Trailer Attack: 30th January 2019 – Stolen warhammer of dawn

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Today, Ubisoft announced the content available to players in the Private Beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, including early game and endgame missions, running from February 7th at 10am GMT through February 11th at 9am GMT. Private Beta preload begins on February 6th at 10 am GMT. Xbox One, PS4, and PC players can secure their access to the Private Beta by pre-ordering The Division 2 at participating retailers.

Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Element

D’arc is sixteen years old. He has trained extensively in the Elemental arts for the past decade of his young life, under the discerning eyes of the Mage Masters of Iginor. Confined to an existence of academics and magical mastery in their tower, the inquisitive Initiate often wonders what it would be like to set foot outside in the world he has been secluded from. Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Element is out now on Steam.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Operencia: The Stolen Sun is Zen Studios’ classic-styled first-person dungeon-crawling RPG coming in 2019 to Xbox Game Pass on the Xbox One family of devices.

Metro Exodus

Take a closer look at the Handgun Class in Metro Exodus. Featuring the Bastard and Revolver.


Abbey Games, the Dutch studio behind Reus and Renowned Explorers, is launching their Kickstarter campaign today for the upcoming god game, Godhood. While the base game is already funded and planned for Early Access in May 2019, the team strives to give the game extra depth with the help of their community. If the studio reaches its goal of €50,000 before March 1st, one of the additions that players will gain is the option to create their own secret cult and pose as an ancient eldritch horror.

The Caligula Effect: Overdose

The members of the Go-Home Club extend their hands to you. Will you stand beside them as you learn more about their motivations and who they are? Do you have what it takes to break free?

Attack of the Earthlings

Attack of the Earthlings combines turn-based combat and stealth in a dark comedic single player campaign. Coming to PS4 and Xbox One on March 5th.

Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

In Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times, you will lead your warriors across a war torn land and into dungeons for wealth and glory! Swing swords, fire arrows and cast spells as you fight through the denizens of Chaos that threaten the Warhammer world. Success in battle is rewarded with new weapons, armours, skills and treasure.

Overcooked! 2

A free update is coming soon to Overcooked! 2! Overcooked! 2 is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Far Cry New Dawn

In Far Cry New Dawn, there’s a new threat in town. The Twins have arrived to wreak a special brand of havoc on the survivors of Hope County. The Father returns to make peace with his past, but are he and his followers still a threat? How far will The Twins go to get what they want? And what effects does playing villainous role have on your real-life dinner etiquette? Hear these stories and more in this interview with the voice actors behind the villains: Greg Bryk (The Father), Leslie Miller (Lou), and Cara Ricketts (Mickey).


In Vectronom, players must memorize patterns and solve environment-specific riddles while moving their hopping cube to the beat. Obstacles change in sync with music as this colorful madness gets harder from level to level, challenging the player’s three-dimensional thinking. With the option of hooking up alternate controllers such as dance pads, Vectronom might even get you moving more than your fingers and brain cells.

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo has released the official trailer for Mario Tennis Aces‘ new character Boom Boom.

Monster Hunter: World

Join us in celebrating one year of Monster Hunter: World with the Appreciation Fest!

For Honor

Discover a new brand type of Hero: The Black Prior, led by Vortiger. Defensive specialists and part of Heavy Class, they have now risen from the shadows to fight on the Battlefield. Available in For Honor on January 31st.

Spike Volleyball

Bigben and Black Sheep are releasing two motion capture videos that show how the developers of Spike Volleyball, the world’s first indoor volleyball simulation, have managed to portray the same movements that volleyball players perform on the court.


In Fortnite Creative’s first dev update, Epic talk about the inspiration for the project, relationship with the community and the new discovery of new content.

World of Warships

Wargaming, creators of the hugely popular naval combat game – World of Warships, will launch tomorrow a new update (0.8.0) that brings with it a massive change to a core element of the game — Aircraft Carriers. Update 0.8.0 features an overhaul to Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships, making control and management of this class more accessible to players. The previous RTS style is now being replaced with action-oriented cinematic gameplay.

One Piece: World Seeker

Bandai Namco has released a one-minute gameplay video of One Piece: World Seeker.

Maupiti Island Remake

Maupiti Island, the best detective game of the 90s, is back : re-written, re-designed, and even more mesmerizing! More info can be found at the game’s homepage as it begins its Kickstarter on Friday 1st February.

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi with Power-Up Kit

Koei Tecmo has released a new trailer for Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi with Power-Up Kit.