Trailer Attack: 20th August 2021 – Festival dap metal

Life is Strange: True Colors

Alex takes a moment to contemplate her future in Haven Springs, in this Moment of Calm from Chapter 2, soundtracked by Angus & Julia Stone’s original song, ‘When Was That’.

No More Heroes 3

Oh snap! Travis takes up arms against the magnetic Gold Joe, No. 9 in the Galactic Superhero Ranking!

Genshin Impact

The people’s wishes gathered under the bright moonlight, as they witnessed the power of lightning and fierce flames, and rejoiced in the smoke of hearths and the light of lanterns. The moon’s glow has illuminated the sky for over a thousand years, and the rock has stood strong for over a millennium. A fleeting moment lingers long, as the world goes on.

Black Myth: WuKong

Black Myth: WuKong, the action-adventure game developed by Game Science, reveals its newest gameplay test collection today. The video is recorded real-time in Unreal 5 Engine, and supported by NVIDIA DLSS technology.

WRC 10

Unlimited possibilities await you with the Livery Editor of WRC 10, drive your own car or start a career with your own colors!

WarioWare: Get It Together!

Nintendo has released a Japanese overview trailer.

Metroid Dread

In the second half of this video, why is Samus wearing a different suit than the one she started with? Shedding light on new mysteries revealed in an upcoming game trailer. Please look forward to it on August 27!


Introducing the newest god to join the battleground – Charybdis, The Ceaseless Whirlpool!

King’s Bounty II

A long time ago, Aivar, a descendant of an impoverished noble family, used to be a knight of the Royal Guard. However, at a crucial moment, he refused to support the coup that eventually led to king Claudius’s ascension to the throne. This got him banished from the Guard. Aivar escaped to Artisania, where he earned a fine reputation as a mercenary and became the captain of his own troop: the Hounds of War. Recently, Aivar received an invitation to the Universal Assembly. There, Prince Adrian promised to pardon him and offered a good position with the Royal Guard. Aivar was suspicious of the offer, but he thought he’d try his luck. With that, he set out to meet the prince…

Hunt: Showdown

To defeat the darkness you’ll need to pick a path, what will it be Hunter? Will you pierce the shadow or cleave the shadow?

Metal Revolution

Mikhail once served as a double agent for a now-defunct government. When his country collapsed, he has separated from his wife and daughter in the ensuing chaos. Mikhail joined Black Gold, a transcontinental intelligence agency, to access information that might lead to his family’s whereabouts. The latest intel pointed at an underground fighting tournament.


Dap is a horror-action-adventure about gathering and protecting a pack of fragile creatures called Daps. Lead your Daps to safety through an eerily beautiful world, fighting off threats, solving puzzles, and avoiding the infection that twists your companions into something alien and terrifying…

Shin Megami Tensei V

Volume 65 of Atlus’ “Daily Demon” video series for Shin Megami Tensei V introduces returning demon Byakko.


Festival Tycoon

Create and manage your own music festival empire. Book bands, setup stages, organise your line-up, layout tents and toilets, roll out the food trucks and build your festival’s reputation to appease sponsors and earn big bucks.