Trailer Attack: 17th June 2022 – Millionaire zero stars

Mission Zero

Hi Agents, welcome to Mission Zero. This video features the basic rules that help you understand how to play the game.

Codename Vitriol

Discover first details about the game in a word from the CEO / Project Lead at Fool’s Theory, Jakub Rokosz.

F1 22

Feel the adrenaline rush like never before, as F1 22 brings VR to PC for the first time.

Alchemy Stars

On the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of Alchemy Stars, developer TourDog Studio has produced a brand new theme song and music video in order to express gratitude to the players for their continued support. This music video is part of the ongoing 1st Anniversary festivities, which has included new characters, new gameplay with the addition of new gameplay feature Cloud Gardens, and tons of in-game gifts.

Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter is a techno-pop-punk 2D hand-drawn Metroidvania set to the backdrop of a bleak and beautiful dying world. Become Cherry, a rage-driven android on a quest to rescue her beloved creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon, from the clutches of a deranged mastermind. Leverage Cherry’s considerable fighting skills to beat an outrageous cast of enemies to bloody pulps, unlock spectacular new abilities, gain access to new regions of the expansive world, interact with charismatic allies, battle epic bosses, and so much more as you experience the benchmark 2D Metroidvania of 2023.

League of Legends

Evil falls to joyous strength. You will know her name.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

The World of Lithas is waiting for you. Become the next High Guardian, leader of the City of Light, and embark on an epic journey through the realm of Lithas. A fantasy world with diverse cultures and races; meet clans of werewolves, demons, demi-gods, elves, orcs, and dozens more. Unite them together on your campaign, bringing them to your side as powerful champions on the battlefield. But that’s not all, forge deeper relationships, courting them as Companions, to unite your bloodlines and raise new and more powerful Champions, a new generation of heirs to fight alongside you.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Based on the world-famous TV show, the game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is receiving the Deluxe Upgrade DLC on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, available today in Europe. In North America, the Deluxe upgrade is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will launch on Nintendo Switch on June 22nd. As a reminder, the game is based on the hugely popular, award-winning Sony Pictures Television (“SPT”) format which has been adapted in over 120 countries worldwide.


Marvelous Europe today released the second pack of the DLC double feature for their genre-blending zombie title DEADCRAFT, “Jessie’s Wasteland Wares”.

System of Souls

Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), Gammera Nest and Chaotic Lab announced the release System of Souls, a new first-person platforming puzzle game. Set in a distant future, System of Souls is set on an Earth where life has become unsustainable due to climate change and humans have started transferring their consciousnesses to robotic bodies to survive. The game, developed by Chaotic Lab as their final project for PlayStation Talents Games Camp 2021, is now available both for PS5 and PS4 systems for $14.99/€14,99.