Trailer Attack: 22nd March 2024 – Peach grail ronin

Bears In Space

Captains log: time to boldly launch what no man (or bear) has launched before. Giving a high-paw to World Bear Day in Australia, Broadside Games and Ravenscourt are delighted to announce Bears In Space is now available on PC, across Steam and Epic. To celebrate, the team are revealing an un-bear-lievable launch trailer inspired by action-packed 90’s toy commercials.

Path of Exile 2

The first of the original Path of Exile classes gets its reveal today! Check out our latest trailer for the Ranger in Path of Exile 2!

Princess Peach: Showtime!

It’s time to step into the spotlight – Princess Peach: Showtime! is out now on Nintendo Switch!


SWORN is a 1-4 player action rogue-like developed by Windwalk Games, a team of veteran developers from Riot Games, Niantic, and Blizzard. Explore and reclaim a fallen Camelot in a dark retelling of the Arthurian legend that binds you and your companions in an oath to purge the corrupted Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Fuse your characters’ strengths; master abilities and test thousands of builds in your quest to overthrow a grievous reign. Each run will be masked in glory and ignoble death. SWORN launches in 2024 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


Remember that adrenaline-pumping zombie shooter from your childhood a decade ago? Brace yourself, because Zombiewood is returning with a remastered edition set to hit Nintendo Switch on March 28th!


Where ‘yond the veil did I chance to see you, A little minnow in the claire. A foundling here of mother’s sorrow, Conveyed to me by beaver, by sparrow! Blighted yes, or so they say, More righted, though, in Feyish-way. Come gather motes of living word, …Come gather arms ‘gainst Ode’n herd And join our family beyond yer blood, For blight is child of everyone! …even Bears… Revealed live on stage at PAX East 2024.

Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin has officially released! Shape the history of Japan in this open world action RPG and Rise as One!

HITMAN World of Assassination

The Undying returns to the World of Assassination today! The Undying features two-time BAFTA winner Sean Bean taking on the role of Mark Faba, a former MI5 agent turned freelance assassin, who has proven to be quite the thorn in Agent 47’s side. It is now your job to finally put the Undying in the ground… for good!

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered

The allure of treasure. The promise of adventure. The call of destiny. Regardless of your reason for coming to Avalon, one thing is for sure: there’s more to this island than meets the eye. What story will you write within the bounds of this mysterious island?

Honkai: Star Rail

The dual planets were intertwined in each other’s tragic destiny, and a dead song was scattered amongst the Cave Where Light Hid.

Path of Exile

In Path of Exile: Necropolis, help Undertaker Arimor lay the spirits of the Eternal Empire to rest and experiment with their souls to create powerful items. Our March expansion introduces the Necropolis Challenge League, a plethora of changes to the endgame, new tier 17 Maps and Bosses and new Transfigured Gems.

TAINTED GRAIL: Fall of Avalon 

Step into a dark reimagination of Arthurian legends in this first person, open world RPG. Explore a world stuck in everlasting autumn, witness falling legends and make meaningful choices woven into a complex, branching storyline.


ASCENDANT is a squad-based tactical FPS with serious balls. Each match is different, with game-changing events and adrenaline-fueled battles. Set in a dynamic BioPunk world where everything wants to kill you; fight to extract resources, and get out with more than just your dignity.

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark is OUT NOW on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S! Derceto is inevitable for those that dig up the past. Embark on a harrowing journey through Alone in the Dark, where Jodie Comer and David Harbour’s haunting performances infuse the newly released horror game with gripping emotion. Experience this new nightmare from either Emily Hartwood’s or Edward Carnby’s perspective, played by Jodie Comer (Killing Eve, Free Guy) and David Harbour (Stranger Things, Hellboy) respectively.


Join the team for a Deep Dive on the creation of the first Goddess designed specifically in SMITE 2: Hecate!

The Operator

Bureau 81 has debuted The Operator and its trailer as part of the Future Game Show, ahead of its launch later this year. The immersive story-driven puzzle experience sees players recruited into a Government organisation known as the FDI. As an Operator, players will need to use cutting-edge software to dig for clues and uncover the truth surrounding mysterious cases.


Explore the abandoned remains and uncover the dark secrets of Mort Grisly’s HappyFunland theme park, Home of Randy Rodent! A darkly comedic VR horror experience where the fun never dies!


NCSOFT has just launched the global beta for its action-packed game BATTLE CRUSH. The second beta test went live at midnight on March 21st, 0:00 a.m PT (Pacific time). Players from around the world are warmly invited to join and become a pivotal part of BATTLE CRUSH’S game journey.

Pathless Woods

Pathless Woods, will be out in Early Access on April 12th. It’s a cozy survival sandbox game, with a touch of ancient China charm. You’ll build, gather, and sometimes have to protect your homeland from the bad guys. It’s got co-op play too, so feel free to bring friends along to explore and build together!

Banshee Hunt

Banshee Hunt is a hunting horror game featuring the Banshee, a supernatural spirit from Irish folklore, on an island isolated from the world. Track the creature by listening to its distant cries and loud screams, prepare your weapon and kill it, before it reaches you.