany with your journey!

Unicorn Overlord

Learn how to build and deepen bonds with your allies in former-Holy Knight Josef’s second video guide for Unicorn Overlord.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Rock the burbs, soak up the sun, then pack your bags.

Brazen Blaze

Brazen Blaze is a 3v3 Smack & Shoot VR Action game with emphasis on close quarter melee combat! Choose from a range of unique runners each equipped with individual skills meant to destroy whatever blocks your path to sure victory!

Apex Legends

Ruck up, we’re dropping hot! Squad up with Bangalore and the rest of the Legends as the bullets fly across the Outlands. In for another round, shooter? Drop Hotter in Apex Legends: Breakout coming February 13.

Captain Soda

Fizzy arcade shooter Captain Soda is heading to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One in 2024! Defend your home planet from the alien invaders with a soda cannon, vending machine, and other powerful weapons!

Last Whisper Survival

Last Whisper is an online solo/co-op/multiplayer survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. Industries are attempting to control humanity through the use of microchips implanted in people’s brains, forcing them to lead a life of slavery under a strict routine of work, sleep, and repeat. However, some individuals rebel against their oppressors, sparking a war against the ruling elite who control the world in secret. In 2201, the top 1% of society, who were losing the war, spread a virus as a last resort to try and contain the rebellion. This virus quickly got out of their control, turning humanity into mutants and zombies. A few have survived in bunkers or sewers, but now, after 30 years of living underground, it is time to reclaim their rights and take back the surface world.

Bears in Space

Get ready to unleash your inner bear in Bears in Space, the over-the-top, bullet-hell FPS that’s bound to have you ROARING with excitement!

Crow Country

The year is 1990. It’s been two years since the mysterious disappearance of Edward Crow and the abrupt closure of his theme park, Crow Country. But your arrival has broken the silence, Mara Forest. If you want answers, you’ll have to venture deep into the darkness of Crow Country to find them…


Join Wakerunners playtest during Steam Next Fest from February 5 (PST) ~ February 12 (PST).


Ever just tired of it all? Ready for change? Wanna bet it all on sheer mayhem and destruction? In comes Maniac, a game in which the world goes against you, and your insanity creates chaos! Experience Maniac‘s Steam Next Demo from February 5th to 12th!

Zet Zillions

Hey you! Hanging around Steam Next Fest downloading demos like a maniac? Focus on what’s important: The Zet Zillions demo is here! A single-player story-based roguelike deckbuilder and space extravaganza where you use your cards to make entire planets go big-badda-BOOM!