Trailer Attack: 19th September 2019 – Left for troy darkness

Fight’N Rage

Fight’N Rage is a brand new old-school side-scroller beat’em up. Inspired by the classics from the “golden age”, and with an art style that mimics the aesthetic from the 90’s arcade gems, this game pays homage to all classic gameplay features that make this genre one of the best from its time! It will hit the digital stores of Nintendo Switch on September 26, and Xbox One on September 27.

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha

No matter what your favorite way to play is, Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha has something for everyone! Ravage your enemies with the blistering firepower in Strikers or Dragon Blaze, utilize the unique targeting system of Zero Gunner, and choose your own adventure in SOL DIVIDE! You can even customize your gameplay experience with horizontal and vertical modes!

A Total War Saga: TROY

In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. Yet it takes only a single impulsive act to spark a conflict that will shake the world. The Greeks set course for Troy, towards inevitable war and slaughter. For there, on the battlefield before the great city, legends will be born…TROY is the latest Total War Saga title; inspired by Homer’s Iliad, it focuses on the historical flashpoint of the Trojan War, evolving the series with new period-inspired features.


The un-fore-gettable golf game WHAT THE GOLF? is now available for all iOS devices via Apple Arcade. The par-tee continues on the Epic Games store on October 1st for 15.99 GBP and 15.99 EUROS. You can pre-order the game right now at 25% off. The one-swing-one-joke comedy will also make its way to Nintendo Switch later this year.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Introducing Leto’s Lab, a new dungeon available now as part of the latest FREE update for Remnant: From the Ashes!


In celebration of the Conan franchise and in order to display the evolution of all three titles, Funcom has together with Steam today made survival game Conan Exiles, MMO Age of Conan and the RTS game Conan Unconquered available to play for free for a limited time.

PlanetSide Arena

Dive into PlanetSide Arena and battle online in this massive multiplayer sci-fi arena shooter.

Murder Mystery Machine

A crime scene can tell a thousand stories. What’s yours? Murder Mystery Machine crosses unique puzzle-solving and deduction gameplay with a narrative that questions the very nature of justice.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Ryza, the budding alchemist, and her mischievous group of friends set out in search for adventure, they will be faced with a wealth of challenges to overcome. A series of circumstances leads the group into the depths of the mysterious Sunken Mine, a deep and dark dried-up environment that is home to something potentially evil — a gate leading to another world.


GreedFall, the latest RPG from Spiders Studio, is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Following a fantastic reception from journalists and players alike, The team are delighted to invite you behind the scenes with the game’s studio, cast and composer in GreedFall: A Collaborative Journey today.


Cubixx is a fast paced action puzzle game which sends high scoring, combo chasing gameplay to the third dimension! Cubixx HD will be coming to Nintendo Switch as Cubixx on 3rd October!

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

In many ways, Africa remains the harsh land it was millions of years ago. Creative Director Patrice Désilets and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Mireya Mayor identify the traits to forge ahead in this unforgiving terrain. Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is out now on PC.

Beholder 2

Curve Digital and developer Warm Lamp Games have today announced that the Orwellian adventure game Beholder 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 on 22 October, 2019. Curve also announced that it is supporting the European PlayStation 4 launch with a special pre-order promotion.


Die Gute Fabrik and Akupara Games are excited to announce that Mutazione, their narrative-driven adventure game, is available now on Apple’s new game subscription service, Apple Arcade! The game is also available today on PlayStation 4 and Steam for $19.99 USD.

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels

Curve Digital and Kuju are proud to announce Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, a brutal tactical turn-based strategy game based on Narcos, the multi-award-winning Netflix series produced by Gaumont. Coming digitally to PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in late 2019 with a physical release launching in Q4 2019, available for pre-order at retailers starting today. To celebrate the announcement, Curve and Kuju have smuggled a new trailer over the border, showcasing the game’s stylish visuals and authentic Narcos atmosphere.

Neo Cab

Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch on October 3, 2019! Stay human in a world overcome by automation. Play as Lina, one of the last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos. Your friend and only lifeline has gone missing; with no money and nowhere to stay, the only thing you can do is keep driving.

Projection: First Light

Projection: First Light, the illumination manipulation puzzle-platformer from developer Shadowplay Studios and publisher Blowfish Studios, shines onto iPhone today as part of the launch of the new Apple ArcadeSM subscription service. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions will release in 2020.

Left to Survive

If you thought zombies were bad, you’re in for an extraterrestrial shock!
Repel the alien menace in Left to Survive from September 20-26 to get some brand-spanking new interstellar gear, including a powerful Martian Blaster, a Starmourner 51 alien machine gun, and a full astronaut suit!

River City Melee Mach!!

Arc System Works has released a new trailer for River City Melee Mach!!


Infini, the psychedelic puzzle adventure from developer Barnaque and publisher Nakana.io, will launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac in Q1 2020.

Evergreen Blues

Evergreen Blues is a choice-based interactive song construction experience about the relationships between audiences, authors, and the characters and worlds they create. It uses a real-time lyric-choosing mechanic similar to Seasons, and is designed for both single and multiplayer play. The game draws inspiration from works such as Kentucky Route Zero, Oxenfree, Metropolis, and Sunday in the Park with George.

Terminator: Resistance

Terminator: Resistance is an officially licensed, first-person shooter set during the ‘Future War’ scenario that was only glimpsed at in the iconic films from James Cameron, ‘THE TERMINATOR’ and ‘T2: JUDGEMENT DAY’.

Dead End Job

Dead End Job sends you into a madcap, Ren & Stimpy-esque world to bust up ghosts. It’s a procedurally generated, couch co-op, twin-stick shooter that straps a vacuum pack to your back, and puts a plasma blaster in your hand. For you, it’s just another day in the office.


Mythgard is many things, but it is especially this: a CCG with the strategic depth to go toe-to-toe with Magic, yet the ease of pick-up-and-play to rival Hearthstone, all built independently by a small team of industry veterans.

Citadel: Forged With Fire

Citadel: Forged With Fire is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 1, 2019. The game will be available digitally or at retail!

For Honor

Discover the new event of Year 3, Season 3 of For Honor, Wrath of the Jormungandr. See more at the Warrior’s Den Stream, on 19th September!

Train Simulator 2020

Train Simulator 2020 is the latest installment in Dovetail’s Train Simulator series, keeping the train collectors dream alive for more than a decade, featuring a new and exclusive route alongside two of the best routes from the last year. All routes include multiple authentic locomotives, stunning scenery, engaging scenarios and an academy to help new players get up to speed. Underpinned by carefully calibrated designs, controls and engine mechanics Train Simulator 2020 is the best way to grow (or start!) you rail collection.