Trailer Attack: 19th September 2023 – Lies witches perfect rock

Bluey: The Video Game

Bluey: The Video Game. A game where the parents are the kids, and the kids are the parents. Coming to console and PC on November 17th!

Trail Out

Welcome to the experimental paid DLC – Steel Wheels with unique features! Create new levels of mayhem on the big crane BS Champion and BS Wrecker Titan. Also try out a separate adrenaline level on the APC Tyran! Fight with 5 weapons against your opponents in the same conditions in Mono Derby or other modes! And also Zhenka will help you use these vehicles.

Galactic Civilizations IV

Take command of a civilization that has just achieved faster-than-light travel in Galactic Civilizations IV, the newest entry in the award-winning space 4X strategy game series. Explore the galaxy, colonize worlds, shape cultures, make alliances, fight wars and pioneer new technologies.

Amanda the Adventurer

Today, DreadXP released the super-duper charming yet horrifying Amanda the Adventurer on Nintendo Switch! Players will learn, laugh, and lament over the suffering which they’ll endure; yay!

Lies of P

Prepare to Lie or Die… The Pinocchio-Inspired Souls-like “Lies of P” is available now on Steam / PlayStation 5 & 4 / Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One & Game Pass. Take on the role of Geppetto’s prized puppet to uncover the mysteries of Krat and save the city in this new take on the Fairy-Tale Classic!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

Discover more about the Nighthaunt in the third video of the Faction Focus series.

Street Fighter 6

Playing with A.K.I. requires the perfect blend of taste and touch. Watch what the mistress of poison is capable of in this character guide featuring her tantalizing special moves and Fanged Snake-style martial arts. A.K.I. will slither into Street Fighter 6 on September 27!


Embark on a journey through the dark-psychedelic labyrinth of EXIT VEIL. Use tarot cards to heal the realms, discover yourself and find what truly exists at the center of it all. Journey into a dark-psychedelic shifting realm where nothing is quite as it seems. Delve deep into the shifting Labyrinths of the Archetypes and confront what it truly means to heal. In EXIT VEIL, players are cast in the role of Tori, a lost soul navigating her way through a beautiful and terrible world on the brink of decay. You’ll collect tarot cards and use them in tense MMO healer class-inspired turn-based battles, where you are always moments away from oblivion. Forever on the back foot you’ll have to test your resolve to snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat.

Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game

MOOD Publishing is back with two big expansion packs for Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game, to bring in all the ideas that couldn’t fit in the first box. Here’s Mission Control’s rundown on everything you can expect.

Anomaly Collapse

Anomaly Collapse” thrusts players into a supernatural sci-fi universe, where every step on its innovative 1D battlefield requires strategic planning and execution. Command a unique trio of furry warriors and sharpen your tactical prowess as you face off against monstrous anomalies in turn-based battles. Harness the synergy of specific class skills, precise positioning, and a vast inventory of items to defeat the enemies and unravel the intricate mysteries of this universe.


BOKURA, the reality-bending co-op-only adventure developed by Kodansha Games Creator’s Lab with more than 90,000 downloads since its Steam Early Access release in February 2023, is now available on Steam for PC, Switch for Nintendo, iOS and Android.


Warriors, step back into the ring and unleash your fighting spirit. Feng is ready for a rematch in TEKKEN 8 – just in time for the next Closed Beta Test, coming October 20, 2023!

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

Discovery awaits beyond the horizon in The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails! Explore vivid locations, wield magic based on the seasons, and experience an adventure unlike any other! Available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC!

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

You play a couple of Banishers, Antea Duarte and Red Mac Raith, experienced spirit hunters, sent to New Eden to lift a mysterious curse and solve haunting cases. The immersive and poignant narrative driven Action-RPG where you hunt and battle supernatural threats to alter a tragic fate reveals itself with an in-depth gameplay trailer.

The Perfect Pencil

We invite you to visit The Soft Forest, the first area of the upcoming action-adventure The Perfect Pencil.

Farming Simulator 22

Optimize farming with the Oxbo Pack! Available now for Farming Simulator 22 on PC & consoles.

BREAKERS: Unlock the World

Vic Game Studios has released the official teaser for BREAKERS: Unlock the World.

Gods of the Twilight

Gods of the Twilight is an episodic cyberpunk visual novel where old Norse magic returns to a decaying world. Play as two Norse gods reincarnated as humans on the eve of the apocalypse. Choose whether they become friends, lovers, or rivals as they navigate a web of potential allies and enemies… including gods, monsters, governments, corporations, and criminals.

Stardander School for Witches

Welcome to Stardander School for Witches! Embrace your magical side by learning spells, solving mysteries, making friends and battling (or befriending) Fae creatures in a turn-based battle system. Do you have what it takes to pass your classes in a world besieged by a malicious enemy? Coming to Steam October 2nd 2023

Shadows of Doubts

Get your hands on Shadows of Doubts first major free update – Cheats and Liars, coming to Steam on September 25th 2023! Shadows of Doubt is sandbox detective stealth game set in a fully simulated sci-fi noir city of crime and corruption. Think like a private investigator and take on jobs to earn cash on your path to catching a serial killer. If you don’t catch them – they will kill again…

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Order, and Chaos Rolling in the multiverse For thousands of years, their wars have never ended, Everyone has been involved in this war, So, where is your fate rolling to? Now, Rolling in the Dragonheir wold!