Trailer Attack: 3rd April 2024 – Glory frog viking


EA SPORTS WRC is getting into gear with the launch of Season 4, Introducing you to the first look at VR gameplay, esports and brand new Moments and the Fourth Season of the Rally Pass, filled with new customization items to unlock. Want to feel the euphoria of taking a flat right, overlooking the Col de Turini, in Rallye Monte Carlo looking through your door window? Want to really feel like you are behind the wheel? Then take on EA SPORTS WRC in Virtual Reality on PC, coming this spring. Stay tuned to the EA SPORTS WRC social media channels for the final VR release date.

Deceit 2

Prepare for the ultimate deception thrill! Deceit 2 is now FREE to play on PlayStation 5 and soon on Xbox Series X|S!

Death or Glory

Join the fight in Death or Glory‘s newest update! The Tower of Duels is now available where champions from across the world will compete to the top! Play now and explore a whole new card type with over 100 new cards in multiplayer which will bring new strategies and combos to the arena!

Crusader Kings III

Dive into history with us as we explore the contrasting lifestyles of five iconic figures. We’ve selected five legendary characters from Crusader Kings III‘s extensive roster, each offering a unique perspective on the medieval world and showcasing different aspects of gameplay. Whether it’s military conquest, deft diplomacy, or intricate plotting, these legends serve as both a tutorial and a teaser of the possibilities that lie ahead. There’s news for existing players as well: these characters are set to receive comprehensive overhauls as part of a free update in May, enhancing their stories and gameplay even further.


Assume the role of Martin, whose spaceship crash-landed on an uncharted island where his faithful pet was taken by hostile creatures. Retrieve your weapons and venture out to rescue your kidnapped companion in this endearing and unexpectedly dynamic world.

Massacre at the Mirage

Developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment are thrilled to officially announce Massacre at the Mirage, a first-person horror adventure that will send shivers down your spine. Spend the evening at the Mirage movie theater while attempting to outwit and survive a masked killer. The town of Crimson Ridge’s finest cinema invites you to the most terrifying movie experience of your life in Massacre at the Mirage!

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge is coming to Nintendo Switch alongside PC when it launches in Mid 2024! Feed, tame, breed, and collect over 500 frogs as you decorate your refuge and restore wetlands biodiversity in this cozy froggy farming simulator from Humble Reeds.

Pathless Woods

Aniya Games is excited to announce that Pathless Woods is out now on Steam Early Access for $19.99 USD | 19.50 EUR and with a 10% discount during the first week. The game introduces players to a vast open-world experience, merging the essence of ancient Chinese culture with sandbox survival gameplay.

Eternal Strands

Fight epic, towering creatures while blending magical abilities with an arsenal of powerful weapons to keep the world from crumbling in this third-person, action-adventure game from Yellow Brick Games.


Hold on to your hats, this one’s gonna get wild! Windblown is a lightning fast co-op action roguelite from the crafters of Dead Cells! Take on the role of a Leaper, and defend the Ark from a suuuuuper angry Vortex! Collect the memories of fallen warriors and unleash your fury on gorgeous procedurally generated sky-islands. We hope you’re ready to dash, die, and repeat again in single player, or with up to two friends in online co-op!

Survivor Fusion: Viking Gods

lay the hammer-wielding Thor and feel his godly powers in your fingertips! Move Thor in the battlefield and destroy waves of enemies coming at you all at once. Upgrade your character with epic weapons, legendary armor and mighty buffs while you level up frequently on your way to become an invincible hero. Call upon your friends and veterans in an all-new fusion mode and gather extreme powers while playing online.


Azoove, the co-op roguelite card game about surviving a journey through cursed desert dunes from developer Timeless Toucan, dares duos to persist through disaster and dismay on Windows, Mac, and Linux (compatible with Steam Deck) via Steam Early Access now!


NeoSprint is racing to all consoles later this year! Build tracks and play with up to 8 friends in this isometric arcade racer. Compete to be the best in NeoSprint, leaving early access in 2024.

Age of Water

Gaijin Entertainment and Three Whales Studio announce that the online adventure game Age of Water will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles on April 18, simultaneously with the previously announced start of Early Access on Steam. Versions of Age of Water on different platforms are identical, and the PC version fully supports console controllers.