Trailer Attack: 21st December 2018 – Sheep hitman skies omen

Omen of Sorrow

The dark fighting game Omen of Sorrow is getting four new characters as free Season 1 updates. The first one, the seductive Erzsébet with her blood-red dragon, is coming in January and is showcased in a new trailer.


Uncover the secrets of a world lost in shadow… Sole is a surreal adventure game where you play as the only source of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Wander through uninhabited environments, painting the land with light as you uncover its mysterious past.


To battle against powerful evil enemies in Breach, some players may want to draw upon the darker arts of magic. And if summoning undead soldiers and commanding them to charge against foes into a fiery explosion of unholy fire sounds nifty, then embrace the power of the Necromancer.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5 A Requiem for Heroes will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on January 8, 2019

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Lightning does strike twice! Capable of more than just aerial combat the F-35C “Lightning II” is a carrier-based aircraft used by the navy.


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive today released the second Elusive Target mission in HITMAN 2, featuring Vicente Murillo, a rebellious political figure known as “The Revolutionary,” who mysteriously disappeared in South America during the 1980s. Murillo has now returned and plans to create a new world order beginning with Colombia. Intel shows that leveraging his narcissism, propensity for lying and paranoia induced drinking habit could help Agent 47 neutralise the militia leader and finally put an end to his radical plans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Tune into Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson to learn more about the International Mercenary’s return.

Clouds & Sheep 2

Everyone’s favorite fluffy flock is back – out now for your Nintendo Switch !

Langrisser Mobile

ZLONGAME today revealed a new Langrisser Mobile gameplay trailer to celebrate Christmas with players. The video showcases class transfer, more combat scenes and Time Rift. Langrisser Mobile is now open for pre-registration. Players can gain rewards by pre-registering for the game.