Trailer Attack: 25th February 2020 – Dead punch zero ruin

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

The first Early Access Content Update for WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is now available! You will not survive…

To Hell with Hell

Apocalypse has arrived. What are you going to do, to stop it? Monsters, demons and Lucifer himself have come to take your soul. There’s only one credo now: To hell with hell and the gruesome creatures it spit out! “To Hell with Hell” throws you, the last survivor of humanity in a fight against an army of darkness. In a classic Bullet Hell crawler you’ll survive deadly traps and fight dozens and dozens of mad demonic enemies.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Swords and Spirits collide when Granblue Fantasy: Versus launches physically and digitally on 27th March 2020 for the PlayStation within Europe and Australia.

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection

MISSION START! Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is out now for Switch, PS4, XB1, and PC! Six games, the all-new Z Chaser mode, and tons of features Megamerge into one collection!

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is OUT NOW on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, including the legendary original Bubble Bobble, will be released digitally and physically exclusively for Nintendo Switch in North America on the 03.31.2020.

The Division 2

Aaron Keener was the first Division Agent to turn Rogue. Now, he is pulling the strings behind the Rogue Network of New York City.


SnowRunner shows off the vast wilderness of its maps in new Conquer the Wilderness trailer. The Next Generation Off-Road Experience is set to release on April 28.

Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One puts you in to the role of an interstellar pioneer, as you journey into uncharted space on the ultimate mission: find a new home for humanity

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Arc System Works has released the version 1.21 update for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Bandai Namco has released the launch trailer for One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

Hazel Sky

Hazel Sky is a heartfelt adventure about a young engineer facing his destiny and his desires in a world on the brink.

Broken Lines

Publisher Super.com and developer PortaPlay are thrilled to announce their narrative alternate-history WWII Tactical RPG Broken Lines is now available for PC on Steam and GOG — with Nintendo Switch arriving soon. Broken Lines follows a squad of soldiers trapped behind enemy lines fighting for their lives—and their sanity—as they attempt to make their way home in an alternate-history take on the Second World War.

Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance

Resist the occupiers or sow the seeds of collaboration in Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance. Includes three big new Political Focus trees. Available Now


Take control of the Wunderling, a low-level video game goon who has just unlocked the power to jump. Unable to stop or change direction at will, you will need to plan ahead and master the Wunderlings’ abilities to navigate treacherous scrolling levels and chase down that pesky Hero.

Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue

Welcome to a world where people fly freely through the power of anti-gravity shoes. Become a coach for players who race in the sky and make the acquaintance of four charismatic girls. Follow their adventures as you all grow closer in this emotional story of hope, love and sportsmanship.

TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2

In anticipation of the release of TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 in a few weeks, TT rider Davey Todd took part in a Q&A with Nacon.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim and begin your year-long adventure with Harrowstorm, a new dungeon DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. Explore the plundered burial site of Unhallowed Grave, investigate a supernatural storm in Icereach, and begin a story that leads directly into the events of the upcoming Chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, and continues throughout all of 2020!

Endzone – A World Apart

In 2021, a group of terrorists blew up nuclear power plants around the world and plunged the world into chaos. Only few were able to escape into underground facilities called “Endzones”. 150 years later, mankind returns to the surface – under your command! In an extremely hostile environment full of radioactivity, contaminated rain and extreme climate change, you’ll have to prove your worth as a leader.

Armored Warfare

This Asian-themed update is bringing several new high-Tier progression vehicles, new Special Operation missions, overhauled Battle UI, new Contract Missions as well as a large number of improvements and rebalances.

Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory 4 Special is now available on Nintendo Switch in North America!!


Spitlings, the chaotic action arcade game for up to four players is out now on Google Stadia! As a modern take on the hardcore classics, it puts you in control of one of the dozens of Spitlings, charming rectangular creatures with teeth they can spit or use to jump! Makes no sense? Who cares, it’s FUN! Spitlings is a cute but hardcore Arcade game that’s made for playing hundreds of levels locally and online with friends. Keep playing to unlock new music tracks, unique characters to play with and diverse visual themes for all stages.

Dead or Alive 6

A curious gal stumbles into the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Arena. Her name? Tamaki. Her fighting style? It’s yet to be known. Stay tuned for more fighters as Tamaki makes her way into the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 fighting game universe.


Grab your beads and join the bacchanalia in the Overwatch Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge event and earn unique rewards—including the epic Mardi Gras Ashe skin—by winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch.


RAWMEN is a light hearted, third person, soup-slinging food fighter. We’re bringing it to PAX East this week in Boston – come and check it out! The game now features meatballs, FORTNITE-style walls, and Duck Turrets. The build we captured the footage from is playable at PAXEast in Boston this week!


To celebrate SUPERHOT‘s 4th anniversary a Steam bundle is available. It contains SUPERHOT and Cooking Simulator at discounted price. If you haven’t had a chance to play the hottest FPS ever made, now’s the perfect time!