Trailer Attack: 29th May 2019 – Vampire stranding thunder

Death Stranding

Death Stranding will be available November 8, 2019.


Join independent developers Red Thread Games in celebrating the release of Draugen, a psychological mystery set in a remote coastal town in the Norwegian Fjords. To mark the occasion the studio has released a launch trailer showcasing a selection of the gorgeous locations we discover in the town of Graavik.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Malkavians have been traditionally ostracized by the Seattle Kindred. While a few managed to claim territory in less desirable districts, very few have ever managed to rise to the levels of the other clans. Because of this, there is a persistent bias against the Malkavian clan that still exists into modern nights.

Warhammer Chaosbane

After two beta phases in which the players were able to discover four game environments, BIGBEN and EKO Software are revealing the endgame as well as the details of all the free and paid content that will be available to players after launch.

Dead by Daylight

SCREAM! Someone is coming to Dead by Daylight.


Iceberg Interactive is very excited to reveal that the team behind the best-selling CONARIUM and DARKNESS WITHIN series, now reborn as Stormling Studios, is currently working on a disturbingly macabre new game. With TRANSIENT, Stormling aims to combine their signature Lovecraftian themed adventure talents with futuristic, cyberpunk ingredients, resulting in a unique setting and storyline.


Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST, our major reboot kicks off on May 30th with a free weekend on Steam (May 30th–June 2nd).

Assetto Corsa Competizione

The wait is finally over! After many months in Early Access, Assetto Corsa Competizione, the Official BLANCPAIN GT SERIES game, launches today on Steam.

Conan Unconquered

“Not all men seek rest and peace; some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood”. Let their thirst henceforth be quenched, as publisher Funcom and the developers at Petroglyph announce that Conan Unconquered today released on PC. Conan Unconquered is a real-time strategy game that combines resource management, war strategy and pure savagery to create the ultimate RTS experience.

Abandon Ship

Explore three new regions in the latest Major Update for Abandon Ship: The Spider Islands. Fight off giant arachnids as they drop onto your vessel. Be mindful of your actions in quests, as some outcomes may result in them spreading beyond the region… Cannibal’s Lurk. The savages that inhabit this region will attack any ship, but are they just defending their territory from aggressive settlers? Peril’s Cauldron. Strange weapons can be found in this region, for those brave enough to go looking for them. New weapons and ship customisation options, plus a whole lot more await!

Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 gets a trailer for the complete collection.

Road to Guangdong

Road to Guangdong releases in just over a week’s time, on 6 June, and has revealed its launch trailer.

Omensight: Definitive Edition

Indie publisher Digerati is delighted to announce that Omensight: Definitive Edition, the stunning action murder-mystery game from Montreal-based developer Spearhead Games, is coming to Xbox One – and Xbox One X as a full 4K gaming experience – and will be available to download from the Xbox Store from 7th June.

Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2 pits players against a terrifying monster that is controlled by another player in a procedurally generated horror labyrinth. The survivors must escape the grotesque experiment taking place onboard the decaying 1970s era sea fortress, all the while evading the horrors within.

Code Vein

From the story to the combat style, the CODE VEIN dev team reveals their inspirations creating this dungeon-crawler, action RPG!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Capcom has released two trailers for the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

War Thunder

Imperial Japanese Navy, new naval vessels, ground vehicles, aircraft and helicopters, two new locations, updated clouds plus numerous fixes and updates for existing machines and game mechanics. This and much more awaits you in update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”!

Black Desert

Pearl Abyss announced that the Awakening content update is now available for Black Desert on Xbox One. All ten character classes have been imbued with the ability to be Awakened, which permanently boosts their combat prowess and unlocks new skills and weapons for use on the battlefield. The free update allows experienced adventurers to awaken their true power with unique play styles.

Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition

The iconic first person horror game Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition woke up to its fifth birthday today! Of course a special birthday like that asks for a very special birthday present, and because of that SOEDESCO and Krillbite launched both a physical and digital version of Among the Sleep – Enhanced Edition for Nintendo Switch today! Additionally, new physical versions of the enhanced edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are now available in stores.


Baby Moonlighter, born on May 29th, 2018 was a quick learner. Despite the games market hardships, this young indie title proved to be a strong contender in the intensely competitive gaming community. With continued growth, Moonlighter gained trust and appreciation from its fans thanks to the numerous updates it sprouted — the More Stock Update, Adventure Update, Friends & Foes, and more. On top of that, Moonlighter broadened its territory — starting on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One hunting grounds, it bravely took over the Nintendo Switch environment.


Experience waves of color and a pulsing geometric path that changes with the beat in the rhythm-based 3D platformer Vectronom. The game is being launched today by publisher and co-producer ARTE alongside indie game studio Ludopium on Steam (Windows, Mac) and Nintendo Switch, priced at €9.99 / £8.99 / $9.99.


The environment and everything in Starbase is fully destructible… but how does that actually work? Watch and find out!

Slender: The Arrival

You’re on your own. No one to come for you. No one to help you. No one to hear you scream. Slender: The Arrival is the official video game adaptation of Slender Man, re-created from Mark Hadley’s original nerve-shattering sensation. Coming to Nintendo Switch June 20, 2019:

Deep Sky Derelicts: New Prospects

Deep Sky Derelicts: New Prospects, the first expansion to Deep Sky Derelicts, introduces a number of remarkable upgrades and new features, opening up exciting new prospects for the scavengers roaming the DSD world.

Marble It Up!

Welcome to The Challenge Update! New levels, new marbles, and the new mode: Weekly Challenges! Are you up to the challenge?

Void Bastards

Studio Blue Manchu and Publisher Humble Bundle have officially released Void Bastards, the comic-book style, sci-fi, strategy shooter.


Ord. is a tiny text adventure. Embark on a quest to defeat an evil warlock and find yourself confronted with a series of (more or less) serious decisions. Death is just one choice away, but do not worry – next time will be different. You can try again. And again.