Trailer Attack: 28th July 2022 – Epic munchies cities

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass

Wave 2 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass arrives August 4th! Race around eight additional courses, including the brand new Sky-High Sundae!


Become a demonic priestess of lust and use her unique skills to take revenge on your enemies. Regain your kingdom making hell tremble under your hooves! Leave no one alive if they won’t bend the knee!

Farworld Pioneers

Welcome Pioneers, to the forbidden depths of space. Your mission? Build a colony on a strange planet. Survival depends on your ability to adapt to your climate, form a strong community and safely navigate alien terrains. You can’t ever go home… but there’s limitless unsanctioned planets to explore.

Dungeon Munchies

Launching on July 28th 2022, the third and final chapter of Dungeon Munchies comes to Nintendo Switch from maJAJa and Chorus Worldwide in a free update! The game also leaves early access on Steam … and will be coming to PlayStation this October!

Bright Paw: Definitive Edition

Can one super-powered, amnesiac kitten uncover the mysteries of a top-secret villainous organization? In Bright Paw you’ll help Theo the cat navigate dangerous and incredible locations, using strategy and skill to unravel the mystery of Theo’s past. The all-new Definitive Edition comes with over 100 new levels that are even wilder and more challenging than before, plus tons of more bonus content!

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander

Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander is coming to Steam in 2022!

Star Citizen

Explore long-abandoned wrecks and settlements (and the dangers within!) alongside new vehicles and missions, thrilling Dynamic Events, and countless updated features in Star Citizen’s latest release.

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus

Snowprint Studios is thrilled to announce that Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus has leveled up to a global launch on August 15, 2022. Tacticus is a hex-based game set to premier on mobile devices next month. With stunning graphics, a rich lore-heavy campaign, epic PvE and PvP gameplay, and all the Warhammer 40,000 action players expect, Tacticus allows players to tap into the boundless universe of Warhammer 40,000, anytime, and anywhere.

Sphere – Flying Cities

It’s nearly time to ascend to the cloudscape, because today, indie publisher Assemble Entertainment revealed a 20th September 2022, launch date for Sphere – Flying Cities, the one-of-a-kind sci-fi survival game leaving Early Access and coming to Steam and GOG.

Lord Winklebottom Investigates

Lord Winklebottom Investigates is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S!

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony has been loved by many gamers since its initial release, highly praised for its quality gameplay and soundtrack as well as Banpai Akira’s sharp and gothic reinterpretation of Touhou characters.

Farewell North

Restore color to the desolate islands of Farewell North, an open world journey where you play as a collie traveling with his owner. Explore land and sea, uncover hidden paths, evade monsters, and free wildlife to bring color back to the world while revealing an emotional story about saying farewell.

The Siege and the Sandfox

The Siege and the Sandfox will launch in 2023 on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Humble!

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds and Echoes of the Eye DLC will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 on September 15 with native 60 FPS support. Current Xbox One and PS4 owners can upgrade for free.

Catch Me!

Compete online against your friends and other players in this chaotic and fast paced 4-player game of tag! Race across different locations, jump through windows, electrocute the other players or throw cats at them. (No cats were harmed in the production of this game.)

Bounty Star

Bounty Star is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam in 2023. You play as Clementine McKinney, an ex-soldier without purpose or peace, as she gets back into a mech, fights bands of mercenaries, and learns to care about the post-post Apocalyptic desert home she intended to rot in.


Dragons steal everything they come across… That’s something the new inhabitants of this peculiar peninsula discover when they arrive. You must help all these unfortunate heroes to recover all that stolen treasure…


Hindsight launches on Switch, Steam, and the App Store on August 4. What if the physical objects of everyday life, the possessions we hold close, were actual windows to the past? From the creator of Prune, Hindsight is a poignant narrative game exploring the sum of a woman’s life. Developed by TEAM HINDSIGHT. Published by Annapurna Interactive.

Thirsty Suitors

The team at Outerloop Games talks about what to expect in Thirsty Suitors, coming soon to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam. PC demo available now.

The Crown of Wu

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain), Gammera Nest, and Red Mountain, with the collaboration of Trazos School, announce that the wishlists for its 3D action adventure The Crown of Wu are now open on PlayStation and on Steam. The Crown of Wu is a third person action adventure filled with puzzles, martial arts and parkour sections and will be released early next year. You can check its latest trailer below.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever

Learn everything you should know about Sword and Fairy: Together Forever with our Gameplay Overview! Serving as a general introduction to the game’s lore, beautiful landscapes, colorful characters, real-time combat and more, this special feature provides valuable insight as western players begin a new and fully standalone action RPG experience on PS5 and PS4.

Sweet Transit

Passengers, Sweet Transit has launched into Early Access on Steam! Please ensure you have your PC when boarding the train.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia

In collaboration with THE ANNOUNCER, Rocket Panda Games is pleased to present the Spicy Edition, a FREE update available on all platforms! This update will come with two scorching new levels of commentary.


Yuoni Plays a Nightmarish, J-Horror Game of Hide-and-Seek The first-person hide-and-seek Japanese horror game developed by Tricore Inc. and published by Chorus Worldwide, now haunts the Nintendo Switch.

Lost Epic

The 2D side-scrolling exploration action game LOST EPIC is now available on PS4/PS5/Steam!

Noah’s Heart

After years of development, Noah’s Heart, the open-world sci-fi MMO from Archosaur and Famous Heart Limited, officially launches in North America and Europe on July 28, 2022.