Trailer Attack: 29th March 2021 – Hunt train ascent


Update 1.6 – Trading Territories – continues the Exploration revamp we have recently started, together with many amazing & exciting features.

Hypetrain Digital Indie Game Showcase 2021

Check out the games that are coming out in the nearest future by Hypetrain Digital’s amazing and talented developers!

Astral Ascent

Astral Ascent is a 2D platformer rogue-lite set in a modern fantasy world. As one (or two in local co-op) of 4 Heroes with colorful personalities, you must escape from the Garden, an astral prison guarded by 12 powerful and vicious bosses—the Zodiacs! The game is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of £25,664.

Hunt: Showdown

Scrapbeak is prepared for Hunters to make a wrong move. The veteran soldier turned abomination is aware of what man is capable of & does everything to uneven the odds in their favor, tempting their victims to strategize early or never again.


More speed. More power. More mayhem. Wreckfest is coming to PlayStation 5 on June 1st, 2021. Experience carnage in 4K at a smooth 60 frames per second, wreck online with up to 24 players, and crash in style with enhanced visuals, including dynamic dirt, better textures and improved visual effects. Owners of Wreckfest on PS4 can upgrade to the enhanced version on PS5 for $9.99 / € 9.99. A similar version will be available on Xbox Series S and X later this year.

Monster Train

Epic new content expansion for Monster Train bringing new challenges, more replayability, and a new clan!

7 Years From Now

Embark on a journey and accompany Haruto Soraki, a high schooler in his quest to find the memory he presumably lost in an accident seven years ago. Now optimised and adapted for PC and console, containing all content from the main story, to epilogue and more, 7 Years From Now will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on 28th May, 2021.


Gilgamesh has joined the Gods to defend the Battleground from it’s most recent threat: Tiamat. Choose your destiny when you play as the King of Uruk in the next Update, available April 20.

Heat and Run

Heat and Run is a 2D Shooter Moba. The Empire and Kingdom are at war on the island of Navadran. Select a hero/heroine and equip them. Act as a team, use your special skills, master block building, control the arena, and be the first to destroy the opposing blaze!