Trailer Attack: 2nd January 2024 – Soul ngolf

New year, same Trailer Attack! However, expect today to be rather empty on trailers as 2024 begins.


Ever wanted to go on a trip around the world and take your golfing equipment with you? Look no further — nGolf will take you through scenic, minimalistic environments where challenges are aplenty! The game will be released on the 11th of January 2024 on Nintendo Switch consoles The main goal in nGolf is beating levels and collecting stars on your way to victory. Flames, spiked walls, and even lasers – these, together with physics, will try to prevent you from reaching the end of each stage. Golfing championship comes with the mastery of all natural dangers, after all!

Fegefeuer Soul Tower

Fegefeuer Soul Tower is a Cozy Adventure (Up to 4 Player). Manage a Shop, Farm and City while fighting through a Tower to escape the Fegefeuer.