Trailer Attack: 22nd March 2016 – Turbo ocean xtreme megamagic yakuza

There is only one thing that matters in today’s announcement… YAKUZA 0 finally has a date….but it’s a long way off, but all that matter is that the game is coming to the UK in 2017. There are also other trailers for the 22nd March, 2016, but YAKUZA!

Yakuza 0

The long-awaited Yakuza 0 is coming to Europe in Early 2017. Available for PlayStation 4 both physically and digitally, Yakuza 0 is the origins story of Kazuma Kiryu and details his ascension into the ranks of the Yakuza – the name given to members of notorious Japanese crime organisations. Newcomers to the Yakuza series will be able to experience the action-packed, story-driven adventure from the very beginning of Kazuya’s story, one that focuses on navigating the seedy underworld of Japan while Yakuza fans will have the added joy of also getting the chance to play as long-time NPC, Majima Goro – the Mad Dog of Shimano.

Trackmania Turbo

To celebrate the launch of Trackmania Turbo on Thursday, 24th March, below is a new trailer.

Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness

The Pangalactic Federation is nearing the fulfilment of its mission to bring peace and order to the galaxy. However, the embers of conflict begin to stir once again six thousand light years from Earth, on the planet of Faykreed as a young man named Fidel and his friends vow to protect a mysterious young girl named Relia who is being pursued by unknown assailants.

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil. Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who has worked on many Resident Evil titles since the series’ beginning on March 22, 1996, reflects on his experiences.

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

Kasumi gets the focus in the latest trailer for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune before it releases on the 24th March, 2016 in Japan.

Polaris Sector

Polaris Sector is a pausable real-time 4x game with advanced tactical combat system, set in a hidden and remote corner of Space. The player can explore a randomly generated galaxy with over 900 stars, discovering planets to colonize and establishing contact with new empires. There are 9 fully customizable races with their own unique portraits, lore and ship models.


Magic-infused developer Beautifun Games is proud to announce that Megamagic will be soon available on Steam. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world filled with references to the glorious 80’s, contemporary players and Delorean-driving time travellers are called to discover a strategic RPG that mixes action and strategy in a sorcery challenge to be tackled on Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems on April 20th.

The Descendant

The launch trailer for The Descendant is here as the post-apocalyptic adventure comes close to PC release on March 24. In the not-so-distant future, climate change has wrecked the planet, and a man-made extinction event has wiped humankind off the face of the Earth. Only a few thousand ‘descendants of humanity’ were hand-picked to survive the apocalypse, cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks.

Kill to Collect

Pieces Interactive today revealed that Kill to Collect, an 80’s cyberpunk rogue-like with up to four-player online co-op, will be launching on Steam on April 6, 2016. A brand new gameplay trailer also accompanies the launch date announcement, showing off a glimpse of its exciting upcoming in-game features and its challenging strategic action. The game will launch on Steam at a temporary discount of $14.99.

Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards

Kyy Games is bringing its collectible card game Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards to Steam Greenlight. The mobile version of the game, which combines strategic deck building of card games and tactics of a chess like board game, has seen over 1 million online games over the last four years. The new Steam version of the game has had its UI completely redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of the PC platform. Stunning new graphics, an atmospheric board layout and an improved deck editor bring the Cabals experience to a whole new level. Gameplay improvements focus on making the deep and complex battles more intuitive to understand.

Forsaken World Mobile

This week, Fedeen Games takes their fans into one of the most exciting new additions in the upcoming expansion for Forsaken World Mobile: the Epic Dungeon. In a thrilling new video showcasing the new challenge, Fedeen has provided players with an in-depth look at just how these Dungeons will work – and what’s to be found inside.

Hammer Bomb

Hammer Bomb is a new twist on dungeon style arcade games. You’ll be rescuing fellow soldiers, defeating baddies, and grabbing rogue snacks in this retro voxel style mashup. Hammer Bomb has been submitted for iOS and Apple TV and plans to release next Thursday, March 31st.

League of War: Mercenaries 

League of War: Mercenaries is a war strategy game where you can make choices that have impact and outcomes. Immerse in the 3D war game to build your base, grow your army, and battle your way to victory.