Trailer Attack: 1st May 2017 – New nioh rabi get warrior queen

It’s May Day bank holiday here in the UK, so don’t expect many trailers as us British people relax in the random weather of rain, sleet and sun with our cups of tea and noshing on a crumpet.


Koei Tecmo has released a minute gameplay video for Nioh‘s downloadable content Dragon of the North, which is out tomorrow.


It’s not easy sorting out what’s real and what’s not, I know something happened to me that prevents me from remembering… The human brain cannot occupy any simulated environment alone.

The Escapists 2

New trailer for The Escapists 2 on Switch, showcasing Rattlesnake Springs.

Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy

NIS America has released a new trailer introducing characters from Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy. Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy launches for Vita and PC on May 19 in Europe.


EXO ONE is like Journey meets 2001: A Space Odyssey – a momentum-based exoplanetary exploration game. Pilot an alien craft capable of manipulating the laws of gravity on mankind’s first, ill-fated mission outside the solar system. The game has just started its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of AU$35,000.


After a Wumsical release on PC, publisher SOEDESCO announces that 2D Action Adventure Wuppo comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in this year’s summer. Wuppo received positive feedback from both users and media. The game was praised for its cute art style, humorous gameplay and the unique combination of genres. Players take control of an exiled ‘Wum’ who is looking for a new home in a bizarre but charming world, filled with strange creatures, puzzles, monsters and political chaos.


Join HiRezJuJu for a breakdown the CB47 patch overview for consoles.

Rabi Laby: Puzzle Out Stories

Silver Star Japan has released a trailer for Rabi Laby: Puzzle Out Stories, a collection for Vita that includes Rabi Laby, Rabi Laby 2, Rabi Laby 3, and Witch’s Cat.

Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is the stunning evolution of Flying Wild Hog’s offbeat first-person shooter starring the brash warrior Lo Wang, who must again wield a devastating combination of guns, blades, magic and wit to strike down the demonic legions overwhelming the world. Now it’s coming to PS4, so here is a trailer.

Queen of Corsairs

Take on the role of a betrayed space pirate seeking revenge in intense, procedural rogue-like space fights! Queen of Corsairs will be coming to Kickstarter on May 1, 2017. Queen of Corsairs is an action filled rogue-like space arena shooter that lets players take on the role of a betrayed space pirate seeking revenge in intense, procedural space fights. Upgrade your ship from a procedurally generated tech tree that is different each time you play. Beat nine stages in a row, avoiding the perma death at all cost. Take revenge on Long John Sylver and destroy the Queen of Corsairs!


Divert, out today on iOS and Android is a free game created by two 15 years that brings minimal and fast paced action where you have to switch from side to side to dodge various obstacles.