Trailer Attack: 4th April 2024 – Gaiden roulette freedom hunt

The Foretold: Westmark Legacy

Dive into the dark and enigmatic world of Burrmouth in “The Foretold: Westmark Legacy.” Join Herbert Westmark and Ambrose, a parasitic demon, as they embark on a chilling journey to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of locals in this gothic horror adventure. With stunning hand-drawn visuals and innovative deck-building mechanics, equip Herbert with relics, items, and cards to navigate the shadows and survive the lurking horrors. Explore branching paths, encounter eerie characters, and make decisions that shape your fate. Are you ready to face the unknown? Watch the release trailer now and prepare to embark on a journey into madness.

Contractors Showdown

Contractors Showdown, the next installment after the renowned title Contractors, is an action-packed first-person battle royale VR game filled with suspense and fast-paced battles. Players can join our high-octane community and engage with contractors across the globe.

Freedom Planet 2

Return to the vibrant world of Avalice to battle an ancient threat in the long-awaited sequel to the surprise indie action-platformer hit, Freedom Planet.

Harvest Hunt

The village of Luna Nova is cursed by the looming shadow of the Devourer. The appointed Warden must use stealth, strategy, and handcrafted tools in order to survive against the emerging horrors of each night. Will you rise as the village’s salvation, or become the next victim of an endless hunt? The Hunt begins on PC May 22 2024

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors

Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors is a roguelite survivor game set in the beloved world of Pathfinder. Enter Gallowspire, Pathfinder’s legendary tower of darkness, alongside your fearless companion. Slay hordes of enemies, upgrade your arsenal, and overcome deadly bosses to seal away the ancient king of undeath Tar-Baphon!


The curtain lifts on the new FOAMSTARS season, MYSTERIOUS SWING, on Saturday 13 April! Featuring the new FOAMSTAR, Chloe Noir!

Beat Slayer

Beat Slayer is a roguelite hack n’ slay game like no other. Instead of just being in the background the music takes centre stage. Join Mia, a badass music lover and crafty tinkerer, as she battles hordes of robots in a dystopian 90s inspired Berlin. There’s only one rule: Stay on beat!


Today Jagex and Gamepires are thrilled to reveal a brand new gameplay trailer for SCUM, showing off the vibrant island, hordes of enemies and high-intensity combat of the hit multiplayer open-world survival game.

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

Season 3 of Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is OUT NOW, bringing a free update and a new game mode to Headbangers. Welcome to Battle of the Dancers!

Arcade Paradise VR

Whoa! Arcade Paradise VR is releasing on 25th April 2024 for Meta Quest 2 / 3 and Pro! Yep, it’s almost time to enter the virtual realm in Arcade Paradise VR, transporting you back to 1993 for an all-new immersive experience oozing with retro-fuelled gaming nostalgia! Taking you on an empowering journey from rags to riches, Arcade Paradise is an adventure and light-management sim combo game where you transform the decrepit King Wash laundromat into a thriving business.

The Crush House

Film and produce 1999’s hottest reality show in The Crush House, a darkly comic thirst-person shooter from Nerial and Devolver Digital. The year is 1999, and the hottest reality show on TV, The Crush House, has just hired a new producer: you!

Pinball FX

Arriving May 16 to Pinball FX on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games and Steam! Classic television shows from the small screen to the tips of your flipper fingers. Play three tables inspired by iconic TV shows in the Universal Pinball: TV Classics bundle pack. Guide the remnants of humanity, chase crime on the roads, and wield your chakram to conquer the leaderboards.


In PuzzMiX, players will control falling “Lola Pods” to merge pairs into increasingly larger types. As the Lola Pods get bigger and bigger, the player will earn bigger scores as the chaos becomes even harder to control. Online leaderboards are included to show off the best Lola MiXers around the world.  When players earn a certain amount of score, they’ll unlock a new song from Lola herself to listen to during the game. 19 vocal tracks are included in addition to 1 instrumental BGM.

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons DLC (Sacred Reunion) is out now for FREE! Get it now with the base game! The Sacred Reunion DLC adds three new brawlers to the roster, including the shadow ninja Ranzou, martial arts master Chin Sei Mei and fan-favorite Sonny. Additionally, the DLC adds TWO NEW MODES. Fight your friends in Versus Mode or team up with them in Survival Mode! That’s not all, Online Co-Op and New Upgrades are out!

Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing has launched out of early access! Come and join the party, you’re all invited!

Divine Rush 

Engage in the ultimate 16-player platformer royale where you embody a champion of the gods to sprint through challenging courses, strategically use your hero’s special abilities to outrun and outsmart opponents or face elimination. Collect diamonds, steal from rivals, get upgrades, and be the last one standing, earning the favor of the gods in this fast-paced, elimination-style race.

Dark and Darker Mobile

Adventurers, in their endless greed, pursue where darkened dangers breed. Beasts keep coming, but the Dark Swarm’s ever tightening. Darkness grows darker in the dungeon. Are you ready to face your fate, Adventurer?

Lunar Axe

Lunar Axe will be available on April 18th for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X. Lunar Axe is a point-and-click adventure game with locations and story inspired by real places with incredible hand-drawing art. The story begins after a massive earthquake rocks the city, trapping you inside the ruins of a collapsed building. Now, you must find a way to escape this abandoned house, unravel the mystery behind the strange tremors, and meet the guardian spirit of a mystical artifact.


With nBlocks you will be able to construct any project that resides in your mind using 2D blocks of various shapes. You can either use prepared templates and collect stars or start your own project from the beginning.

King Arthur: Legion IX

King Arthur: Legion IX is coming to Steam on May 9th, 2024! A new threat looms over Avalon as the long-lost, infamous Ninth Legion of Rome has set foot on the mythical island. Their commander, the fallen hero, Gaius Julius Mento was granted a demonic legion by their dead emperor, Septimus Sulla to find a way out of Tartarus. But when they accidentally arrive to the magical realm of the Lady of the Lake, Gaius Julius Mento decides to subjugate the island and establish Eternal Rome there. First, however, he must gather his lost legion…

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition

After years of eating quarters in arcades across the country, Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition is the new and improved console version of the arcade party game to end all party games!

Kill It With Fire 2

Kill It With Fire 2 is a game about spiders, or at least about how to obliterate spiders with the most ridiculously powerful arsenal you’ve ever seen. In this devlog, we’ll get back on the creative journey behind Kill It With Fire 2, the inspirations and driving forces from the minds that brought this arachnid apocalypse to life. We’ll delve deep into the design philosophy that guided us and led us to where we are, a few weeks from Early Access!

Flint: Treasure of Oblivion

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Listen up as Publisher Microids and the band of swashbucklers at Savage Level unfurl the sails of Flint: Treasure of Oblivion! Set to make landfall in Q4 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, this here be the first glimpse of the adventure that awaits ye!

Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Super Monsters Ate My Condo, the enhanced remake of developer PikPok’s BAFTA-nominated hit, stomps onto mobile platforms today! Condo-crushing kaiju action roars to life on the App Store with a version for Apple Arcade subscribers and Google Play for show-stopping match-three mayhem.

Buckshot Roulette

Buckshot Roulette is Russian Roulette with a 12-gauge shotgun. Dive into a gritty underworld nightclub. Face off against The Dealer. Brace yourself as you pull the trigger. Load the chamber, press your luck, double down. There’s no prize for second place.

Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters

After three decades and thousands of fan petitions, the original creators of the award-winning science-fiction action-adventure game Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters are back in the starship for the epic space saga’s long-awaited continuation: Free Stars: Children of Infinity.