Trailer Attack: 1st March 2023 – Deep diablo pax


Blue Isle launches LEAP shooter game, powered by an elite group of in-game creators.
For the first time, a game studio harnesses the power of UGC from Day One and collaborates with top server owners to create unique gamer experiences.

Pax Dei

Welcome to a vast open-world playground, where you choose the role you want to play.
Immerse yourself along with thousands of other players as you explore the land, build your home,
forge your reputation, and craft your own stories. What world will you make?

Diablo IV

Descend into Hell early March 17 – 19 during the Diablo IV Beta Early Access weekend!

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a single player survivor-like auto-shooter. Wield the full arsenal of Deep Rock Galactic, take on hordes of lethal aliens, mine riches, and unlock powerful upgrades.

PROJECT ZERO: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Here is an in-depth look at the variety of costumes available in PROJECT ZERO: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.

Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories

Enjoy this remixed compilation of composer markeryjane’s electronic- and jazz-inspired soundtrack. Spotlighting 12 tracks, and totaling nearly three hours of lo-fi music, this collection pairs perfectly with your favorite hot drink of choice on a “melon”-choly afternoon.


Prepare your fists, elbows, feet and whatever else you may use to knock around familiar goons: the Sifu Arenas are coming on Xbox on March 28 alongside the free Arenas Mode expansion for all available platforms.

Doge Simulator

Yes, you read the tile right!


Gripper is a story-driven boss rush on wheels releasing on Steam, Epic Store, GOG, Humble Store and Nintendo Switch on March 29 2023.

Halo Infinite

From the cavernous substructures of Zeta Halo to a cliff-hanging ONI black-site, to the renewing vitality of a far-flung moon being terraformed by majestic Forerunner technology, Season 3: Echoes Within brings two new Arena maps (Chasm, Cliffhanger) and a new BTB map (Oasis) to Halo Infinite.

Tamarak Trail

Tamarak Trail is a deck-building roguelike. Instead of cards, you’ll use a customizable dice set to battle through randomly generated trails – full of loot, mysteries, and danger to protect inhabitants from the evil that has corrupted the trail.


Do you have what it takes to save the planet? Beecarbonize is an environmental card strategy game with climate change as your opponent. Research cutting-edge technologies, enact policies, protect ecosystems, and modernize industry to cut down carbon emissions. Manage your resources well and you might survive.

Atari Mania

Protecting the Atari Vault just became your new career. Your first on-the-job training? Defeating an onslaught of evil dead pixels who corrupt your favorite Atari characters and games.

These Doomed Isles: The First God

These Doomed Isles: The First God, the free to play prologue chapter to These Doomed Isles, coming to Steam in April! Wield the might of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of nature, grow your empire and lead your civilization to victory against waves of invaders and mythological creatures.