Trailer Attack: 21st July 2020 – Hyper panzer pinball

Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike is now Free to Play on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Destroy All Humans!

Risen from the depths of the archives, this is your first look at the recovered Lost Mission “The Wrong Stuff”.

Skater XL

Modeled after the desert dwelling ramp structures that broke the barriers of what is possible on a skateboard, The Big Ramp is truly insane terrain! Encompassing many different sizes and shapes of vertical variety, this map is where you want to come to GO BIG!


F1 2020

It’s pole position for F1 2020! Don’t just take our word for it – this is what the critics said. I can tell you that we rather liked it.

Crown Trick

Team17 has today announced a partnership with Tencent Games’ NExT Studios that will see its adventure RPG roguelike, Crown Trick, on Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2020. Set in a procedurally generated maze-like dungeon, Crown Trick is steeped in strategic, synchronous, turn-based gameplay where enemy decisions and actions are only revealed when players make their moves, and features hundreds of weapons, skills, and items on hand to customise and evolve the combat style as the quest progresses.

Cubers Arena

Cubers Arena provides multifaceted and immersive game modes; 4 uniquely themed arenas, all with their own atmospheric effects and enemies, destructible environments, and fist-clenching boss fights in Campaign mode. An extensive line up of multiplayer (and solo!) mini-games such as Time attack, Defender, Sparring, Dodgeball, and many more! Try different skills, weapon type, upgrade items, socket gems or various difficulty levels for various outcomes in the fight!

Panzer Paladin

Hop in the Paladin power armor, seize melee weapons from the demonic invaders and give them a taste of their own medicine!

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

Roll into the zany, downhill action of Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC! Coming to Stadia and Stadia Pro on August 14.

Street Fighter V

New CPT 2020 DLC is here including the new Ring of Prosperity Stage and iDom’s Champion’s Choice Laura Costume!

Coffee Noir

A unique combination of a business management game and detective novel with elegant graphics in a noir comic-book art style. Experience an advanced business management simulation along with intriguing story set in alternative future of Neo-London.

Brave Pinball

Pinball RPG, Brave Pinball, will release for PC via Steam on August 4.

Arena of Valor

Hero Spotlights for Quillen and Sephera.

Hyper Scape

Pairs of hacks are randomly granted in this twist on Squad Crown Rush. Improvise new strategies and combine hacks in ways you haven’t before. To keep things wild, hacks will change and fusion levels will increase automatically every few rounds.

A Tale of Paper

A Tale of Paper is an emotional adventure in which we will control Line, a small origami doll that has mysteriously come to life and whose mission will be to fulfill the dream of its creator. What is that dream? We will find out as the story progresses.

Conqueror’s Blade

Stand united or fall divided. The Anadolou Empire has arrived, bringing with them new units and new tactics. It’s time to adapt if you want to survive in Season IV: Blood of the Empire!

Dark Renaissance

From the author of the best-selling Medici series Matteo Strukul, comes a new exciting Interactive History Drama. Experience first-hand the true story of Renaissance! Embark on a journey through key places of the Renaissance, from Italy to China. Take on the role of an indomitable mercenary captain, lend your sword to Lorenzo de’ Medici and fight formidable enemies like the cunning Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. Make influential choices, slaughter your opponents and forge your own path to glory.


SoulWorker Anime Legends brings the universe of the popular post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMORPG to mobile devices, offering an exciting new experience packed with high-energy battles, anime-inspired cinematic gameplay, and all-new and exciting quests. Gameforge’s release of SoulWorker on mobile devices features new language localization, new community and support pages for western players, additional regional servers, and gameplay adjustments. To further differentiate the game from pre-existing versions, it has been named SoulWorker Anime Legends in Gameforge’s supported territories.