Trailer Attack: 29th March 2023 – Night heaven wilds

Hunt: Showdown

Something wicked stirs in the Louisiana bayou. Embark on a new adventure and earn rewards as you explore what awaits in the upcoming Questline, The Ward of the Reptilian. 

Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts will release on PC Windows, PC Game Pass on Day One and Steam the 26th of April and on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in late spring 2023. Cassette Beasts is a game made by Bytten Studio and Published by Raw Fury, Welcome to New Wirral! Enter a world of retro-inspired monster collecting RPG, where you use your cassette player to record monster forms, fuse them together into unique new ones and use their abilities to explore an island full of mysteries. Let your heart act as one, unleash and transform into your inner beast!

Shattered Heaven

A fresh take on a deck-building gameplay, but there’s way more to discover. Get ready to level up and have your mind blown. The road to Shattered Heaven’s launch continues: the strategic Italian roguelike with card game fights and RPG mechanics is now closer to release. To fill the wait for this ambitious production, a new trailer has been released, focusing on gameplay and showcasing the main features available in the Early Access version. Leonardo Interactive’s support, the publisher currently working on Daymare 1994: Sandcastle, has been crucial. Developed by the authors of Dry Drowning, an acclaimed investigative visual with dystopian and futuristic traits, Shattered Heaven confirms its intentions to keep high standards for the Italian developers’ landscape.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a big adventure on a tiny scale! Enjoy multiplayer survival in a vast, hazardous world. Venture out with your friends and fend off creatures with more legs than your whole group put together.


Gripper is a story-driven boss rush on wheels AVAILABLE NOW.


She’ll put you back in your place with a smile. Xiaoyu flips the situation in TEKKEN 8!

Hunt the Night

This new gameplay video gives a sneak peak at new enemies, the overworld, and the Barkley Sanitarium dungeon in Hunt the Night. The overworld opens up after the player has progressed a certain amount in the game. Vesper can explore freely while battling monsters, entering houses for loot or clues, use save points to replenish HP, bullets and magic, as well as teleport to key locations throughout the world of Medhram. The video also showcases one of the first dungeons players must overcome after reaching the overworld – the Barkley Sanitarium, where she must survive hideous monster encounters and solve puzzles in order to find a key item leading to the next location. Hunt the Night features fast-paced gameplay with multiple long-range and short-range weapons, but the player must also gather clues and items to proceed both inside dungeons, as well as in the overworld to access new areas and proceed.


The doors of Fabledom open on April 13th on Steam. Are you ready to build the cosiest village?

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom

Prove you have what it takes to join the infamous Shelby gang in Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, a new VR action-adventure based on the epic gangster drama. Explore an immersive criminal underworld, come face-to-face with iconic characters from the show, and take the fight to your enemies in fast-paced, high-stakes shootouts, as you uncover a plot that puts the whole country at stake. You’ll need to keep your wits about you as simmering tensions explode into intense action – can you defeat the odds and bring back Winston Churchill’s stolen Red Box?

Do You See Sparky?

Do You See Sparky? is a first-person co-op horror game for 4 players with a social deduction elements. Collect clues, solve puzzles, cheat to catch a monster that you can’t see, but your friends can.

World War Z: Aftermath

The Against All Odds update is available today, adding fresh content, including new “Jerusalem” and “New York” Horde Mode maps, 7 new mutators for Challenge Horde Mode, and a new melee weapon: the baton.

Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger’s first DLC, Dream of the Beast, is out now! Headbang to two new songs performed by Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Will Ramos (Lorna Shore), get three new powerful skins for The Unknown, and a new weapon! Today’s free update also includes the Song Selection feature, where you can slay hordes of demons to any of the songs on any level.

The Cycle: Frontier

Season 3 is LIVE! From now on there will be no more mandatory wipes, so start fresh and on an even playing field to experience: Free Loadout Runs, Loadout Presets, The Howler, Prospect Station Upgrades, New Weapons/Ammo: MkI & MKII Variants, Anti-Cheat Improvements, Balancing Improvements, Matchmaking Updates, and a brand new Fortuna Pass with 100 new tiers of rewards to earn. The best time to explore Fortuna III is now.

Cowboys & Rustlers

Cowboys & Rustlers is a tear-jerking story about a friendship between a man and a horse. Face life’s headwinds with the help of universal tools of communication – revolvers, lasso, emotional intelligence, and dynamite. Search for the sense of spittoons (and life) on the prairies where mean words ricochet as hard as bullets.