Trailer Attack: 17th May 2023 – Pixel diver lost honkai

Guardians Frontline

Guardians Frontline, the VR love letter to legendary games such as Starcraft and Halo, has got its first free content update!

Dead by Daylight

It’s the performance of a lifetime. On July 5th, look out for more details about Nicolas Cage’s arrival in The Fog.

Gangs of Sherwood

Prepare to steal from the rich to give to the poor! Join us as we delve into the narrative of Gangs of Sherwood, presented by the game developers at Appeals Studio. Discover the rich lore and intricate details that bring this thrilling world to life. Follow the journey of transforming a globally renowned legend into an entirely reinvented experience. Discover how Appeals Studio reinvented the enduring story of Robin Hood by incorporating innovative elements, igniting an adventure that is truly unique. Brace yourself for an immersive exploration of the Robin Hood Legend. Gangs of Sherwood is coming this Fall on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Overpass 2

Overpass 2 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on 19 October 2023. Get ready for the ultimate off-road adventure in Overpass 2! Discover a redesigned and more complete experience: improved graphics, enhanced physics, new vehicles and terrains! Become a renowned driver in career mode. Rise to the top, challenge friends, and dominate the leaderboard. Explore 5 unique environments with 31 thrilling tracks across 5 different game modes. Choose from +35 licensed vehicles to conquer any terrain. Don’t miss the adrenaline-pumping action of Overpass 2. Your off-road journey starts now!

Honkai: Star Rail

With divine spirits and steel he defies the plague. With unmatched calculation and wit he safeguards the Xianzhou. Even with eyes closed, he triumphs over his enemies from far away. But why did the Dozing General suddenly open his eyes? Is it because of an invasion from the enemy, or a sudden change in Luofu?


We’re very excited to let you all know that Greedventory from Black Tower Basement is out now!

Starship Troopers: Extermination

Starship Troopers: Extermination launches into Early Access today! A co-op FPS with 16-player PvE combat that drops you, a Deep Space Vanguard, into battle on the far front lines against the Bug Menace! Choose from three different Trooper classes, build and defend your base, gather resources, complete objectives, and try to kill every Bug in sight! Buy your copy on Steam now!

Teenage Demon Slayer Society

A turn-based character action game where the only thing harder than growing up, is cutting a demon in half next to the person you may or may not have a crush on. This is Teenage Demon Slayer Society–the character action tactics game you didn’t know you needed.

Diablo IV

Hell welcomes all.

V Rising

Stunlock Studios has announced today that V Rising’s highly anticipated first major update, “Secrets of Gloomrot,” is out today! This free update marks the celebration of the one-year anniversary of V Rising’s highly successful Early Access launch, which has led to mass critical acclaim and selling over 3 million copies.


I can feel it. I know it. You’re still out there. In the Darkness, I will come to save you. Nocturnal by Sunnyside Games : June 7th on PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S

Under the Warehouse

Search the darkest corners! In an unnamed city, deep in the urban sprawl, lies a darkened building of brick and concrete filled with boxes, documents, appliances and enigmatic workers of all sorts. No one seems to question the mysterious, haunting atmosphere of the complex. In first-person adventure Under the Warehouse, you take the role of a worker who receives a phone call and a request for help. The caller needs an egg that lies somewhere in the confines of the warehouse, but in order to find it, you’ll need to converse with the other workers, uncover clues, collect items, solve puzzles in classic point-and-click fashion and explore the darkest corners of this place. With multiple endings to discover, the surreal journey ahead will test you wits and reward your curiosity… if you’ve got the courage to face it.


Join the guests gathering from across the Realm for the Shattered Moon Masquerade and try out Ranked Cross-Play as well as balance changes!


Sclash your way to the top! Sclash, a 1v1 versus fighting game is coming on PlayStation 4 & 5 on August 4, 2023.

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow

Are you ready to lose yourself in a beautiful and mysterious world filled with mind-bending puzzles? Look no further than Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow, the enchanting new puzzle adventure game launching on Steam on June 14th, with console releases soon to follow!


From the famous Pinocchio story, Geppetto is the seventh fallen hero to join Ravenswatch, along with his puppets. Geppetto has found the best way to compensate for the loss of his arm. Part hand-to-hand combatant, part ranged hero, the mad inventor can summon animated puppets to fight for him. Geppetto is no longer young, and his brand new creations are ready to fight! One of the strengths of the carpenter is his ability to engage in combat, while taking the minimum of risks. Armed with his hammer and explosives, the newest member of the Ravenswatch sees each of his skills able to interact with both his enemies and his creations. For example, his attacks and combat techniques can be turned against his own puppets to heal them, protect them, or send them into battle. Finally, Geppetto’s great weakness lies in his great dependence on his inventions. Even if the hero can stay away from danger, he will often have to get close to it to manipulate his henchmen.

Crusader Kings III: Royal Court

The Royal Court has arrived on consoles and now every king or emperor can show his grandeur in a proper royal way. There is more coming, however. You will be able to display your relics and artifacts, hire courtiers to new positions, work on grandeur, benefit from changes to the culture mechanic and experience so much more. Available on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Project ME

Project ME is an open world cozy role-playing simulation game extended from the MY TIME universe – other notable titles include My Time at Portia & My Time at Sandrock. The Closed Alpha test will be held in June and if you want to help us to test please sign up NOW.

Star Citizen

Discover a new PvP event, thrilling missions, a fully rebuilt Lorville cityscape, tractor-beam salvage, and more in Star Citizen’s latest release. The Stanton system has never been more inviting for veteran and new players alike.

Session: Skate Sim

Explore a brand-new map with the latest spots and missions. Your new playground is an old abandoned water park.

Drift Type C

Indie developer Jonworks Interactive has announced a release date for its real physics driving game Drift Type C on Steam. Drift Type C will bring you a complete, authentic driving experience without any micro-transactions, air control, nitrous, or brake assist on May 31 for $19.99.

GrimGrimoire OnceMore

Critics and fans alike are enchanted by GrimGrimoire OnceMore! See what everyone is saying about this spellbinding adventure, and discover your own inner magician today! Available now for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5!

Bumpy Grumpy

Lost to time, but now restored, and coming soon to Steam!

Jagged Alliance 3

Commanders, the mission to save Grand Chien starts July 14 on PC! What makes Jagged Alliance 3 a worthy addition to the series? Well, a lot! The Feature Trailer highlights all the important points to prove that! We’ve got mercs, open world, guns, bombs, tactics, destruction, and everything in between!

Pixel Ripped 1978

Ana Ribeiro, the talented creator behind Pixel Ripped, takes us on a journey from her initial spark of an idea to a full team working together to create the beloved Pixel Ripped franchise. Join us as we explore her collaboration with the award-winning VR studio, ARVORE, and how they brought the nostalgic pixelated worlds to life.

Little Friends: Puppy Island

Get ready for a pawsome puppy adventure in Little Friends: Puppy Island! Discover exciting locations, dig up hidden treasures, build and expand your holiday resort, and meet plenty of lovable little friends to care for on your very own un-paw-gettable, tropical island adventure!

Red Moon Lost Days

A brand new game available in physical form for the Sega Saturn!

Station to Station

Station to Station’ is a minimalist & relaxing game about building railway connections. Grab your conductor’s hat and bring the voxel-art world to life through the magic of trains!

Apex Legends: The Board Game

Apex Legends: The Board Game is a highly competitive, intensely tactical team vs team miniatures game for 2-4 players. The board game’s combat system challenges players to modify tactics based on the limited weapons, ammo, and items in play. Legends change the game. But they can’t do it without you. Back now to get free Loba expansion!


Welcome to Mirthwood, an enchanting RPG life sim. Fleeing a continent swept with war, your arrival in a new land provides a fresh start. Experience an immersive medieval fantasy world that allows you to choose who you want to be

Dave the Diver

Take a look at our Accolades Trailer to see what critics are saying about Dave the Diver. A big thank you to all the divers who joined us on our early access journey! We’re excited to see you in June for the official release and hope that you’re ready for all the new adventures awaiting you in the Blue Hole.

Magic Stone Knights

Magic Stone Knights Official Release on May 30! Embark on a thrilling adventure of destiny with unique and charming allies! Don’t miss out on this exhilarating and exciting puzzle RPG now available for pre-registration! Magic Stone Knights is a FREE match-3 puzzle game combining RPG elements with hero-collecting RPG fun! Start your fantasy adventure today!


Every 10 years, one poor soul is chosen to be sacrificed in order to keep your people safe from the Abyss. Some of them may die, but that’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make. Unfortunately, this time you’re that poor soul. Elypse is a dark and savage 2D platformer with a tragic story to tell. Having been tossed into the depths and surviving for as long as you have thanks to a gentle friend, it’s now time to fight your way out. The Abyss is treacherous, with both the environment and the enemies out to end your life. It also holds secrets yet to be unveiled… because you seem to be the only one to ever have survived the trip to infernal hell.