Trailer Attack: 19th December 2016 – Fallen dogs of the killer clash

Persona 5

Atlas introduced three very important confidants last week for Persona 5, but they have got three more that are just as important! Check them out.

Killer Instinct

Not long now until the latest KI Content Update (3.6) goes live. Tomorrow, December 20th, some time in the am hours PST, this CU will drop and you’ll have a host of new content to check out, such as new characters! One is Kilgore, but who are the others?!

Heroes of the Storm

The Haunted Mines returns in its full spooky glory, listen in as Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson guides you through the Golem’s playground in Heroes of the Storm.

Dark Souls

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and La Fée Sauvage unveiled today an exclusive teaser trailer for the upcoming series of symphonic concerts: Orchestral Memories. This time, the music of the DARK SOULS series is featured. Among the most famous and epic songs, players and fans will (re) discover two emblematic pieces composed by the renowned composer Motoi Sakuraba: “Gwyn, Lord of Cinder” from DARK SOULS I and “Sir Alonne” from DARK SOULS II. On top of that, the audience will also enjoy the main theme of DARK SOULS III performed for the first time by a symphonic orchestra. The first show, on February 4th at 20.00 at the Salle Pleyel in Paris, will feature exclusive appearances of two well-known veteran composers: Motoi Sakuraba and Go-Shiina.

Digimon World: Next Order

Bandai Namco Japan has released a new trailer for Digimon World: Next Order comparing the graphics of the Vita and PlayStation 4 versions.

Seasons of Heaven

AnyArts Production has released the full-length trailer for Seasons of Heaven, one of the first known Switch-exclusive titles to get a full on trailer.

Malicious Fallen

Alvion has shared the first teaser trailer for Malicious Fallen, the latest game in the Malicious series.


Introducing the newest skin to join the battleground of the gods – Hun.Bat Hun Batz! Available in the 3.24 Journey to HRX patch, available on December 20 in SMITE.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy will be updated with Rabanastre stage from Final Fantasy XII.


Exciting news for all you RIGS pilots out there: tomorrow (20th December), we’ll be kicking off the Winter Season Update! Our plan is to drop content throughout the winter, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of mechanized combat action to keep you warm through the holidays!

Empires Apart

On the day when 17 years old all-time classic Age of Empires 2 receives a new expansion, Empires Apart developers published a brand new development vlog looking ahead to the future of this branch of the RTS genre. Over the past two years, DESTINTYbit has worked hard on a game that’s aiminig to revitalize the classic RTS formula. They are now finally able to show some new pre-alpha footage featuring a close look to art style and a few core new mechanics.

Watch Dogs 2

The T-Bone Chaos Event starts now. To celebrate the T-Bone Bundle DLC released on PS4 this week, Ubisoft will be unlocking a new challenge on Ubisoft Club every week for the next four weeks, featuring unique in-game rewards like the T-Bone Chaos Event bag and car skin that you can only get by participating. Everyone can participate in this event and you do not need to own the DLC. Your first challenge is to become a bounty target and successfully escape five times. Do this, and you’ll earn the T-Bone Chaos Event bag. A new challenge begins the following Monday. Good luck.




Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

Koei Tecmo Japan has released the second trailer for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony that shows off the last group of characters.

Monster Hunter XX

Capcom has released two new trailers for Monster Hunter XX.


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Final Clash

Games publisher PopPace has announced today that pre-registration has begun for its forthcoming mobile fantasy RPG, Final Clash. The game is scheduled to release in western markets for iOS and Android devices in January 2017.