Trailer Attack: 27th September 2016 – Zen girls boom the battlefield and end manchester

Battlefield 1

It’s finally got its reveal, Electronic Arts has released the single-player campaign trailer for Battlefield 1.

PLAY Expo Manchester 2016

PLAY Expo Manchester, the largest video game expo in the North of England, announced today that 2K will bring WWE 2K17 to the popular event, taking place at EventCity, Manchester, October 8th and 9th 2016. Here is a special message from the Advocate for WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar – Paul Heyman! For more information on PLAY Expo Manchester 2016, please visit: http://www.playexpomanchester.com/ 


Prepare for team-based mayhem as Smash+Grab is set to launch into Steam Early Access Today. Choose from a growing selection of faction-themed characters to assemble your own crew. Customize your style and gameplay from hundreds of perks and clothing items. Then, team up with other players to fight, loot, and craft deadly weapons to come out on top. A fast-paced mix of melee and ranged third-person fighting, SMASH+GRAB offers a fresh new take on competitive multiplayer action.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Today, a major patch for Final Fantasy XIV comes out – Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender (which marks the arrival of apartments and aquariums!). The patch has the new Soul Surrender main scenario quest, a new raid dungeon, two high-level dungeons, new side quests and updates to the housing feature of Final Fantasy XIV.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Koei Tecmo has released a new gameplay video for Berserk and the Band of the Hawk showcasing the actions of Wyald. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is due out for PlayStation 4 and PC February 24, 2017.

Yakuza 0

Putting the term “organized” in “organized crime” means one thing and one thing only: Taking care of business. And in Yakuza 0‘s 1988-era Tokyo, business is BOOMING. Framed for murder with nobody to turn to; Kazuma Kiryu must fight back and prove his innocence against the Yakuza – a cut-throat and powerful Japanese crime organisation. Get a glimpse into how Kazuma Kiryu earned his title as the “Dragon of Dojima” and regained control of the streets of Tokyo in this all new trailer for Yakuza 0. Newcomers to the series do not fear as this action-packed & story-driven tale will see you through from the very beginning of Kazuma Kiryu’s story.


Watch the official launch trailer for XCOM 2, now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Join the resistance to reclaim Earth from the alien threat. Join Us or Become Them.


Gunscape provides easy-to-use tools based on a block-placement interface everybody’s already familiar with to create all types of maps. Don’t like building stuff? Then just blast your way through hordes of monsters or duel with other players! Gunscape is available now for PS4.

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions gets a Battle Arenas Trailer. The new Battle Arenas offer competitive split-screen local gameplay for up to four players. The LEGO minifigures included in expansion packs come with special, golden Toy Tags which unlock a Battle Arena within the free play Adventure World of the corresponding entertainment brand. Each Battle Arena has four exciting gameplay modes: Capture the Flag, Objective, Base Bash, and Tick, Tag, Boom!, and comes with its own traps, defenses, and special powers that make every Battle Arena unique. Battles can be played competitively or cooperatively in multiple player configurations including 2 vs 2, 3 vs 1, and individually against the system AI to create fun for the whole family.

Zen Pinball 2

Marvel’s Women of Power two-pack combines two tables that feature the mightiest female Super Heroes and Super Villians in the Marvel Universe! Wage an epic battle alongside Black Widow and Madam Masque in an alternate Soviet-dominated reality on the A-Force table, and defeat Bombshell with Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen and more on the exciting Champions table! Marvel’s Women of Power is available now for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

Dungeon of Zaar

KURB Studio is a new indie studio from Paris composed of 3 animation and video game professionals. They currently just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first game, Dungeon of Zaar, in which you play an Explorer, leading a team of mercenaries (Knights, sorcerers, and monsters of all kinds) to plunder treasures and claim the throne. But beware! You are not the only one who had this idea… Inspired by classics like Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics and even Pokémon, Dungeon of Zaar is a tactical game aiming to provide fun and strong strategic depth in quick online sessions (around 15 min), while still being quickly enjoyable by beginners.

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls time travels to the PlayStation Vita system for North America on October 18 and Europe on October 21! It will be available as a digital and a physical release and compatible with the PlayStation TV. Today we’ve got the opening movie to share with our readers.


Wuppo is releasing on Steam and GoG  on 29th of September!  If the insanely cute handdrawn artstyle hasn’t already won you over, the humorous and immersive journey of Wum will definitely get you hooked on Wuppo.


Faced with the resounding fan outcry for Gal*Gun on Steam, there was only one thing to do for Inti Creates and PQube – the right thing. For the people! The most feel good shooter of the year arrives on Steam in a storm of ecstasy shots and Doki-Doki bombs! The time has come, Gal*Gun: Double Peace is OUT NOW on Steam. After being shot by a Cupid Angel on his way to class, Houdai’s day takes a strange turn. Help him fight off the relentless advances of lovesick academy girls in order to finally confess to his true love before the day is over, or risk being forever alone!

Dragon Quest Builders

From today, fans can try their hand at building and battling with the new Dragon Quest Builders demo available on the PlayStation Store. In this introductory chapter of the game, players can explore a large open island, restore and town and battle hordes of monsters all while completing exciting quests! In Dragon Quest Builders, players will use their creativity to build a variety of unique tools from the materials they gather, and rebuild towns and cities to restore life to the shattered world of Alefgard– a human realm destroyed and plunged into darkness by the menacing ruler of the monsters, the Dragonlord. Explore with the freedom of sandbox gameplay, combined with an immersive and charming Dragon Quest story – battling with iconic Dragon Quest monsters and interacting with gorgeously designed 3D characters along the way. With an intuitive control system, Dragon Quest Builders will have you building the towers and castles of your dreams in no time!

MU Legend

WEBZEN has announced the launch of the official website for its upcoming dark-fantasy hack ‘n’ slash MMO MU LEGEND. The launch of the website also marks the opening of pre-registrations for the upcoming closed beta test, scheduled for the end of October.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

The wait is over! Finally, everyone can pre-order Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide for Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The console versions of Vermintide will be released on October 4th. Team up with 3 friends and work together to thin out the ratmen’s forces and drive them out of the city. Assume the role of one of five heroes, and hack, slash, smash, burn and pierce the vile Skaven using a multitude of weapons.


The penultimate episode in HITMAN Season One, the mission “Freedom Fighters” is not one to be taken lightly. Agent 47 must infiltrate a Colorado farm compound that has been converted into a private militia training camp. Players are presented with an intense infiltration mission to locate and take out four targets. With all-new opportunities and disguises, and with 70 different challenges unlocking brand new gear, weapons, and items, Episode 5: Colorado rewards players with major story revelations as the season builds towards a thrilling climax.


Developer Allods Team and global publisher My.com reveal that Ascension, a massive expansion, will be available for Skyforge on October 19. Based on more than a year of player data and community feedback, the Allods Team has worked on revisiting existing systems and implementing new features to expand Skyforge. The fact-paced action combat in Skyforge will become even more thrilling, thanks to extended combat mechanics. When you defeat monsters, players can take their weapons or even part of their bodies to use them against other enemies! Battles will become more diverse and tactical through the ability to kite enemies and dodge attacks more consistently.

Boom Puzzle

Boom Puzzle is a new puzzle game by AtomGames. Try to make square lines framing the cute boom cube, and drag puzzle parts. When you complete a square, it will blow up and give you points. Don’t forget to rotate the puzzle board by tapping the screen. The bigger the square lines are, the more points you will earn. You can make combos by destroying blocks more than one at the same time. Boom cube can become happy, angry, sad, surprised, bored according to how you play the game or where you put the blocks.