Trailer Attack: 5th April 2023 – Forever thor dogfight

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

In this combat-focused walkthrough, Plot Twist breaks down the various defensive and offensive moves Benedict employs when taking on various types of demons in Limbo. The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be available on Steam, EGS & Xbox S|X 4.27.


NecroCity is now available on Steam! Take on the role of the young Prince of Undead, trying to prove himself in the world of the Undead Kingdom. Push back the hordes of monsters and build your fortress!


The Magical Mixture Mill

The Magical Mixture Mill is an automated potion brewing game set in a quirky and colorful world, full of picturesque characters and surrounded by classic fantasy humor. You’d need to build automated production lines, experiment with exotic ingredients, explore a cozy world – and try not to blow everything up.

Gun Jam

Gun Jam releases on Steam (PC) on April 19. Created by Jaw Drop Games and published by Raw Fury, Gun Jam is a rhythm-action FPS where you must shoot, dash and kick to the beat to survive. It features a unique beat-pattern shooting mechanic, a multi-genre OST, custom music and firefights with hordes of enemies in a vibrant world. Prepare to obliterate enemies whilst blasting to the beat.

Hammerwatch II

The million-selling hack ‘n slash action-adventure game Hammerwatch gets a long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel this summer from Crackshell and Modus Games as Hammerwatch II’s first details were revealed alongside a gorgeous pixel art trailer. Gather your heroes and get ready for an incredible journey beyond the dungeons of Castle Hammerwatch. Heroes looking for the ultimate Hammerwatch II bundle can find a digital and physical version that includes additional cosmetic items and character voices for $39.99 at most major retailers.


Meet the Heroes of Redfall: Layla Ellison. A biomedical engineering student who interned at an Aevum research facility, where something went very wrong, leaving her with intense telekinetic abilities. Her abilities give you all around versatility – Umbrella is perfectly suited for offense or defense. Use Lift to reach rooftops or launch enemies into the air. Then summon Jason to deal devastating damage to nearby enemies. Redfall arrives exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023

No Man’s Sky

Venture to forsaken Sentinel worlds in update 4.2, INTERCEPTOR! Explore corrupted Sentinel planets, fight a legion of challenging new robotic guardians, hijack their technology, steal their ships, harvest their resources, destroy their freighters, and much, much more!


Coming April 13 from Katsu Entertainment! Grab your friends and get ready to take to the skies with awesome arcade shoot-em-up action!

Diablo IV

The end is only the beginning. Countless new challenges await in the massive Diablo IV endgame.


Journey back into the world spun by memories to unravel the mystery of the Black Cubes in ONE PIECE ODYSSEY Reunion of Memories!


LOST EPIC, the 2D Souls-like side-scrolling action RPG with fast-paced battles and hack-and-slash elements from publisher One or Eight and developer Team EARTH WARS, topples tyrannical deities on Nintendo Switch Thursday, April 20, 2023.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent

The final battle for dominance is here! Set sail for the finale of the Bestower of Power story! Will we be able to fend off Empress Tatloch and her forces, or will she attain the rings for her evil scheme? It will be up to you, Chosen One!


Set in the 80s and spanning through the decades to the current day, players start with a small yet passionate film crew with rudimentary equipment who have one goal: grow the studio into one of the best in the industry and keep it that way for years to come. With an eye for entertainment, pick from a dozen different and popular film genres and plot the perfect, award-winning storyline. Inspired by the cult classic The Movies by Peter Molyneux, strike the perfect balance between arthouse and Hollywood pop culture to create a true blockbuster cult classic that will leave the critics begging for more.

Lil’ Guardsman

Lil’ Guardsman is a narrative puzzle game, inspired by the classic point-and-click genre and the mechanics of Papers, Please. Set in a high-fantasy world with the comedic sensibility of Monkey Island and other 90s Lucasarts adventure classics, Lil regularly finds herself covering for her dad, the head castle guardsman. She interrogates a cavalcade of fun and weird characters trying to gain entry to The Sprawl.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Global 3rd anniversary special unit Hyoh will arrive in April 2023! WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is a tactical RPG for smartphones. Download now on the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore!

The Explorator

The Explorator is a semi-open fantasy FPS, as an explorer you take your courage in both hands to set foot on the most dangerous island of the known world, Ospolis.

Tiny Thor

Get ready to wield the legendary hammer Mjölnir and embark on a challenging adventure with Tiny Thor!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

This new update unlocks a magical door in the Dream Castle. Meet two iconic Disney favorites in the new The Lion King Realm – Simba and Nala, who have both become separated from each other and need some help! In the latest Star Path, experience the magic of the Disney Parks by unlocking special rewards including new clothing, specialty souvenirs, and iconic attractions!


Get to the Orange Door x Hitcents Publishing are pleased to announce our latest 3 part update leading to the launch of GTTOD soon. The latest update of GTTOD features a wide range of improvements and additions to enhance the gaming experience. Players can expect smoother and more responsive movement mechanics, including air control, wall running, clambering, dashing, sliding, crouching, and swimming. There are also new movement mechanics like wall kicking, wall orientation switching, and moving platform support.

Blockbuster Inc.

Ever dreamed of making your own movies? Build up your own movie studio, scout for the upcoming stars, and produce cutting-edge films and TV shows. Try to stay ahead of your competition throughout the history of cinematography. Blockbuster Inc. is a debut game of Super Sly Fox published by Ancient Forge, the creators of The Tenants and The Constructors. It’s scheduled to launch in 2023.

Cook Serve Forever

Cook Serve Forever is coming to Early Access on May 8th — add to your Steam Wishlist today!

Organs Please

HeroCraft PC is excited to announce that Organs Please, the macabre satirical management sim, is leaving Early Access today. In Organs Please, players must help create a spaceship to take humans out of the dying Earth to a new planet while disposing of anyone deemed undesirable. Get it on Steam!