Trailer Attack: 15th January 2024 – Rebirth rally altar

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Join Cloud and his friends on a journey across the planet in search of Sephiroth, experiencing the captivating story and thrilling combat, in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.

Sovereign Syndicate

A Victorian steampunk RPG with tarot cards instead of dice. Investigate the disappearance of society’s most vulnerable to uncover a mysterious cult. Play as three characters, each with their skills and motivations. Customize your characters with narrative choices to unlock new tarot cards. Inspired by the greats like Disco Elysium, Arcanum and Baldurs Gate. Interact with minotaurs, dwarves, centaurs, automatons and more in a gritty story of intrigue, betrayal and grey morality. The game was developed by Crimson Herring Studios, a Canadian developer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.


Take a stand against your fate. Watch the TEKKEN 8 Opening Movie

Hunt: Showdown

In the heat of battle, rage can take control! Let the anger flow through you and channel the fury of the Berserker, enhancing your melee strength and allowing you to crush your enemies beneath your boot heel as you storm to victory. Pick up the Berserker Trait during Tide of Desolation!

Acolyte of the Altar

Journey through desolate wastelands and hunt down colossal Beasts to grow stronger and serve your chosen Patron deity! Debut game from BLACK KITE GAMES. COMING March 25, 2023 to Steam.

Vertigo 2

Critically Acclaimed Vertigo 2 is out now.

Dakar Desert Rally

Get ready to cross the finish line! Just in time for the epic finale of the real-world 2024 Dakar Rally, today’s USA Tour Update for Dakar Desert Rally, the largest open-world rally racing title from Saber Interactive, marks the final installment of the game’s Season Pass DLC. Experience the thrill of 20 new stages in Sport game mode and 12 stages in Professional game mode in competitive rally raids. With 140 new treasures out there to discover, are you up for the challenge? Patch 2.1 also rolls out today, introducing new game enhancements and fixes!

Kamitsubaki City Ensemble

A new rhythm game, coming soon to Steam—”KAMITSUBAKI CITY ENSEMBLE.” From the prelude to the finale, all the songs will be yours to lead. Experience the new sounds of music with us as you weave your way through the melodies.

Lesson Learned: Culf of the Elizabeth

Journey into history. Face waves of enemies in co-operative mode, build and upgrade towers and defend yourself against the minions of the bloodthirsty Elizabeth Bathory. Free prologue is coming…

House Builder

House Builder is one builder to rule them all. The only where you can build all over the world and throughout history. NOW IN FULL RELEASE!


qureate has announced five new titles.