Trailer Attack: 15th August 2018 – Conjuring the coffee seducer raider

Metro Exodus

Deep Silver and 4A Games announced today that Metro Exodus is finally available to pre-order across all major physical and digital retailers.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise launches on October 2, 2018! Life in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t easy; dealing with rampant crime, foiling myriad assassination attempts, and traversing miles of sun-scorched desert every day can take a toll on even the most seasoned wasteland survivor.

Battlerite Royale

The first trailer for Battlerite Royale is out today, giving players a first look at gameplay from Stunlock Studios’ anticipated new game in the Battlerite world. Battlerite Royale will launch on Steam Early Access as a standalone game this September.

Shenmue I & II

Join Corey Marshall in the final in-depth look at Shenmue, this time exploring combat and mini games. Shenmue I & II are coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 21st!

Witch Thief

The team at Cardboard Keep today formally announced Witch Thief will be arriving soon on Steam and Itch for PC. On a quest to steal an enchanted grimoire, a sassy sorceress embarks on a perilous journey through arena-based ambushes by possessed dolls and arcane bosses. Naturally those guarding the tome won’t give it up without a fight, so our heroine must do what she does best: that is, sneaking in the front door and taking it anyway!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be available on September 14, 2018 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC/Steam.

Coffee Crisis

Mega Cat Studios is releasing their vintage action co-op beat’em’up Coffee Crisis on Xbox One today. The game is already available on Sega Genesis (cartridge only), PC, Mac and Linux. Coffee Crisis is a local-cooperative pixel-art action brawler set in the city of Pittsburgh. Take on the role of baristas Nick and Ashley and hit the streets to kick the ass of alien invaders. Don’t let them take our most precious resources: coffee, heavy metal, and Wi-Fi!

Hero Defense

Headup and Happy Tuesday unleash the undead onto Xbox One today. Hero Defense lets you create your own strategies to fight off vampires, skeletons, angry witches and many more gruesome creatures – with style! Hero Defense innovatively mixes together RTS and tower-defense game elements. In particular, RPG elements add enormous depth by providing players with a large variety of ways to improve the heroes’ many abilities. Prove your tactical prowess by utilising the most effective combinations and create your own unique playstyle.

Metallic Child

Smashing the Battle developer, Studio HG, has announced Metallic Child, a roguelike action game for PC, Switch and PS4.

Crazy Justice

Crazy Justice – Early Access coming on August 23! Battle Royale and Skills Royale modes of Crazy Justice will be free-to-play in August, while the Story mode and other multiplayer modes will remain paid.

Vestaria Saga

A prince in flight, charged with defending the last of the royal family, determined to secure a future for his kingdom, unaware he would be fighting for stakes greater still. Vestaria Saga tells the story of international conflict between a powerful empire, and a small coastal kingdom. When an imperial ship is set ablaze near the port of Meleda, it sparks a cascade of events that thrusts young warrior Zadrian into a war for the soul and future of his kingdom. On the run from a vicious imperial force and short on allies, Zade and his small band of knights must make difficult decisions to ensure that Meleda’s princess, and the very future of its lineage, remain intact.

Beyond Blue

E-Line Media has released a 47-minute swim-through of its upcoming underwater adventure game Beyond Blue.

State of Mind 

Telling the tale of two worlds – one real, and one virtual – on the brink in the near future, Daedalic Entertainment is excited to announce that State of Mind will today launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, GOG and Steam for both PC and Mac.

God Wars The Complete Legends

Witness a warrior of Hyuga as he fights to fulfill his queen’s orders


Experience the heart pounding action of expert hamster martial arts. Face off against unique and skilled opponents requiring quick reactions and careful movements. In Hamsterdam, the titular idyllic town is in peril – the vile chinchilla Marlo and his Rodent Gang are terrorizing the local citizens. Players control Pimm, a young kung-fu fighting hamster desperate to save his grandpa and the town. Battle, cosplay, and scooter your way through hordes of enemies on the arduous trek towards Marlo’s headquarter restaurant. Fight by tapping and swiping in order to perform devastating combos and counter against enemy attacks. Save grandpa, save the town! Hamsterdam is due out for Switch, PC, Vita, iOS, and Android, March 2019. A Kickstarter campaign has started to help fund development.

The Conjuring House

RYM Games announced today that The Conjuring House, their psychologically-driven horror title, is coming soon to Steam. With twisted horrors that creep every corner of the manor, The Conjuring House puts players in a constant state of anxiety that crescendos into raw panic and terror. Players play the part of the lone survivor of a group of investigators sent to the house to research the sickening death of its owner, whose body mysteriously decomposed in under a day. As players search through the house trying to unravel the truth of what happened, they soon realize they only have one goal – to survive.

Iron Danger

The gameplay footage takes a look at Iron Danger’s unique time manipulation based combat mechanics.

Black Desert Online 

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games are thrilled to announce that after this week’s maintenance cycle, Black Desert Online players can look forward to a reworked Savage Rift horde mode that promises to spice up the exciting co-op experience in the game.

Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War

Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War will launch for PlayStation VR on September 18.

Super Seducer 2

A woman’s touch has often been the fix for many things. Richard La Ruina, renowned dating expert, took this knowledge to heart when he set out to create Super Seducer 2 — the inclusive sequel to Steam’s first live-action seduction and dating sim. Not only did he want women to be more strongly represented in the sequel, but he also wanted more women both in front of and behind the camera to help shape Super Seducer 2 into an educational yet amusing guide to the dating world for both men and women.


Today Fearem, developer of horrific asymmetrical multiplayer Daemonical on PC Steam is pleased announce the release of DaemonicalDaemonical presents differing gameplay depending if you play as Demon or Human which is played within a specified match time. The winning criteria for both – Humans – find 4 ritual parts and bring them back, or run and hide until the morning. Demon – killing 4 remaining humans before morning presents double gameplay value! Action, be it stealth or out and out dynamic activity, adds subtlety throughout with strategic forethought which is essential in what is a do or die scenario with shocks and surprises constantly giving Daemonical a feeling of being part of a horror movie!

Gone Home

Gone Home is coming to Switch via the Nintendo eShop on August 23.

Sky Noon 

New Zealand-based game developer Lunar Rooster and Reverb Triple XP announced today the first content update for the “knockout” shooter Sky Noon is available now on Steam. The Pinnacle Map update features the all-new ‘Pinnacle’ Map that introduces ice physics into the game. Additionally, the debut of Duels mode adds intense and thrilling one-on-one gunfights across three specially-designed maps. Discord Rich Presence and new gameplay options including friendly fire and gravity sliders add new levels of insane fun for this Smash-style first person shooter.


Dustwind Launches out of Early Access with Massive Update that Includes New Gamemode Territory Killswitch, Ability to Play Solo Missions – Take on the world!, Improved Custom Maps Editor and more! Dustwind is a real-time tactical game set in a post-apocalyptic world has been in their ‘Early Access Phase,’ since last November. Today, August 15th at 12 pm EDT, Z-Software GmbH and Dustwind Studios are launching their ‘Full Release’ via Steam. The full release will be $24.99 USD, and will be on sale at 20% off ($19.99 USD) for the first week after release.


Meet the Molecats – quirky mole/cat hybrids forever digging underground for tasty mushrooms and shiny relics! Launching August 28 on Steam after a productive season on Early Access, Molecats is a true labor of love for multinational developer Vidroid – which has won several awards and produced sought-after talent, such as: sound designer Samuel Justice, who is credited on a number of AAA titles such as B4, Amnesia, and Paragon; and composer Vasiliy Kashnikov, who wrote the scores for Knock-knock, The Void, and Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.

NBA 2K19

Today, NBA2K issued an all-new MyTEAM Developer Diary providing new details and updates to the game’s popular mode for NBA 2K19.

Twilight Path

Discover a visually stunning world filled with wandering spirits, enchanted sentries and mischievous gods in the official trailer for upcoming VR puzzle game Twilight Path. Developed by Charm Games, the studio behind award-winning FORM, Twilight Path has players awaken to discover that they have become trapped in a mystical spirit world between the real world and the afterlife. To escape, they will have to use their wits to solve VR puzzles, reshape and restore massive stone structures, open sealed passageways, and rescue a host of magical creatures from danger.