Trailer Attack: 18th July 2023 – Gunbrella zero knights thor


Welcome to Techtonica, Groundbreakers. Are you ready to get to work?


Madshot is now available in its full version on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

Generation Zero

Many of you have been asking for it since the beginning of time and now it’s finally happening! The Companion Update introduces Machine Runner Companion that you can build yourself, customize, deploy at any time and even pet! Fancy for even more ways to customize your new Machine Companion? We are also launching Companion Accessories Pack, check the video at the end!

Lake : Season’s Greetings

The team at Gamious is hard at work creating an authentic, festive winter atmosphere for their upcoming DLC Lake: Season’s Greetings. This video provides an early look into some of the effects developed by the team to create the most wintery Christmas atmosphere.

Dead by Daylight

No amount of horror movies could have prepared him for this. A legendary actor enters The Fog in Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage.


It’s finally here! Play Pinata Smashlings now on Roblox! Discover the Piñataverse, home to wise Piñatas, scheming Meañatas, bitter Bashlings and LOTS of adorable, cheeky Smashlings. Your mission is to hatch and catch as many super cute Smashlings as possible from their rainbow pods. But watch out, some are harder to catch than others! Each cheeky Smashling will help you on your adventure through the Piñataverse in their own unique way.


Gunbrella is a noir-punk action-adventure set in a world dependent on a rapidly diminishing natural resource. Players take the role of a gruff woodsman on a quest for revenge, armed with the mysterious Gunbrella: a firearm that doubles as an umbrella. His investigation becomes entangled with the inner workings of ghouls and gangsters, cops and cultists, and the fallout of corporate exploitation.

Portal: Prelude RTX

Portal: Prelude RTX is launching July 18 with full ray tracing, DLSS 3 and RTX IO.

Invincible: Guarding the Globe

Invincible: Guarding the Globe is a new free-to-play, idle RPG coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Set in the same Invincible universe as the Skybound comic books and subsequent Amazon Prime television series, Invincible: Guarding the Globe lets you collect characters, manage your attack squad, and engage in superpowered, multi-battle action – all while experiencing an original storyline.


Become The Gate Keeper and prevent hellish creatures from the Cult of Astaroth from conquering the world! As Kruger & Flint Productions we are excited to release our first studio’s game – Bloodhound!

Aurora: The Lost Medallion

Demo is coming out on the 25th of July An epic coming-of-age tale of destiny, friendship, and discovery in a unique sci-fi world.

SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection

Will you study the blade? The bow? The scythe?! The choice is yours! Get a glimpse at the myriad weapon options of SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection in part 1 of the Weapon Introduction series!

Tiny Thor

Gear up for an epic adventure with Tiny Thor, coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop August 3rd! You can already join the 16-bit adventure on PC.

My Friendly Neighborhood

It’s time to head to the neighborhood. They’ve been waiting for you.


Watch the newly released trailer for DLC character NAJD, coming to THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV in Summer 2023!

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator

Screambox Studio and Neverland Entertainment have massively overhauled its physics-based tactics game Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator with its Rise of AI update. Available now on Steam Early Access, with a 20% off discount from today through July 24th, this latest update lets players take on bots and experience the thrill of PvP and PvE battles against AI-controlled enemy teams.

Sonic Superstars

Adventure awaits in Sonic Superstars, coming this fall! Enjoy the game’s opening animation as an early treat!

Stampede: Racing Royale

We’re delighted to confirm that the first Steam Playtest for Stampede: Racing Royale begins on July 27! Prepare to race and battle against other players from across the globe in an early, work-in-progress version of our 60-player online kart racing battle royale experience. Get ahead of the game by trialling a taster selection of our upcoming maps and features! Yet to register your interest? Head to the Stampede: Racing Royale store page on Steam and hit the ‘Request Access’ button before July 27.

From Madness with Love

From Madness with Love, the dating sim with guys you will never be on the same page with, has released on Steam and DLsite on July 18, 2023!


Challenge perception, redefine reality, and reshape the world around you with an instant camera. Viewfinder is a new single player game offering hours of interesting and fun experiences while uncovering the mysteries left behind. Viewfinder is a mind-bending first person adventure game in which you can bring pictures to life by placing them into the world. Create, Destroy, and Rewind: Viewfinder is releasing on July 18, 2023.

Air Twister

Pre-orders for the boxed editions of Air Twister are now open! Get ready to experience the exhilarating 3D shooter crafted by the legendary game designer Yu Suzuki, the mastermind behind Shenmue, Space Harrier, Virtua Fighter, and Out Run. Immerse yourself in a symphony of classic gameplay and a mesmerizing soundtrack and transport to Yu Suzuki’s creative worlds!


Astrometica is mashing up the best parts of Subnautica and Planet Crafter and blasting them into space. Strap in and gear up – we’re turning survival gaming into a cosmic odyssey that’s bound to blow your mind!

Moving Out 2

Moving Out 2 is now available to Pre-Order so you can finally get ready for our August 15th launch date!!


OUTLAW CORRAL is now live! Play on Fortnite with Island “Custom” Code: 0985-8384-1768 Saddle up and step into the epic showdown of Outlaw Corral, where wild, wild west 1v1 shootouts reign supreme. You’ll embark on a thrilling journey through a heart-pounding 16-bracket tournament.

REMEDIUM: Sentinels

REMEDIUM: Sentinels is a roguelite fast-paced auto-shooter set in the grim post-apocalyptic Renaissance setting. It has been more than a hundred years since the Grey Plague has won turning most humans into vicious mutant freaks, and only a handful of cities still stand amidst the death and chaos that consumed the land. You control a Sentinel created by alchemists with only one goal – defend the cities against the endless hordes of mutants until your reactor dies. Combine items and alchemical elements to acquire more and more weapons and create unique builds!

Ember Knights

The wait is over! Ember Knights 1.0 is now available to Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Destiny 2

Join us as we celebrate the bonds that will build a better tomorrow. Grab a set of the new Solstice armor and get the party started by joining a Bonfire Bash. Fend off waves of party-crashing enemies, keep the bonfire roaring, and claim victory to upgrade your armor and collect new rewards.

Inspector Gadget – Mad Time Party

Go Go Gadget! Become the famous Inspector Gadget and have fun with your friends in this brand-new adventure!

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

The Garage Update is now available for download on all platforms! The new update for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is all about the patrol cars: We’re introducing a new garage, parking lot management, tool management and rebalanced car handling. Additionally, we’re also releasing a new patrol car DLC: The Compact Police Vehicle.