Trailer Attack: 17th December 2019 – Rhythm rain gemini

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Jump in tomorrow and revisit classic maps like Vacant and Shipment. Grind the new multiplayer game mode Cranked, and experience all-new Special Ops missions. Available December 18 on all platforms.

Risk of Rain 2

Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing today released the Hidden Realms Update for Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access. Players can unlock and assume control of a new Survivor, Acrid, a melee-range hybrid who uses powerful poisons to melt tanky enemies. The Hidden Realms Update also introduces two new hidden realms, alternative layouts, more adversaries, and even more loot along with changes suggested by the community. The update is free for all owners of Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Early Access.

World War Z

How long can you survive? Horde Mode Z drops today in World War Z .


The Modified Monsters Car Pack brings you a collection of five backyard built vehicles with a mix that will make you go hog-wild! Strike fear with the crazy monster truck, or head into battle in a fully loaded military pickup! Burn rubber like a pro with the dragster, or try the hilarious mini racing car for size! And finally, try taking the pig car out for a spin – enjoy the roast! The Modified Monsters Car Pack is out today on all platforms for $3.99 | €3.99 | £3.29.

Dualshock 4 Back Button Attachment

The DUALSHOCK Back Button Attachment was designed to deliver more versatility and performance when gaming while maintaining the comfort and feel of the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller you’ve come to love. Sleek design and two back buttons map-able to any digital button on the controller, while a high-fidelity OLED display provides clean cut information.


Out January 16th, Mandate of Heaven is the massive forthcoming chapter Pack for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. Focusing on the tumultuous events prior to the base-game campaign where discontent surrounds Emperor Liang as he deals with an administrative power-struggle as well as the ravaging Yellow Turban tribes who threaten his dynasty.

Gran Turismo Sport

The 1.53 update for Gran Turismo Sport will be released on December 18, 2019. This video features some of the new content featured in this update including WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, revealed for the very first time at the FIA-GT Championships 2019 World Final in Monaco and the setting of the final race of the year, as well as 7 new cars including the TOYOTA Crown Athlete G’13, Ford GT ’17 and Porsche 911 Carrera RS Club Sport (993) ’95.

The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition

The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition, which includes the Batman: The Telltale Series base game and new DLC, is available for players to purchase now on Xbox One and Steam, with Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch™ available in the near future.


Red Forest Location Added, New Game Mode – Free Play, new food distribution UI tweak and Improved Storage System! All in the latest patch for Chernobylite.

Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 expands its roster of mods for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today with the huge Seasons Mod, which includes the addition of seasons along with an extensive list of changes to animals, audio and more. Already available on PC since this summer, GIANTS Software are thrilled to announce it is now ready for consoles. See the impact of the Seasons Mod in today’s release trailer.

The Forgotten City

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Modern Storyteller have delayed The Forgotten City for Xbox One and PC to winter 2020


ArtPulse offers an artistic VR sandbox to play and express your creativity. Spawn and combine shapes, colors, and freehand painting to sync them seamlessly into the background music.

Planet Zoo

The Arctic Pack features four new animals, two new scenarios and hundreds of new foliage and scenery items and releases alongside a free update for existing players including a range of new features, improvements and fixes.

Starpoint Gemini 3

A new update is coming to Starpoint Gemini 3.


2Awesome Studio resurrects IGF nominated Lumini to bring it to consoles.

Spin Rhythm XD

Spin Rhythm XD, the intergalactic rhythm game with the juiciest beats in the universe from Super Spin Digital, adds competitive multiplayer and five brand new tracks to Steam Early Access today.


The Draconids have mobilized their forces in the Toxic Wasteland of Terra. As their lasers bore into the planet’s crust, a metal malevolence skulks in the shadows. Amp up and rage against the Draconid machine in Rock and Metal, a brand-new Skyforge expansion!

Tank Maniacs

Tank Maniacs is a local multiplayer couch party game with tanks for all those people out there who like couches AND tanks!

Darwin Project

Welcome to Darwin Project, a unique class-based Battle Royale experience where 10 inmates enter into a deadly Battle Royale unlike any other. Engage in highly dynamic gameplay, weaving in and out of ranged and melee combat combined with a variety of tools at your disposal.

Pokémon GO

Get ready to explore the world with your Buddy Pokémon! In the all-new Buddy Adventure feature, your buddy will be by your side in your Pokémon GO explorations like never before. Buddy Adventure is an elevated bonding experience for Trainers and their buddies. You’ll get to know your Buddy Pokémon’s mood as you increase your Buddy Level by playing with your buddy, feeding your buddy treats, and battling and exploring with your buddy. In addition, swapping Buddy Pokémon no longer resets progress toward earning Candy. Like any great Pokémon Trainer, you’ll find that the world around you will become richer with Pokémon by your side as they grow with you and help you along your journey.