Trailer Attack: 20th September 2023 – Balls fight reload

Super Buff HD

Super Buff HD is a fast-paced skate-surf-FPS. The year is 202020. It’s wild. All the buff dudes have turned on society. STOP THEM.

Persona 3 Reload

There’s a new threat in town – Strega has arrived! Immerse yourself deeper into the world of Persona 3 Reload with never-before-seen backstory, linked episode footage, and all-new battle mechanics!

Core Keeper

Set out on a voyage to the Shimmering Frontier, coming October 4th! The Shimmering Frontier, previously known as “the Crystal update”, brings a brand-new crystalline biome for you to discover alongside the addition of new and improved content throughout the rest of the game. From new ore, tools, and equipment to new cattle (plus breeding and transportation mechanics), pets, boss drops, upgrades, community requests and more, we can’t wait for you to explore Core Keeper’s next major content update in just two week’s time! Big thanks to Svings for creating this amazing trailer.


Learn everything you need to know about the cars, stages, and gameplay features you’ll experience across EA SPORTS WRC in this Deep Dive! EA SPORTS WRC will feature over 200 rally stages with greater realism, fidelity, and detail than ever before along with over 80 rally cars, covering the entire history of the sport. The Dynamic Handling System is the most authentic and dynamic handling model the Codemasters team has built to date.

Scars of Mars

Scars of Mars is a new real-time RPG. During combat and exploration, time flows, so you must make split-second decisions, execute precise commands swiftly, and vanquish enemies within a limited time. It’s a thrilling experience that captures the unique tension and satisfaction of the gameplay.

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island is now available on Steam! Spend a year on Moonstone Island tending to your farm, crafting potions, exploring over 100 islands in the sky, taming spirits, unearthing hidden temples, making friends, or having a sweet romance — play your way in our adorable, upcoming adventure life-sim!


The Netflix Series “Onimusha” starts streaming Thursday, November 2, only on Netflix.

AEW: Fight Forever

The HOOKHausen: Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack is coming to AEW: Fight Forever on September 28th for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Nintendo Switch to follow. Download or be cursed!

SaGa Emerald Beyond

SaGa Emerald Beyond, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, STEAM, iOS and Android in 2024. FORGE YOUR OWN TALE The latest standalone entry in the SaGa franchise, SaGa Emerald Beyond, brings together the very best elements of the beloved series to offer each player their own unique gameplay experience. As players venture across 17 mysterious worlds, they will forge their own unique branching stories that unfold based on their very own choices and actions. With multiple endings and countless scenes to discover, players will experience a unique tale upon each playthrough!

The Hunt: Showdown

The Hunt: Showdown Video Awards Return! Share your best Showdown stories with us and get the chance to win from our awesome

My Pet Hooligan

Long oppressed, they were forced into servitude for their evil overlord MetaZuckBot, the CEO of ZuckCorp. Then came rebellion. Freed, they embraced newfound liberty and unleashed their inner Hooligan. They came as one, united by a mission to disrupt MetaZuckBot’s rule but their path to freedom led to division, birthing seven separate factions, among them the Hare Raisers, Cypherbuns, Mutants and more. United by a mission, yet divided by rivalry. Dive into the Rabbit Hole. Your goal: obliterate ZuckCorp. The stage is set. Will you heed the call?

Sonic Superstars: Trio of Trouble

While escorting Dr. Eggman and his hapless new helper Trip through a perilous ruin, Fang the Hunter will need to muster all his cunning to overcome past mistakes and escape the coils of a fierce new enemy. Meanwhile, Eggman discovers what may be the key to his next dastardly scheme.


The footage shown in this trailer represents a work in progress and is subject to change.

BREAKERS: Unlock the World

Vic Game Studios has released the official gameplay trailer for BREAKERS: Unlock the World.

Party Animals

Available now on Steam and Xbox Gamepass

Diluvian Ultra Chapter One

Diluvian Ultra Chapter One is coming on September 28, 2023! Become an immortal warrior-prince, pick up your blood-sword and paint the corridors of your tomb-ship red with the blood of your enemies, using an upgradeable arsenal of Tech weapons as well as grotesque, living Organic armaments and combine Armor and Lethal damage types to dispatch your foes!

The Foretold: Exordium

Embark on an ancient Egyptian odyssey in this prequel to the gothic horror card game, The Foretold: Westmark Legacy. Build your deck, collect relics, and wield items to conquer creatures and bosses lurking in Egypt’s shadows. Free to download on Steam, October 17th for a limited time!

Star Citizen

Head into the ‘verse to explore the most action-packed update yet. Whether you’re hauling vital cargo the length of the system, tackling alien hordes, exploring new locations, or risking it all for a place on the podium, Alpha 3.20 is packed with new adventures.

Soul Covenant

Set in a near-future desolate Japan, this game depicts a fierce battle between humanity and machines. That ecstatic feeling when overcoming the seemingly impossible challenge of certain doom will reward those who brave the storm. The moving experience of a story of life told through death. It is through the eyes of the fallen and the experiences of the vanquished that you will find their sacrifices serve to guide your hand in retribution. A VR Tactical Action game experience with a high level of immersion, where the player will be one with the protagonist and take on a battle for the fate of the world.


Here is a dive into the gameplay systems of Witchfire. Armed with strange weapons and forbidden pagan magic, hunt a powerful witch holding the key to your salvation. Witchfire is a dark fantasy roguelike shooter from the creators of Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is launching on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on October 5th, 2023.

Omega 6

Omega 6 The Video Game, a new adventure game with 16-Bit styling, based on the manga by former Nintendo art director, Takaya Imamura. Based on the sci-fi comic first introduced in 2022 by France’s Omake Books, Omega 6 The Video Game features a brand new story, taking players on an intergalactic journey to locate a new home for the human race.