Trailer Attack: 4th June 2024 – Magical klowns wars


Mousebusters is available on NintendoSwitch and Steam in 2024!

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game

Plan your own alien invasion and harvest humans as the iconic Killer Klowns or gather a team of survivors to escape the extraterrestrial threat in Crescent Cove!

Cricket: Jae’s Really Peculiar Game

Go on an incredibly cute and heartfelt hand animated JRPG adventure to the moon and back with Jae and his friends! Combat incorporates timed hits to build meter, attack and defend, while unleashing awesome combos for rewards! Explore a world not unlike our own, full of laughs, tears, and Elemelons. Jae is on his way to Yimmelia, a mystical land on the moon where wishes are granted. Along the way, he makes new friends to make the journey easier! Meet the cast in this trailer, and get ready for some amazing timed-hits based RPG action like no other, with humorous antics and countless unforgettable moments. Coming to Consoles and Steam on August 15th!

Magical Delicacy

A delicious adventure awaits you in Magical Delicacy, the upcoming Metroidvania-lite-meets-cooking game from solo-developer Skaule and publisher Whitethorn Games — launching on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox June 16, 2024!

Mortal Kombat 1

New skins you won’t want to shed. The Season of the Reptile is now live!

Athenian Rhapsody

Athenian Rhapsody, which launched on PC, consoles, and mobile this past May, has debuted its first ever online event in collaboration with the OTK Network. The game, which features a Gameboy Pokemon-style “event” system, allows players to log in over the next month to grab a limited time “OTK Rhapsody”, granting them access to a special in-game event, with cameos from famous internet personalities such as Asmongold, Emiru, and more! This was revealed in a brand new trailer which debuted in today’s OTK Expo, alongside an in-person developer interview segment.

Pax Dei

Pax Dei is a social sandbox MMO under development and inspired by the legends of medieval Europe. Discover a world where myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is an everyday part of life. Join thousands of players as you explore the land, build your home, forge your reputation, and shape your own stories. What world will you make?

Big Boy Boxing

Step into the ring with Big Boy Boxing, an action-packed arcade boxing game where you’ll battle the most bosses in hand-drawn, pixel-perfect style. Play the extended demo during Steam Next Fest June 2024 Edition, starting June 10th!

HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded

HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded arrives exclusively on Meta Quest 3 this summer for $29.99 / £24.99 / €27.99. Reloaded includes dual-wielding, a cel-shaded art-style, enhanced interactivity, overhauled UI, new movement options and more.

DarkStar One – Nintendo Switch Edition

DarkStar One – Nintendo Switch Edition will conquer the galaxy on 20th June 2024.

Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds

Embark on a new adventure in Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds, the newest expansion for the award-winning MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Learn to wield a spear in combat, cultivate and decorate your Homestead, master challenging encounters, and more as you explore new lands and learn more about the mysteries of Tyria’s past.

Lucky Tower Ultimate

Studio Seufz and AMC Games present LUCKY TOWER ULTIMATE – Coming to Early Access in August 2024. Escape from a dangerous tower where everything can be a weapon. Lucky Tower Ultimate is a slapstick, roguelike adventure that looks like a cartoon and feels like a joke. Slashy slashy!

Halo Infinite

Tenrai returns June 4 as the latest Operation in Halo Infinite.

Kitsune Tails

Play the demo now on Steam.

Clockwork Ambrosia

Clockwork Ambrosia is a compelling steampunk fusion of Mega Man and Metroidvania. Players pull on the boots of an airship pilot to combat an army of deadly robots and monsters. Experiment with a range of rule-breaking weapons modifications and armors to prevail through this wild adventure!

BROK the InvestiGator – The Brawl Bar

Action focused additional content for BROK the InvestiGator.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 REDkit is now available for free for all owners of the game on PC. Welcome to The Witcher 3 REDkit Tutorials! In the fifth episode you’ll learn how to edit the world: shape the terrain, plant trees, control weather and add navigation data so NPCs won’t get lost.


Saborus is a horror game that puts players in the feathers of Gisele, a chicken fleeing from a deadly slaughterhouse. Dive into a terrifying world with incredible graphics and a chilling atmosphere, where tension and fear await at every step. Coming soon to consoles and PC.

Fix It – The Handyman Simulator

Take on tasks in all craft trades. Whether gardener, electrician or painter, experience all facets of the craft trades in Fix It. In addition to a wide range of jobs, you will manage your own company and buy vehicles and land to make your business a commercial success. Electrics, installation, gardening or renovation? Where would you start?

SteamWorld Heist II

Join game designer Robert Olsén for the very first Gameplay Deep Dive into SteamWorld Heist II! Delve into the heart-pounding action of turn-based gunplay, complete with ricochet bullets for trickshot mastery. Explore the all-new job system, assemble the ultimate crew, and brace yourself for enemies galore! This is the ultimate gameplay guide for SteamWorld Heist II – coming to Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and PC on August 8th!

Heart Machine x Devolver Digital

Tune into Devolver Direct on June 7 at 5PM Pacific for the full reveal.

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills is now available on Steam, Xbox, and Game Pass! Head here to launch your dream restaurant and start making delicious sushi!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak

Play the Trails through Daybreak demo today on Nintendo Switch and PS4/PS5!


Flock launches on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on July 16. Wishlist now! Flock is a multiplayer co-op game where players take on the role of flying shepherds, each tending to their own unique herd of adorable flying creatures.

Wéko The Mask Gatherer

Wéko The Mask Gatherer is coming to Steam on July 26th! Embark on an enchanting adventure in Wéko The Mask Gatherer, the debut game from indie developer SIRO GAMES! Navigate through a vibrant world filled with exploration, combat, and puzzles, using mystical masks to unlock special abilities and uncover secrets.

Steel Sword Story S

The classic dark fantasy 2D side-scrolling action game Steel Sword Story, originally released on Steam in 2019, is receiving a major overhaul update on June 11, 2024 and becoming Steel Sword Story S! The game now has twice the content, controls better, and is more accessible than ever. Please look forward to the new and evolved Steel Sword Story S!


Fireside is an uplifting narrative experience about a journey, and the breaks that follow it. Make friends, trade and chat at the campfire, weave connections, and explore a serene magic-filled world!

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

The Highway Patrol Expansion for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers offers new gameplay opportunities and frequently requested content. In this special episode of ON PATROL, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, showcase all features, highlight the TWO new patrol cars, and have a little surprise for you at the end!

The Crew Motorfest

Season 4 will be your next stop at Motorfest and the best way to conclude our Year 1 – get ready to discover two mythical universes of car customization culture: Donk and Lowrider! Chill on one side, speed on the other, choose your role in this custom rivalry and show that your style is the best!


Downward by Caraval Games is AVAILABLE NOW on consoles with new alternative endings and optimized graphics! Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series and Steam

theHunter: Call of the Wild

Sundarpatan Nepal Hunting Reserve is arriving on PC and Console on June 18th.

Cook For Love

Win the hearts of Parisians with your cooking, discover delicious recipes, and become a chef worthy of working onboard the Orient Express!