Trailer Attack: 20th November 2017 – Storm club league chef fighter

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Soldiers, strategists, and commanders–the call has come in from the front lines. It’s time to rejoin the fight! The beloved Valkyria Chronicles series makes its grand return westward in 2018 with Valkyria Chronicles 4, a new mainline chapter in the saga for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Return to a continent ravaged by conflict with a familiar-yet-refined tactical RPG battle system, a vibrant and evocative art style that portrays a living canvas of watercolors, and a gripping World War II-inspired story full of momentous triumphs, heartbreaking loss, and unexpected hope for the human spirit.

Gear.Club Unlimited

Microïds and Eden Games present a new trailer to celebrate Gear.Club Unlimited release in the USA tomorrow. The game will be available on December 1st in Europe. For the first time on Nintendo Switch, players will discover an authentic world of cars with Gear.Club Unlimited. They will walk up to the most fantastic racing cars around, vibrating to the roar of the incredibly powerful engines, and feel what it’s like to be behind the wheel of the most beautiful cars in the world. To make them even more powerful and competitive, players can customise their vehicles – from the bodywork to the engine!

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced that pre-registration for the global version of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team officially kicked off on Monday, November 20 (UTC+9). This head-to-head football simulation game based on the world-famous Captain Tsubasa series is planned for global release in over 135 countries and regions around the world. In addition to the Japanese version released in June 2017, the global release will be localized into six languages—English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.


Free Update Available Now on PC, Coming Soon to Xbox One and PS4

Street Fighter V

On January 16, 2018, all Street Fighter V players will receive the free Arcade Edition update. In addition to an all-new Arcade Mode and new monthly challenges via Extra Battle Mode, every character will receive a second V-Trigger attack. These are but just a few to get you thinking of new possibilities for 2018 and beyond…

Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade is Available Now on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia

Bandai Namco unveils today the Physical Collector’s Edition content for The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia, set to be released on 9th February, 2018. Relive the story of the anime with free story updates as the next seasons airs. Roam around the land in Hawk Mama following ‘rumours’ to find out where the other Sins are and do side-quests to increase ‘rumours’ to progress in the main story. Players will also be able to perform the characters special attack called ‘Sin Action’.

League of Legends

Welcome to the Zoe Champion Spotlight.

MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame

Milestone announce that MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame, released last May 30th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM, is now available in digital and physical stores on Nintendo Switch.

War Wings

Mobile games publisher Miniclip, together with Tencent and Mobilefish, announce a series of thrilling updates to their smash hit mobile game, War Wings. Since its launch this past summer, War Wings has topped the charts around the globe, enthralling players with real-time action, beautiful graphics, and historical accuracy. Now, there’s even more for fans to be excited about.

Treasure Raiders

Oasis Games today announced Treasure Raiders, a wild and innovative new game for iOS and Android expected to launch in early 2018. Treasure Raiders combines top-down shooter gameplay with elements of action RPGs, platformers and bullet hell for an entirely unique and exciting experience. The game’s themes of ruthless treasure hunting and zany humor engage players in a deeply immersive, character-driven plot, while the original shooting mechanics will test their combat skills to the limit. Mysterious ancient tombs, eerie old castles, laboratories filled with traps… You never know where you will discover untold treasures! Join us and begin your adventure!

Storm – collector of coins 

Storm – collector of coins is a fast game for those who love speed, the main task in the game is to collect as many coins as possible for one session. Completely free and fun for the entire family.