Trailer Attack: 14th April 2022 – Devils dragons pinball

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Join us for a tour of the Citadel, a key new locale in Sunbreak, featuring diverse biomes and an air of mystery…

Prehistoric Kingdom

Take control of limitless power in Prehistoric Kingdom to build, manage and grow the ultimate zoo for extinct animals – arriving to Early Access April 27, 2022.


CRIMESIGHT pits players against one another as one assumes the role of the “villain”, who carries out a murder, and another becomes the “target”, the villain’s future victim. The player on the Moriarty side must fulfill objectives to complete their crime, whilst the players on the Sherlock side must prevent it from happening. Over the course of a match, the villain and the target will slowly come to light. Which side will you take? CRIMESIGHT is currently available for €19.99 / £14.99 / $19.99 RRP on Steam. Players can also purchase a Deluxe edition that includes CRIMESIGHT, the original soundtrack and an total of 144 in-game icons for €29.99 / £24.99 / $29.90 RRP. These bonus items can also be purchased separately as DLC.


VR music game Unplugged launches their first, heavy rock inspired Riff Pack on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR* (*Valve Index Controller compatible headsets only). Rock to the epic new riffs from the tracks from Gossip, Muse, Rob Zombie and Slayer!

Nobody Saves the World

From the creators of Guacamelee! comes Nobody Saves the World, a top-down Action RPG with Online Co-op, in which you play many different character Forms, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics. Coming April 14th, 2022 to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 & 5. OUT NOW on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC!

Eternal Threads

Temporal anomaly averted. New timeline established. Publisher Secret Mode and developer Cosmonaut Studios are proud to confirm that the time-twisting narrative adventure Eternal Threads will launch across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 19 May 2022. A Nintendo Switch version is confirmed for the future, arriving later in 2022.

Samurai Bringer

Samurai Bringer is a roguelite action game with levels which change with every playthrough, where you cut down hordes of Samurai and Demons to collect combat techniques and polish your fighting style in order to defeat Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed dragon of Japanese mythology.

eFootball 2022

eFootball Season 1 begins today, with new game eFootball Season 1 begins today, with new game mode “Dream Team” alongside the addition of new licenses & new features!


Capcom Fighting Collection

CAP-JAMS discusses their experience working on the vibrant new music tracks in Capcom Fighting Collection.

Solasta: Lost Valley

Today, Tactical Adventures has released Solasta: Lost Valley, a brand new campaign for the award-winning, tactical fantasy cRPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister. The publisher has also released a free co-op multiplayer update for both versions of Solasta, meaning that two to four players can now play together online through the original Crown of the Magister campaign, the new Lost Valley campaign, PLUS all DLC content to date!

TAPE: Unveil the Memories

TAPE: Unveil the Memories now available on PlayStation Store! Use a special video camera that can rewind time to explore memories of the past in TAPE: Unveil the Memories, a first-person narrative mystery adventure set in 1990s Northern Spain.

Overwatch 2

Heroes aren’t born, they’re made. See Sojourn power up her Railgun and disrupt the battlefield!

Gori: Cuddly Carnage

Publisher Wired Productions and Angry Demon Studio (Apsulov: End of Gods) today announce a publishing partnership for the cuddly, ultraviolent skate-slasher Gori: Cuddly Carnage. Visitors to PAX East can get their bloody paws on the game next week by dropping by the Wired Productions booth at 14030, at the heart of the show floor.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Critics agree–the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion is the beginning of a bright future for ArenaNet’s award-winning MMORPG! Join our online community of millions and see what everyone’s talking about:

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley

Pull out weeds, plant new apple trees and gather the literal fruits of your labor. With time, you’ll discover ways to make your life easier and explore this charming 2D world.


Want to REALLY know what Total War: WARHAMMER III is? Did you know you could play Total War: WARHAMMER III before playing I and II? Would you like to know more? Well it’s your lucky day Learn more about what WARHAMMER III is in our new video!

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace: Shipbreaker will exit Early Access, release on Steam and Windows Store on May 24 and will be available Day One with PC Game Pass!

Pinball FX

Your path to escape the zombie horde has reached a literal dead-end at the overrun Central Mall. Score big and roll through hordes of Zeke to help the survivors escape this forsaken place.

Ravenous Devils

Ravenous Devils are Making Mince-Meat of Happy-Go-Lucky Shoppers on April 29th for Console & PC!

For Honor

The Fyrial’s Daggers Execution is now available for 7,000 Steel.

Chef Life

Nothing says comfort and happiness like a yummy French dish… and there are over 75 in Chef Life This time we take a look at the Veal Stew, a popular French family dish, perfect for rainy days. Bon appétit !

Mastiff – Summer 2022 Lineup

Publisher Mastiff is on a roll with a killer slate of titles for 2022 Starting with the 2D Souls-like The Tarnishing of Juxtia – followed by the spellbinding VR action RPG RUINSMAGUS and the ethereal 2D puzzle platformer Faerie Afterlight – 2022 is shaping up to be a memorable year for the nearly 20-year-old publisher.

Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station

Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station is finally revealed! We have prepared our most ambitious game – with a large space station, full of transitions, secrets and combat! The addition of unique gadgets makes this adventure even more unique in VR. We believe you’ve been waiting for it – the first Metroidvania in VR is ahead of you. We can’t wait for you to check it out.

Serious Fun Football

First ever football game with real ball physics and advanced character movements which came from an indie studio. Game aims to transfer the emotions of friendly rivalry on a small pitch to the computer screen. You can play matches online, in front of one screen with your friends or against an AI in the league, and gather the in-game coins. Use them to buy new team members in the Team Mode or boost up your own footballer in Solo Mode.

Golf Gang

Golf Gang is a racing game. It’s a party game. It’s the fastest game of minigolf you’re ever going to play! Blend precision with speed to dominate the green in 8-player online mayhem or hone your skills in a solo speed run. Unleash your creativity and customize everything from the look of your golf ball to an entire golf course, and then share your creations with fellow golfers via Steam Workshop.

Dread Templar

Dread Templar releases an update with 3 new levels, 3 new enemies, a new weapon, a new bossfight, new secrets and new emblems so you can enjoy even more old-school action. There is new content with new carnage and new fun to be had, so get (D)ready, Templars!

Epics of Hammerwatch: Heroes’ Edition

Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with Crackshell and the acclaimed indie publisher and porting experts BlitWorks, is proud to announce the upcoming limited boxed release of Epics of Hammerwatch: Heroes’ Edition. Both critically acclaimed Hammerwatch games and everything you could wish for from the Hammerwatch universe will finally be available in a single, physical collection (of course including all previously released DLC) for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (PS4). Pre-orders for the Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition will kick off on Sunday, April 17th, at 12 AM CEST (midnight), only at Strictly Limited Games.

Cat Cafe Manager

Cat Cafe Manager, the charming restaurant management and feline adoption simulator from developer Roost Games and publisher Freedom Games, serves scrumptious bowls of wholesomeness for Nintendo Switch as well as PC via Steam and Epic Game Store today.

South of the Circle

In a never-ending pursuit to deliver meaningful entertainment, 11 bit studios is proud to announce its partnership with British BAFTA-winning studio State of Play and to add another jewel to its burgeoning publishing portfolio. South of the Circle is a visually impactful and compelling narrative experience featuring a cinematic story set in the midst of the 1960s Cold War and it will be coming soon to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

Sniper Elite 5

Rebellion has today released a new video for Sniper Elite 5 which gives in-depth insight from the development team about the variety of weapons in the game as well as the incredible customisation options available to the player.


Confront various terrains as a lonely mountaineer and endure the countless dangers of climbing! Many tough decisions await you in a risky environment. Make your way up and down the mountain, overcoming insurmountable heights!

Defend the Rook

Defend the Rook, the roguelike tactical tower defense game where heroes must defend their kingdom against enemy invaders from developer One Up Plus Entertainment and publisher Goblinz Publishing, heads to battle on Nintendo Switch today.

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life

Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life is a video game developed by StegTech LLC. It is a story-based Metroidvania/JRPG with an emphasis on comedy. Chapter 2, Jeebo & Jerbo vs. The Wall is coming out this May.

Inner Voices

No Gravity Games announces that Inner Voices Launched TODAY, on the 14th of April on Nintendo Switch, with the vastly upgraded new visuals, new voice-overs, improved movement and mechanics, and more. The game launched with a discount and it’s available for $6.66 on eShop.

Demon Turf: Neon Splash

Beebz is back at it again with a brand NEW adventure! Not content with keeping it chill at the Demon King’s castle, she stumbles right into a magical painting… Literally! Explore this neon-coloured world with brand new and improved abilities! Speed is key, can you platform your way past these surreal worlds and come out the victor? Or are you and your friends doomed to stay prisoners in this painting’s world?! Nah! Let’s go and kick some butt, Beebz! Available NOW on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

Road 96

Award winning narrative sensation finally available on console. Road 96 is a crazy, beautiful road-trip. The discovery of exciting places, and unusual people on your own personal journey to freedom. Your choices change your adventure, change people, change the world. There are thousands of routes along Road 96. Which one will you take?