Trailer Attack: 14th June 2021 – Fully fitness factory


Move to the Rhythm and Improve your fitness when KNOCKOUT HOME FiTNESS launches Autumn 2021 for the Nintendo Switch.

Halo Infinite

Tune in as the team at 343 Industries shares more about the Halo Infinite free-to-play multiplayer experience. Learn about the sandbox, Academy, bots, customization, and what they’re focusing on for launch.

Loot River

Another look on Loot River, highlighting controls, combat and procedural generation.

Get Packed: Fully Loaded

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is the expanded edition of the couch co-op removals game that’s full of calamity and physics-based carnage for 1-4 players. Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia & Steam on July 29th 2021.


Chill out, take it easy. The Season of Sloth in HITMAN 3 starts on June 15th with Act 3 of the Seven Deadly Sins. Save all your energy for the Sloth Depletion Escalation and go deep into the mind of Agent 47. Experience a new take on the Dartmoor location and unlock new sin-themed items and suit to show off your inner sloth.

Golf Clash

Bryson DeChambeau has teamed up with Golf Clash to share new signature content with the player community! Check it out.

Shadows of Adam

Shadows of Adam is a creative, humorous and exciting take on the 16-bit JRPG era, but with its own twists and style for the modern day gamer. Fast-paced battles, gorgeous graphics, an awesome soundtrack and the convenience to save anywhere you like make it tough to resist! Whether playing on the TV or in handheld mode, the game’s glorious pixels will immerse you in the adventure and its memorable scenes.

Outsider: After Life

Outsider: After Life is coming to PC via Steam on the 13th July.

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle

Based on the anime adaptation of Cygames’ hit strategic multiplayer mobile/PC card game Shadowverse, Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle brings the deep deck building mechanics to the Nintendo Switch on 13th August 2021 within Europe and Australia.

Rune Factory 5

Recover lost memories, forge new relationships, explore vast dungeons, and help keep the peace in the town of Rigbarth when Rune Factory 5 launches early 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

Rune Factory 4 Special

Revisit the Town of Selphia, and begin your journey anew, as Rune Factory 4 Special, will be making its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debut this Autumn!


The new gamplay presents one of the later stages of the game – the Vortex Temple. The players will have to be creative during the deadly encounters, using various weapons, environmental traps and special powers of the protagonist Vydija. The presented weapons and powers are only a part of the full equipment and skills of the main heroine. The full version of the game will offer 40 weapons and 20 special powers.

A Tale of Paper

A Tale of Paper is a puzzle-platformer that tells the story of Line, a magical character made of paper who can use origami to change its shape. Transform into a frog, a rocket, a bird and more as Line embarks on an emotional journey to fulfill the dream of its creator.

Giveaway – Win a Copy of Stack Up! [or dive trying] on PC

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