Trailer Attack: 18th February 2022 – Dark rover rainbow

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Ready your squad for the ultimate defence in Spillover, a new FREE limited-time event – available now! Unlock the Auto-Turret, new rewards and more.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

It wasn’t suppose to be easy, you know.” Discover how Ela and Zofia grew up side by side and how two very different sisters evolved as part of Team Rainbow. For both of them, things won’t never be the same anymore.

Music Racer: Ultimate

Published by ‘Sometimes You’, Music Racer: Ultimate is a dynamic music-based racing game where you not only get to choose your ride but your very own rhythm too! Music Racer: Ultimate will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on March 4th.

Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator, an engineering simulator with real-life physics where astronauts build rockets and explore the universe, lifts off into Steam Early Access today. Developer Stefo Mai Morojna and publisher DryGin Studios will reach for the stars with a Nintendo Switch version, coinciding with the Steam 1.0 release later this year.

Rover Mechanic Simulator

As an Engineer – crew member of one of the first Mars colonies – you are responsible for repairing and maintaining Mars Rovers. In this advanced simulator, you will learn the internal details of various Mars Rovers and their components.

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest

Nuverse announced pre-registration for its thrilling MMORPG Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is live now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. From now until the game’s launch on March 15, Nuverse is holding a pre-registration campaign offering in-game rewards as registrations reach key milestones. All rewards will be delivered to player accounts once the game goes live, and meanwhile, Nuverse is offering players a spin at the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win prizes such as an iPhone 13 Pro.


Gunborg: Dark Matters

Gunborg: Dark Matters is an arcade style, action packed platformer in space, with smooth gameplay and a slick 80’s synthwave soundtrack.


The game publisher CFK announced that a new action side-scroller, SUPER NANARU, will have its worldwide release on Nintendo Switch and Steam. SUPER NANARU is an action side-scroller where the player journeys with the bakery girl “Nanaru” to save her town from the rampage caused by the troublesome devil “Yako


DOUKYUUSEI is the original dating sim. The hottest adventure of 1992, back to break new hearts in 2022.