Trailer Attack: 22nd March 2023 – Organs meat engage lords

Bat Boy

X PLUS Games and Sonzai Games have announced an official release date for their co-developed and Kickstarter-backed title Bat Boy, an 8-bit platformer/adventure focusing on intuitive traversal, kinetic combat and an experience packed with nostalgia across multiple platforms.

Diplomacy is Not an Option

In the RTS-game “Diplomacy is Not an Option”, you will become a medieval feudal lord in a midlife crisis. Due to your position, you must constantly make hundreds of decisions a day related with city- management and economic development. You are tired of this monotonous and, so it seems, meaningless existence. But things are about to change: hordes of bloodlusted enemies, zounds of scary monsters, and crowds of rebellious peasants at any second can bring some life to your working schedule.

Counter-Strike 2

Valve has announced Counter-Strike 2 for PC. It will launch this summer as a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Dead Island 2

Watch the Dead Island 2 Cinematic Title Sequence and experience HELL-A to the fullest. Visit what was once known as the City of Angels, and see what gory details await you in the sunny, zombie-infested California.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Coming to PlayStation5 consoles on April 19, 2023. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores sees Aloy pursue a sinister threat in the untamed wilds of Los Angeles, now a treacherous volcanic archipelago.

Fire Emblem Engage

Fight alongside new allies and old foes to quell a rising darkness in Fell Xenologue! Dive into this new story in Pack 4 of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass, arriving April 5th.

Project M

On March 22, NCSOFT revealed the video at State of Unreal, Epic Games’ opening session at GDC held to introduce new Unreal Engine tools and technologies in collaboration with its partners. Here, Songyee Yoon, chief strategy officer (CSO) at NCSOFT, was on stage to introduce the company’s latest project, Project M, and its trailer.

Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent, a strategic, real-time squad-based tactical action game, will launch worldwide on June 20, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Alongside the release date, the first gameplay video for this terrifying original tale set in the iconic Alien universe is also revealed, breaking down what players can expect when your ship crash lands on Planet Lethe.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

We’re pushing the boundaries of realtime facial animation in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, as showcased at GDC 2023 with Unreal Engine.

Lords of the Fallen

Developer HEXWORKS (a CI Games studio) today revealed a technical showcase for the much-anticipated AAA dark-fantasy action-RPG Lords of the Fallen at GDC 2023 as part of Epic’s State of Unreal keynote. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the reboot will launch for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S this year and is available to wishlist on all platforms now.

Crime Boss: Rockay City

Damion Poitier who plays Nasara, tells us more about the different game modes in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to iOS and Android on April 20th, 2023! Dr. Fetus is being a jerk again (as he does), but this time he’s kidnapped Meat Boy and Bandage Girl’s adorable little baby girl, named Nugget! Get ready to take the meaty goodness of Super Meat Boy Forever with you wherever you go. Whether you’re on the toilet, waiting in line, or ignoring your significant other, this game will have you covered. With familiar settings and new worlds to explore, you’ll run, jump, punch, and kick your way to glory!


Thanks to the popularity of one of the most prominent video game services and two new supported languages (Spanish and Portuguese), more players will be able to enjoy Caliber. In the Community Hub, you will be able to follow news, enter discussions, post and read manuals, share videos and screenshots.

Organs Please

The Human Survival Committee is excited to announce the grand opening of the Factory! For those of you who don’t keep up with the news – you will be recycled – this means that Organs Please will be fully released. Everyone is invited to the grand opening on April 5

Have a Nice Death

Have a Nice Death is a darkly charming 2D action roguelike where you play as an overworked Death, whose employees have run rampant, completely throwing off the balance of souls – and his vacation plans. In order to restore order, you’ll have to grab your trusty scythe and show your employees who’s boss.