Trailer Attack: 27th October 2023 – Nightmares blade sands

Sands of Aura is an open-world action adventure with a fantasy setting of a realm in its twilight–a world buried beneath a sea of sand. Sail across the sandseas to return life to a dying world in an unforgettable experience that is equal parts engaging story and unrelenting, souls-like combat.

HITMAN World of Assassination

Dimitri Vegas will take on the role of “The Drop” – a DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another. Your objective is to eliminate Alexios Laskardis, but you will only have one chance in this limited time mission. The Drop Elusive Target is out now and available for free to all HITMAN World of Assassination players. The Drop Elusive Target was announced during a surprise interruption to Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’ set at Tomorrowland 2023 on July 30th, the largest and most popular electronic dance music festival in the world. “I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Hitman universe,” said Dimitri Vegas. “It’s always exciting to be involved in creative projects and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone reacts to my character when the mission launches later this year.”

Top Racer Collection

The highly anticipated compilation of 1990s racing games will be available for players on January 11, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Steam. Top Racer Collection features Top Racer, Top Racer 2, Top Racer 3000, and the unprecedented crossover with Horizon Chase, Top Racer Crossroads, all with online and offline multiplayer.

RoboCop: Rogue City

Welcome to Detroit; crime runs rampant as the city lies on the edge of ruin, people fighting for scraps as others live extravagant lives of luxury. Control of the Detroit Police Department is given to the Omni Consumer Products corporation in an attempt to restore order. You are that solution, RoboCop, a cyborg tasked with protecting the city.


Watch as reality and games meet as some of the best drivers get hands on with EA SPORTS WRC.

Lords of the Fallen

In the new *trailer for Lords of the Fallen, see what the global games press has said about the game, and follow the dark crusader as they embark on a treacherous journey to smite Mournstead’s enemies in both the realms of the living and dead. Lords of the Fallen is out now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S


Thousands of years ago, the human race was destroyed. In the wake of mankind’s fall, eight synthetic, AI-powered beings known as Dei ex Machina, or Divine Machines, have been assigned to redeem the human race. But all is not as it seems in the world of Eden. Follow Leben, Mikoto and Ami, the three E.V.E. (the recreated psyche of humans instilled into synthetic bodies), as they search for the truth of the Dei ex Machina and the end of mankind, while seeking to restore their full humanity. Their new robotic bodies can be outfitted with weapons and enhancements to decimate their foes as they explore a world shrouded in mystery. A story of what it means to be “human” awaits you! CRYMACHINA is available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC!

Mineko’s Night Market

Mineko’s Night Market takes players on a heartwarming adventure through a small, struggling Japanese-inspired town where the superstitious locals worship cats. Celebrate Japanese culture as you craft whimsical items for the towns weekly Night Market, eat delicious snacks and befriend Mt. Fugu’s many, many cats!

Trolls Remix Rescue

Play as Poppy, Branch and more of your favorite DreamWorks Trolls as you explore, smash, dance and battle your way towards rescuing the Troll Kingdom from a melodic mastermind who’s trying to alter the Trolls’ musical harmony!

ICBM: Escalation

ICBM: Escalation is a real time strategy game of global warfare and nuclear mass destruction. Issue orders to entire armies and wield the most powerful weapons to ever exist to eradicate your enemies and secure global supremacy. Crush your foes by invading and conquering their territories or annihilating their cities with weapons of mass destruction.Use a vast array of vehicles and weapons to control and eliminate other factions and save your own citizens from certain doom.

Little Nightmares III

Join Low and Alone as they attempt to face the many hidden hazards of the Necropolis. They’ll need to creep carefully, though… No one gets to toddle through Monster Baby’s playground without a little game of hide and seek. This first look gameplay walkthrough was captured on a pre-alpha build of Little Nightmares III, with two players using the new co-op mode.

Terrordrome – Reign of the Legends

Forthright Entertainment & Huracan Studio have been working for some time since early access on the evolving universe of TERRORDROME: REIGN OF THE LEGENDS, the fighting game where characters from horror literature, urban legends, cryptids, and mythology exist within the modern world. The game is the spiritual successor to ‘TERRORDROME: RISE OF THE BOOGEYMAN and is currently in early access on STEAM set for a full release in December 2023. 

Radiant Silvergun

The legendary shooting game is back on STEAM! Operate the latest machine “Silvergun” and solve the mystery of humanity’s extinction!!

Phantom Blade: Executioners

Unleash the power of Sha-Chi! Tang Li has seemingly mastered the forbidden art and is using it to commit heinous crimes. Become the next Sha-Chi master in Phantom Blade: Executioners and drive him back to the depths he came from. Phantom Blade: Executioners launches November 2nd, 2023.


DESOLATIUM is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, available in digital and physical formats.


Join Hello Kitty and Friends in the ultimate music rhythm dance experience for Nintendo Switch. Featuring 40+ original tracks, loads of colorful levels, adorable characters and costumes, special moves, and much more, Happiness Parade is a feast for the eyes and ears for players of all ages.

Arena Breakout

Welcome to Guoyapos Bay! Explore and wage urban warfare across this no man’s land. The narrow streets and alleys are the cruel line between life and death. New map. New modes. New Weapons. But the goal remains the same – Shoot, Loot, and Breakout. Season 2 is here! Download now on iOS and Android!