Trailer Attack: 17th February 2017 – Slice rays and beach dad dirt election quest

Samurai Warriors : Spirit of Sanada

Koei Tecmo Europe reveals the latest entry in the renowned Samurai Warriors action series, Samurai Warriors : Spirit of Sanada – a new adventure based on the heroic legend of the Sanada Clan, a cunning group of warriors from Sengoku Era Japan who believed in survival at all costs.Samurai Warriors : Spirit of Sanada is slated to release on the 26th May 2017 for the PlayStation and digitally on PC via Steam. A historically inspired action title set in Sengoku era Japan – the storied historical period also known as the Age of Samurai – Samurai Warriors : Spirit of Sanada focuses solely on the legendary Sanada Clan. Through their fierce will to survive, they fought with utmost vigilance to ensure that the Sanada name would be upheld throughout history.

The Surge

Sci-fi action RPG The Surge unveils 14min of uncut gameplay with commentary from Deck13 Game Designer Adam Hetenyi. Explore the dystopian environments in CREO’s mysterious industrial and RND complex, the Abandoned Laboratories. Fitted with an industrial exoskeleton, you must fight your way through CREO, equipping the spoils of combat to your suit. Armor and weapons are looted from enemies after duels, in which you will take advantage of The Surge’s unique limb-targeting system to attack and cut off parts of the enemy you want to equip or craft. The Surge slices its way onto PS4, Xbox One, and PC in May 2017.


Since the early design stage in 2014, the Kickstarter and funding campaigns of 2015, and the beginning of production in 2016, Mulaka has come a long way and it’s finally time for everyone to see the first gameplay trailer. Now live is also a Steam Greenlight campaign.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare have released the first Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay video focused on combat weapons and skills.

For Honor

For Honor, the new action IP bringing together a trio of factions and their deadly warriors onto one battlefield, is now available worldwide for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. To remind you, Ubisoft has released a accolade trailer to tell you why you should play.

Mario Sports Superstars

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Sports Superstars focused on horse racing.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It’s almost time to stop waiting and start playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony makes sure you don’t forget.


Trulon: The Shadow Engine

Trulon: The Shadow Engine brings an interesting twist to the genre due to a unique and fresh card combat system, but it also offers a classic RPG experience. You will take Gladia and her companions on their journey to the Kingdoms of Tripudia and Maelon, a huge steampunk world created by the game’s author Johan Lillbacka and the award-winning American writer Jak Koke, who is known from the Shadowrun best-seller Dragon Heart Saga. The game will be available for pre-order on February 21 at a price of $19.99, early birds will get a 20% discount. Its final release will be February the 24th.

For Honor

The two brilliant producers sit down to talk about building tension in gameplay mechanics, the art of fighting games, and more.

Street Fighter V

Capcom Community Manager, Matt Edwards, introduces us to Kolin.

Nier: Automata

Square Enix drops us a special message about a pre-order bonus for Nier: Automata. From what I can gather, it involves a free tshirt and swearing at Square Enix.  Also, the Japan branch dropped a new TV ad.

Exile Election

The twelfth character trailer for Exile Election introduces Noori.


Paradox Interactive throws the doors open to PDXCON for the first time. Traditionally a press-only affair, this year they are opening the convention for both fans AND press, for a 3-day celebration of all things Paradox.

Tales of the Rays

Bandai Namco Japan has released the opening movie for Tales of the Rays.

Halo Wars 2

Catch up on all the action from the Halo Wars 2: Live show and launch party at 343 Industries, all packed into an epic 90 seconds.


XSEED Games today announced details on the five eligible bachelors players can court in STORY OF SEASONS: Trio of Towns, the 20th anniversary entry in the farming-sim franchise. The venerable in-game capybara pet “Capy-san” returned to introduce the bachelors in the new video about the romance options in the trio of towns.

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

Marvelous has released a new trailer for Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash that is over 4 minutes long.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

A grand Yoshi adventure begins! Set out and explore a wild and woolly world in Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, available now on Nintendo 3DS.

Curve Digital

Curve Digital partnered with Microsoft for a special Instant Indie Hits bundle that launched exclusively on Xbox One today for $20. The bundle offers $100 in savings, includes 10 games and is only available until March 9th.

DiRT Rally

Codemasters has today launched the PlayStation VR update for DiRT Rally. The update makes the entire game playable in VR and introduces a brand new Co-Driver Mode where a second player can give the all important calls using a controller and the social screen.

Dungeon Rushers

With the release of Dungeon Rushers just a week away on February 23rd for iOS and Android devices, Mi-Clos Studio invites you to check out the fun new trailer for its latest release.

Dad Quest

Dad Quest launches on 23 February. Full of running fish, exploding eggs, dangerous pigs (the swines) and raising your child to be the weapon it was meant to be. See for yourself in the new trailer.

Nice Slice

Skillfully cutting food to many little pieces might the greatest joy of cooking. Kool2Play studio, the makers of zen rhythm game Clock Simulator and the trippy visual puzzle Estiman, set out to recreate that nice sensation in a video game. Nice Slice gives you a knife and an endless supply of stuff to cut – the smaller the pieces, the bigger the score. With simple controls, original and satisfying gameplay, sharp wit, and cheerful visuals, the game is out today, on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.