Trailer Attack: 21st October 2022 – Order tower expedition

King of the Hat

What’s a party if you can’t invite your friends? Hat Games are thrilled to announce that after 5 years of hard work, their party fighting game King of the Hat launches into Early Access today with a Friendpass that lets your pals join you in the hair raising, hat based brawling madness for free!

The Long Dark

TALES FROM THE FAR TERRITORY is the first paid expansion pass for The Long Dark’s Survival Mode. Releasing in multiple drops over the course of a 12-month campaign, TFTFT significantly adds to the world of Great Bear Island and the game’s core Survival foundation, with new Regions, new Gameplay, and new objective-based Tales.

Dead by Daylight

A dark fragment of history, forgotten no longer. Revisit a harrowing age in Dead by Daylight’s new Chapter: Forged in Fog.

F1 22

Ahead of this weekend’s USGP, Daniel Ricciardo kicked back with Patrick Beverley and Derwin James to hand down some expert tips for F1 22.

Persona 5 Royal

Let’s finish this, Phantom Thieves! Deal the final blow against corrupted hearts in Persona 5 Royal, now available on all modern platforms!

FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

What you are about to do has not been approved by the Vatican. As a young priest, struggle against demons, insane cultists, and your own weakening faith in this pixel horror game inspired by the era of classic 8-bit gaming and the “Satanic Scare” of the 1980s.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie

Three different legends are about to unfold! Determine the fates of Rean Schwarzer, Lloyd Bannings, and the mysterious “C” in this climactic chapter of The Legend of Heroes series. Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and PC in Summer 2023.

Fhtagn Simulator

Fhtagn“‘ ‘ s pronunciation in chinese is Fatang, which means treat you candy, this name is hilarious in Chinese so we made a game! Fhtagn Simulator is a Cthulhu Roulette Deckbuilder. Set up card slots on roulette to maximize card’s value. Collect evil creatures, spells, items and environment to build your deck. Your ultimate mission is to sacrifice spirit collected by cards to unseal the ancient gods that have come to earth!

Kerbal Space Program 2

Kerbonauts, we’re excited to announce that Kerbal Space Program 2 will be releasing in Early Access on February 24th, 2023, for an introductory price of $49.99. The game will be available on PC only during Early Access, on the KSP website, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM

Follow the shared experience of three children for a day during Malaysia’s ghost-month and the arrival of a mysterious new neighbor. Things quickly take a dark turn as what was supposed to be an offer of friendship triggers a series of strange events in this creepy short story. Look out for more from the Paper Ghost Stories in 2023, with the first full-length game in the series, Third Eye Open.

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition

Prepare yourselves for a completely overhauled and updated ARK experience for Switch! Developed by Grove Street Games, the epic dino adventure continues with the upcoming launch of ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition. Priced at $49.99 and packed with hundreds of hours of content, including the relaunch of ARK: Survival Evolved and Scorched Earth available on Day One and the additional massive expansion packs to follow in the months ahead!


DARIUSBURST CS CORE + TAITO/SEGA Pack – Limited and Collector’s Edition will be available for pre-order from 23 October – Nintendo Switch only!

Genshin Impact

While searching for the meaning of your journey, don’t forget the sights that once accompanied you on your travels. As the river of time flows on, the whispers of the wind carry an everlasting song that has traveled across the mountains and seas.

JoJo Siwa: Worldwide Party

Join JoJo Siwa’s ultimate tour and throw a worldwide party across 10 music-filled fantasy lands!


This videos shows you some tips to customize the UI in Surveyor 2.0 to help with your workflow.